As most of you have heard, it’s with bittersweet joy that @shottyb is evolving out of the CFDC coaching staff to pursue @honeybeardtraining full time.

Brian has spent most of last year developing a proprietary protein powder that’s simple, effective, and nutritionally sound, geared towards athletes who care about proper fueling and quality products.

He’s one the most caring, virtuous, and positive persons you’ll ever come across. He has been instrumental in developing the exceptional culture at CFDC and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better coach.

Although we are going to miss his style, attitude, enthusiasm and beard, we couldn’t be more ecstatic for his new venture, and rest assured, he’ll still be a big part of our community.

Follow him on IG, buy a tub of HoneyBeard protein powder (you’ll see it in our gyms soon), and help spread the word about HoneyBeard - hopefully one day we’ll see it lining the shelves of Whole Foods everywhere!

Brian Spartan Shotwell: coach forever, friend for life, and Cut From Different Cloth.

#cfdc #cutfromdifferentcloth #honeybeard

A nice night of foraging and fun with the bearded one 😍 love him 😍 xx

Fun time watching the Amsterdam pride parade with my Dutch! #amsterdam #pride🌈 #honeybeard #beard #party #netherlands🇳🇱

Check out this fricken AWESOME tee shirt print from @bigrockdesigncompany, designed by @flash_bianco specifically for Honey Beards love of Star Wars! We hope to have some of these available on tee shirts real soon!!

Today!!! My hubby’s (@shottyb ) protein starts pre-order today!! He was so tired of trying to find the right protein, with the right nutrition, without the chemicals, that he decided to do it himself. He has been working with manufacturers for months and finally got the perfect recipe.
The link is in my profile. We have a few options based off how many you would like to order.
It’s definitely not just for bodybuilding men. It only has 1 carb and zero sugars. This is for you whether you do yoga, pilates, run, climb, etc. •whey protein isolate(highest quality)
•stevia sweetened(no irritated tummy)
•gluten free/ soy free
•1g carb

I had honey bagels for breakfast and quite a bit of the excess honey made it's way into my beard. Now I am trying to keep the bears away by masking my honey beard with Spruce scent. Joking, just thought this look would get a few laughs! #honeybeard #beard #beardgrooming #appalachiantrail #at2018 #thruhike #hiking

His custodial services are unmatched, but did you know he’s also a highly skilled off-the-cuff photographer? I’ve been told he also runs a secret hotdog kiosk.

“Dean’s Blonde Twin”
For Time:
1,000m Row
100 GHD Sit Ups
100 Bench Press @50% Body Weight
1 Mile Run
10 Rope Climbs

📷 @deanxu

Toronto synth pop @honeybeardband destroying Lee’s Palace on 03/29/18. Follow them for a wild ride. #honeybeard #honey #beard #synthpop #darkwave #shoegaze #dreampop #postpunk #indie #zebramuscle #tironafanatics

TOMORROW at La Vitrola!

Come on out for the St Paddy's Retro Night with Alpha Bootis, @honeybeardband, and Telegraphic Beast! Show starts at 9 PM and it's $12 at the door.

A painting I'll finish #someday im digging through old portfolios, finding old #wips that I abandoned for whatever reason 🐝🏵️🧔 #painting #mixedmedia #art #artistsoninstagram #portfolio #beardguy #cowboytuxedo #acrylicpainting #gouache #honeybeard

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