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"Tow Pig" said you better wash my ass before we hit the road to Arkansas. @sj_solutions #theytryingtocatchmeridingdirty #homiedontplaydat

#homiedontplaydat 😼🐶🐶 it's hard to keep white pants clean #thestruggle #canbharri

Nola Clown sighting... #clown #pow #homiedontplaydat

I wasn't raised to judge a person from what they look like or what they wear but people do... I am different I have a lot of tattoos I dress how I like I talk to everyone with equal respect and I'm quick to call you out on your B.S. I keep it real 💯 stop stressing about everyone else and worry about yourself 💪🏻👊🏻 #inkedup #dramafreezone #tattooedguys #homiedontplaydat #imnicetillimnot

I couldn't agree more seester... 😣

When dude texts you pics of buds then you show up and the bag don't look like that. 🖕🏽🤕🥊 #HomieDontPlayDat

My point!!! Bishes sit down😝 your brother my asssss!!!!! You tried it 😂 #lachick1 don't play dat🔨 #HOMIEDONTPLAYDAT

My baby girl is becoming a little lady, seems to happen way to fast! #cautionfutureboyfriends #badboyfriend=6fthole #homiedontplaydat


I couldn't agree more seester... 😣

We gots green light to work tomorrow bout dam time two days off no jala

Not a pr but I got it in the house in 1 trip. Anything more than 1 trip would be crossfit/cardio and #homiedontplaydat #thegrocerystoreassaultedme #brokeanduglybutnothungry

If you ask a stranger to tag you in a post and get upset the way they do something that makes you a bitch @icanttaghercausesimblocked #imagoof #homiedontplaydat #beeeeeeeeeeitch #keye & #peele @jordanpeele tag damon waynes for me im the new homie the clown lmao #inlivingcolour @diddy dont let that bitch win she'll probably still complain about it lmao

Lmao someone water marked a picture of this guy #homiedontplaydat #inlivingcolour @damonwaynes

Right before he tried to steal my purse and his friend bit my leg #homiedontplaydat

@twistedhemp loving these wraps, roll another and go back to my garden. That’s my Happy Thanksgiving🌱 #ROSINHOE #fingerhash #hempwraps #womeninweed #homiedontplaydat

Gucci Gang what?? K if i see gum foil on your teeth and catch you reppin that shit IMA go to your school like this as your GucciGang Leader!! Boyz you betta not i promise you i am Thee Mrs.Petty Pacheco when need be YOU BETTER PUMP THOSE BRAKES WITH UR 10&11YR OLD ASS'S #Homiedontplaydat now lets all go wash this shit off...say our prayers and go to bed cause we're sooo Blessed by Jesus! NOT TODAY SATAN Not Today! 💪👊

HEY! Let’s get real for a moment here. I LOVE and appreciate my followers. Yinz are all super cool, and thanks for your likes and comments. I mean that. I’m an authentic person and in that, I keep this IG just as authentic as me! Meaning, if I follow you, I have an active interest in you/your business/your blog/your work. I hope the feeling is mutual. I am also hip to IG marketing strategies, one of which is to “follow/unfollow” to gain numbers for your follower fan base to mess with the IG algorithm in your favor. Personally, I think it’s shady...but you do you. I’m the slowly build up her fan base kind of girl, ya know.
So. If I notice a follow, I usually wait it out a day or three to see if that number sticks. I scope you out. If that number drops, but then I notice you add me again...I know your game. I’ll message you this canned response. If it happens again, automatic block. :) #threestrikesyoureout #iggames #homiedontplaydat

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