I’m willing to live here and take care of this beautiful home! 😍

colonial revival; I have a soft spot for well maintained apartments

I grew up in a college town. I live in a college town. I understand the need for frat houses. I wish they weren’t on the main road and I REALLY wish they weren’t in these beautiful houses.

Queen Anne; 1904
I have lived in Huntington since 2004, and his house is rapidly deteriorating. It’s at an intersection of 2 prominent streets in town and could be a beautiful landmark if someone loved and cared for it. 😔

Queen Anne; 1900
I’m starting a series of photos that showcase houses that make me sad. I’m pretty sure this one is abandoned. 😔

Happy Halloween! 👻🎃🦇🕷🕸

happy #tudortuesday ! 1941

colonial revival; 1939; it’s for sale! $234,900


tudor revival; 1920

this house needs some attention, but I love it 😍; 1920

craftsman; 1920

colonial revival; 1922

dutch colonial; 1925

1923 (it’s so hard to get a decent picture on the west side of the street in Huntington. I’m always fighting the sun 😒)

craftsman; 1924

dutch colonial; 1916

colonial revival; 1937
someone please buy this house! $875,000

colonial revival; american foursquare; 1914

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