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T H R E E. I couldn't have planned what has happened in these 3 little years of marriage, but it's made us stronger, it's made us dig deep and it's given us the opportunity to lean into God. I can't say I'd change a thing...for the most part. We're sharing our journey over on the blog today. (Link in bio)
@furismyfriend I love you more than ever.
#myrideordie ❤️👨🏼‍🚒 #anniversary #honestyhour

Beachy keen 🌞 one more week until I flood my insta with beach pics and attempt to make my feed cuter 🙂 #honestyhour

1 booty, 3 ways, in 3 seconds! 🍑💥 it's easy to forget that we can manipulate angles, lighting and poses for ourselves to be perceived a certain way ✖️. It's crazy that in 3 seconds the size and shape of my butt can *LOOK* to be the difference between a size 8, 10 & 12, when in reality it's a size 8 (give or take 😂). DON'T let someone's else's 1000th selfie with the perfect lighting, angle, filter or clothing be the reason you don't feel good enough 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #allabouttheangles #3secondtransformation #realtalk #honestyhour

#HonestyHour This is what me falling in love looks like... @lateysha_grace 🍑👌

Exercise is a blessing, not a chore. I exercise because I am grateful I physically can. (And because I like to wear cute gym clothes...annnnnd that's the real reason I posted this 💁🏼💓) #honestyhour #bodypositivity #selflove #wellness

#honestyhour I have officially been full time for a month now and I wish I could say the transition has been a breeze... I have had more time for shoots, creating sets, meeting with @ashleylargesse in VT planning my new branding and meetings with more newly engaged couples. Awesome, right? Of course and I couldn't be happier.. but when does the work stop (never I know) but when's my clock out time. I've realized with more time comes more work and balance is key. It's not fair to others around me, a computer in my face isn't what I want people to see when being with me. I'm thankful for my friends and family and especially @corynangle being so patient with all this over time.. soon I'll get the hang of this balance thing! I need to make time for my pups too! It's not fun admitting but listening to @jennakutcher podcasts daily while editing, I think all small businesses can admit to this (well I hope I'm not the only one) 😘🐶 #smallbusinessowner #balance #jennakutcher

What I left in 2016: being overly self conscious about things that don't matter. I was teased bad when I was younger about my very small ears. I used to hate my ears... as in serious hate. I always covered them, rarely if ever wore my hair up. I even inquired about a surgical procedure that could enlarge them. Sound crazy? Yeah. It is... moral of this post: Don't let social media decieve you. Everyone has insecurities, even ones that seem silly to others. Love yourself through it all. Love yourself hard. #SelfLove #itTakesTime #HonestyHour #NewYearSameEars

I think I'm to the point where I can take down my wall of notes. There were a hundred or so little notes filled with things I'm thankful for, that I find beautiful, and that I love, as well as my dreams and aspirations that I write and tack to my wall when I have bad days and days when I'm fighting against my mind and struggle to be happy. I've seemed to have a LOT of bad days lately, and it usually comes back to my choice to be happy, or if that's not possible, choosing to do the most I can, even if it's as simple as getting out of bed and jumping in the shower. Even when things get bad, somebody always has it worse. Here's to always working towards becoming a better version of myself! ✊️ #mentalhealth #positivity #motivation #honestyhour

また来てね! #SHANK #honestyhour #四星球 #nubo


Growing up, I was a master of pretending things were okay. Until I was 18, nobody really knew what demons I carried because I waited until then to share with somebody. For 18 years, I hid my traumas, anger, and depression, and to this very day I struggle to communicate them into the world and out of my own mind. With my blog, and my photography, it is my goal to become more transparent and honest with people. I hope people can read my story and become inspired to be more authentic when speaking about their own lives. So many of us are so sick of plastic conversations that lack depth, and its about time to break those barriers. As I continue to photograph couples, engagements, and people in love, I hope we can all be honest in our relationships and our ability (or inability) to communicate. As we begin to address these issues honestly and authentically, we will begin to see healthy changes in our relationships with others. We can set the tone for healthy communication through the platform of photography and social media, and it is my honor to do so. We are in this journey together. I challenge you all to comment on this post with an "aha" moment you discovered about communication. Follow for more portraits & genuine chats with me 👍🏻

// She’s dancing in a field
A flower in her hair
Sitting on my tailgate
I can’t help but stare
Summer sun a shining
On her tan skin
I can feel her love
Blowing like the wind. // Not pictured: the super itchy grass, cars flying by with passengers staring at us, and the incessant ticks... other than that it was great! #justbeingreal #honestyhour #aspiringphotographer #optoutside

Anger can bring out a persons true feelings #honestyhour

I call them work colleagues...But later on I reflected on our conversation and realised that my response to her surprised myself. Sometimes you overlook these vital things/situations in life. Stay Woke....

#Honestyhour Have you ever just been so real with yourself that the way you reacted to a guy leaving you was irrational and that you question what the next woman did better than you because of insecurity, and try to find her flaws just because you can't accept that he prefers her over you? Yea same... #Linkinbio

#HonestyHour Many Days I feel like shit, Today's one of them but today I made a choice to P U S H thru.

When things sound cooler than they are ☝🏾Some people want to save themselves. Public Health professionals want to save lives... I want all of the above and to look cute while doing it #honestyhour praying God keeps me in his favor throughout this journey. 14 days until Tanzania 🇹🇿

"But I, yes I actually quite loathed
Invasion of my sanctuary
The only place I felt safe
Once empty
But full of S P A C E.

Room to breathe in the familiar scent of innocence clothed
Gently in eucalyptus
That always lingered in my sheets
Now stained with the stench of secrets that scream regret

But I'm much to stubborn to be regretful."
I decided to share as a full post today rather than in my stories. Part 1 of "Verdant."✨ #Day30
#52DaysofAwakenings .
#whitmcwrites #whitswisdom #wordsofwisdom #Awakenings #selfcareissexy #bookreading #poetrycommunity #writerchick #strongwomen #authorchick #blackbooks #poetess #poetry #noregrets #honestyhour #transparency #letsbehonest #writingcommunity #writingdaily #igpoet #poetryinmotion #blackbooks #truestorybro #soothing #storyteller

Monday Motivation & post workout selfie
Well it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is. Lifes ups and downs can strike at any moment.
Today just so happens to be Monday and life just so happened to decide to be harder for me today than usual.
Social Media is funny. Opening yourself up and sharing your life to whatever capacity that looks like is tricky. I've been walking that fine line. Navigating my way through the weirdness of what I consider to be both a blessing and a curse.
On one hand I believe and trust in the value of what I have to share. On the other I feel like exposing myself also leaves me open to so much criticism.
What YOU need to know if your reading this is it's totally okay to unfollow me if you don't like what your seeing.
It's okay to just leave your comment to yourself if it can't be a positive one.
I'm here sharing my story and my life to empower and encourage others.
That is all.
If you aren't interested in that. That's okay.
Move on. Do you.
Because I'm still going to be over here navigating my way through the muck and the mire of social media. Telling my story for those who want to listen.
Happy Monday friends!

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