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Friends are important. Cherish them. 🌸 @vvladimirov
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Period bloating 💁🏼🌿
If you feel like you're gonna get offended or grossed out by this post then please stop reading now 😊
On the left is me a month ago not on my period (my periods are irregular) and on the right is me on my period! I'm sucking in my belly as much as I can in both photos, to show that the period bloat doesn't go away, even when you suck in and I found this is the most accurate way to compare the bloat 😬
For all my people with periods out there, you need to know It's completely normal to bloat before and on your period! You can gain anywhere from 0.2-4.5kg from water retention while on your period so don't even worry about your weight!!! Also other factors like hormones affect weight, so just know that you'll be okay, you're not fat or ugly, you haven't gained fat, it's just your period!
I wanted to let you guys know that even though I preach body positivity and loving yourself, I still get days before/on my period, where I think I've gained so much fat, think I'm ugly and feel guilty for eating unhealthy snacks. But please remember that that's just your hormones and body preparing for your period that's making you feel like that. You are still beautiful and amazing!! That weight gain is just water retention or bloating, it'll be gone in a few days and don't feel bad for eating whatever you're craving, cause you're shedding your old uterus lining out your vagina, it's a lot to go through, so you eat those snacks!!!!!! And if anyone tells you, you look gross or are gross for having your period, then just walk away, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life 🙌🏼 don't even get me started on period cramps, if anyone tells you you're weak for complaining about cramps, smear your blood on them and tell them they're weak for freaking out about a little blood and walk away (jk please don't do that). Just know that period cramps vary from person to person, from no/few cramps to omfg I'm going to die and throw up everywhere from this pain, so don't judge or compare pain. Periods are a tough thing to go through and vary from person to person. Just know that it's perfectly normal and you are a strong and beautiful person!! 🌴☀️

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I think this is part of why I stayed dealing with bs so long. I thought "well at least he loves me right?" WRONG!
He was the devil in disguise that did everything to destroy me even though I did everything I could help build him up. I used to compare my situation to others and thought that being a certain age and not having kids or a REALationship meant I wasn't worthy or something.
But it wasn't that. I was loving someone unworthy and it made me feel as if there was something wrong with me. And there was. My perception and my lack of love for myself. I was in love with being in love not with the person as much as I thought. He was comfortable and something I knew, that's it.
For 9 years I made all the wrong moves for what I thought was love and it left me back at square one. But you know that's ok bc that means a fresh start. New potential and new opportunities.
Never sacrifice yourself bc you're lonely. That person filling the void is probably something you would actually avoid if you were thinking straight. ✊🙏❤ #TheBitchyEmpath #URblog #REALationship #relationships #relationship #problems #situationships #manipulationship #devilindisguise #love #loyalty #respect #truth #honesty #keepitreal #lonely #alone #never #settle @fithealthybabe @blackblonddiva

Only you can change your life✨ I spent years being miserable, hating my body when I looked in the mirror, binge drinking, eating mountains of unhealthy food and avoiding exercise at all costs😂 If you'd have told me two years ago that I'd be the person I am now I definitely wouldn't have believed it - I'm happy, I'm confident in my own skin, I don't drink alcohol, I eat a balanced diet and I exercise regularly☺ Tonight I've decided not to exercise and eat a kebab instead because I don't believe in restricting myself and I know that one day isn't going to undo all of my hard work🙌🏼 Just remember that nothing worth having comes easy and small changes over a long time period lead to sustainable results💘 Happy Wednesday you wonderful people🤗 .
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That moment when you try on a new dress and hubby says ' yeah, it's ok..... except it looks like you've got a bib on and it doesn't really do anything for you' 😏😏😏 ...thanks for that! 😫#gottalovehusbands #tellingitlikeitis #honesty #doesmybumlookbiginthis? #wellyesitdoesactually 🤷🏼‍♀️😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ps he did go on to say I look good in anything ..... #gettingoutoftheholehedug 😂😂😂


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Did you know? Kyanite = loyalty & honesty. It's color ranges is compared to the Sea; and just like the ocean, this stone has a calming effect on the body. It helps by gently moving energy throughout the body.

My ultimate favourite saying... Everything happens for a reason guys ✌🏼 Absolutely everything that happens to you and in your life, the good things and the bad things, the achievements and the failures, every time you laughed and every time you cried. Everything is in a divine order and divine plan and you have to trust in the universe that every step you take is a step meant for you. #synchronicity #1111 #universe #united #unity #higherconsciousness #collectiveconsciousness #highervibrations #vibratehigher #awakening #spirituallyawakened #harmonizers #peace #divineorder #divineplan #trustintheuniverse #love #trust #truth #honesty #freedom #freeyourmind #freeyoursoul #freeyourbody

Day 3 // LETTING GO II F*^# keeping up with the Jones girls. Everyday women, mothers, battlers, trailblazers, survivors - feeling their way through everyday life with strength, honesty, peace integrity and authenticity they're who I want to know. R E A L P E O P L E. They're my inspiration. Let go of worldly desires and expectations and your idea of living (or presenting) a 'perfect life'. Live the life you have to the best of your abilities and be present in all its messy glory. While you're at it, grab some hands and pull other women up with you, don't push them down so that you feel above them. Rise together and you will raise to dizzying heights ✨T O G E T H E R 🤝

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