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1) Jade Harley, homestuck
2) Zacharie, OFF
3) Humanstuck! Damara, homestuck
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"People are 🌱 always disappointing... Thank god I have πŸ’• Nutella"
~Random quote from the internet lmao 🍭
πŸ“ Oof hey y'all please enjoy this trickster Jade costest. βœ¨πŸ’• I will definitely be adding more stuff when I cosplay 🍬 this again but for now this is all I got lol. Also thank @cupixi for letting me wear all your 🍰 shitβ„’.

"Hope 🌱 to me, is about believing in stuff, if you believe 🌻 in stuff then everything feels like its going πŸ’š to be ok."
~Jake English πŸƒ
πŸ“ Owo hey y'all how was ur day mine was litβ„’. βœ¨πŸ’• Sadly I wasn't able to find a Jade quote so please enjoy this lovely Jake quote instead. 🐦 I spent the day again with the lovely @cupixi & @_spice.boi_ [ lmao it's day 5 of hanging out together ] please go follow these precious πŸ’ž babs. 🍭 Anyways have a amazing evening and be πŸ’– safe!

im starting to like my smile more even though my teeth are super uneven lol its Nice :DDDDD

this pic is kinda awkward but!! i finally did pregame jade!

🌱Jade[@cupixi]~"Can u guys please stop fighting"
πŸ’‹Roxy[@_spice.boi_]~"N O"
🌹Rose[@seikka__]~"I'm a lesbian" ~

__ βœ¨πŸ’• I hope you guys all enjoy this lovely video of us being weird and memes... πŸ“ I will be posting some πŸ’œ Rose pictures later so get ready for that!

hey lets actually post some content shall we?
my first cosplay ;v; I was a fetus
May 7th, 2016 @ Sabaku Con
it doesn't seem that long ago but iT IS
I plan on redoing it sometime this summer! I already remade the ears and I will do makeup instead of being a child lol

''You tend to have a lot of things on your mind at once, and you can be a little forgetful. So you keep a variety of COLORED STRINGS on your fingers as reminders.''
Rereading Homestuck brings back so many good memories πŸ’œ
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