Honey Berry Milkshake from @theskinhome
The lotion smells a little bit like milk and honey so its not too fragrant. It glides softly on my skin and the best part is that this lotion is water based. Since its water based, my skin absorbs the lotion fast. It has spf 100 so I use it before going to school. I also use this at night before going to sleep because I really love the soft feeling of my skin after using this👌🏻 I noticed that my skin gradually became half a shade lighter so Im quite satisfied with the results. It keeps my skin moisturized without the sticky feeling like other lotions. 😁👍🏻
It contains milk, honey extract, mulberry extract, and butylene glycol
It retails for 525 pesos for 250ml
( Pricey for a student like me but luckily I got mine while they were on sale last time so it was super worth it 🤗 I have been using this for almost a month now and my bottle is still half full)

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