Countdown has finally begun...6 weeks 🙌☀️💛 #corsicalove #hometimeisthebesttime


Literally have not played garden games for years. Hoopla was my speciality (Georgie 1-0 Jonny) 🎾🎳🌳 #hometimeisthebesttime #gardenparty #27goingon80 #countrylife

Don't tell the DOT, but I may have had a "little" help during my pre-trip and trip planning this afternoon. Poots wanted to know what EVERYTHING did lol.
So she got to see the main engine (she thought the hood was trying to get her when I opened it haha), check for leaking fuel, look at suspension parts, check the fifth wheel, trailer, lighting, and even tag along as I checked and tightened straps (she didn't care too much for the shrieking noise the wenches made, though). After tightening straps, everytime we'd walk past one "I think this one looks loose, Dad.". My little girl had me cracking up!

I had some good days off and was blessed enough to get to stop by the house one more night after picking up this current load. These kids and their beautiful mommy are my world (oh, and happy Mother's Day @shelby_and_lees_mama I love you) are the reason I do what I do. Can't wait to see them again in about 2 weeks for Poots' birthday. My big girl is going to be 5 (and she's getting registered for Kindergarten this next week, too!) Currently in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. 520 miles from here to my drop on Monday, so tomorrow will be a full day of driving.
They grow up too fast to start with, and even faster when you're on the road, it seems.
#daddyslittletrucker #flatbedlife #hometimeisthebesttime #lovemyfamily #lovemykiddos #happymothersday #americantruckers

Home. Travel is amazing, it allows you to be immersed in another culture so different from our own everyday experience. I would never want to give up on the experience of travel even when its hard, uncomfortable or inconvenient, which it can be! It daily tests your capacity for patience, kindness, empathy and daily caloric intake haha. But seriously, the best part of travel has got to be coming home. You know you are in a good place in your life when you feel that way. We loved our trip! It was incredible and we look forward to slowly sharing bits and pieces of it over the next little while with you. But at the end we were ready to come home, excited to get back to work and thankful that we had the opportunity to take this trip together. #TravelIsAwesome but so is #HomeSweetHome

Glad to be home! As fate would have it, my big brother @terrywideman happened to be going through town when I was pulling in. I was greeted by him and my beautiful wife @shelby_and_lees_mama and the kiddos!
It's so good to be home! Only took driving 3,300+ miles in the last 7 days haha! Now, time for some time with my family!

#hometimeisthebesttime #brothersdontshakehandsbrothersgottahug #flatbedlife #americantruckers🇺🇸 #truckerbrothers

Long day and long week! 558 miles today, for a total of 3,040 miles I've driven since leaving the terminal Tuesday at midnight. By the time I get home tomorrow, I'll have driven nearly 3,300 miles. And I'd do it all over again just to see @shelby_and_lees_mama and my kids. Of course I'd do it, because those are some awesome miles and awesome miles means awesome bank lol.
But seriously tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Can't wait to see my family and have some days off. Been out for about 33 days or so now. By no means am I a #supertrucker but 4 weeks is too long for me to be gone from my loves.
#hometimeisthebesttime #missingmyfamily #flatbedlife #truckerproblems #headedhome

I think it's starting become tradition now. This time my trucks paint job matches the colors! Stopping for a delicious lunch on my way to Salinas. It was time for my break, anyway. And I just discovered this one is open 24 hours, so I can get this stuff ANYTIME I cruise by! @madgreekcafe makes awesome food!
I'm in very good spirits today, too! I'm droppibg this load off in the morning and going home! It's been over four weeks, and that's just crazy!!! Can't wait to see @shelby_and_lees_mama and the kids and give them all higs and kisses.

#gyro #flatbedlife #hometimeisthebesttime #hometimestartstomorrow #headedhome #missingmyfamily #missmykiddos #lastloadbeforehome

All journey's begin somewhere. Today, this is where my journey as a solo driver starts, at the outbound bays at the Springfield terminal. Hitting the road with Big Sig(I've named the truck finally!) I'm headed for Pratt, KS with a morning delivery, and from there hopefully a load that will take me home for home time this weekend, and after that into the wetern regional loop.
#solotrucker #flatbedlife #hometimeisthebesttime #missingmyfamily

No filter. The silvering of sky and water took me quite by surprise tonight. A joy. #skyandwater #hayle #hometimeisthebesttime

Worst day of the month is here 😣 See you in 22 days lover. I can’t wait for everyone to tell me how quick the swings go, how short 3 weeks seem and how much I must enjoy my “alone time” 🙄😂 #imissyoueveryday #fifolife #wevegotthis #love #boyfriend #hometimeisthebesttime #bringonnextmonth #holiday #mybirthdaymonth

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