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John had recently turned 21 and was finally seen as a adult, especially to a certain blonde, bro strider. Ofcourse john had noticed him before with his rugged good looks, thick southern accent, a great toned body, and a adorable cricked smile. John had finally stopped developing. John had a petite physic. He was feminine with gentle subtle curves and perfect milky white skin with a pink hue. He was a pretty boy...man. He was currently in his apartment celebrating with the strider family. Dave and bro. They had alcoholic drinks, talked, and played videogames. Soon enough dave left actually having to work the next day so that left john and bro alone. John was already buzzed feeling great, his face flushed from being slightly intoxicated. He glanced at bro as he said something he couldn't really hear before watching him get closer. His mind fogged not really remembering what happened next. A moment later he snapped back with bro now behind him with one of his hands raising his shirt and the other in his now undone pants. He leaned back against the blonde trying to focus"dude I'm a virgin"he suddenly blurted out making eye contact with bro through his dark shades waiting for a response.

I'm too lazy to type it up rn but if you would like to rp just DM me. Edit: OH LOOK I GOT SHIT DONE
Dave was sitting in his room with his headphones on. He was on his computer with many tabs open. Three of them had Bro's smuppet website open. He occasionally liked to watch it and didn't want Bro to find out. Dave opened up one of the tabs and started watching. He blushed softly then Bro walked into the room. He smirked when he saw what Dave was watching. He walked over and tilted Dave's chair back a bit while smirking and looking at the screen. Dave quickly changed the tab and looked up at Bro. "What the fuck Br-" Dave said. "Are you looking at my smuppet site" Bro asked, his smirk only getting larger. "N-NO" Dave stuttered and blushed a bit. "You got three tabs open with it" "Uhh it's not-" Welp now he knows. "Fuck"
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[More porn with no plot yay! Can be for either Dirk or Bro, I'll write it with Dirk though]
Dave and Dirk lived together, Dirk essentially took care of Dave and supported both of them. In return, Dave was pretty much Dirk's sex slave. He submitted when Dirk wanted and would pretty much let Dirk do anything he wanted with him. It was good for both of them. Dave got pampered and spoiled and treated rather well, Dirk got to fulfill any fantasies he had and have great sex whenever he wanted. And today Dirk needed some stress relief. He was pissed off and frustrated and he needed an outlet, aka Dave. So he had Dave tied up and defenseless for hours, using him however he pleased. He had stepped away to give Dave time to recover, but he was back now. When he entered his bedroom Daves arms were tied behind his back and he was on his knees right where Dirk had left him, cum still in places on his face, chest, and down his stomach and thighs. He looked wrecked. He looked up to Dirk as he entered the room. "Welcome back daddy~" he purred, his voice slightly tired and breathless but he wouldn't dare to complain or use the safe word without actually needing it. He had recovered for the most part and knew he could handle another round of intense kinky and rough sex, it was his place to let Dirk use him like this.

[Interrupting the good plots to bring you smut with no plot at all! Open for Bro]
Dave knew he was getting into trouble the moment he made the choice to go to this particular site. But Bro was hot. Really hot. And curiousity killed the Dave apparently. A little while later he was still at his computer desk, but now with three different tabs opened and an uncomfortable tightness to his pants. As expected Bro was in most of the advertising material. Photos and videos of him showing off the functions of his smuppets. He was /really/ in trouble when he felt his chair get jerked backwards and he looked up. He scrambled to close the tabs when he saw his brother's form looming above him with an amused smirk. He tried to defend himself. But Bro noted that tabs that were open. "You got three tabs open." was his only response to Dave's protests. "I uh.. it's not- fuck." Dave groaned loudly, the blush spreading across his cheeks to be visible despite his shades. He wondered where the hell this conversation would lead him. Bro certainly seemed amused and even evil with that damned smirk on his face, driving Dave to almost push his jeans down now because fuck they were not stretching enough and it hurt at this point.

[Unrelated pic but cute anyway. TWs: abuse and self harm(past), Dave is just bad at self care in general. Open for Dirk] Dave and Dirk were separated when they were three and their parents died in an accident. Responsibility fell on their two older brothers to take care of them, who decided to split the twins up. Dave with Derrick(or Bro as he liked to be called), and Dirk with D. They planned to keep them in contact with each other, Bro had other ideas apparently. He took Dave to Texas while D kept Dirk in California.
Bro never spoke about the rest of the family and Dave grew up accepting that he only had Bro.
Dirk urged D to get them to meet up. Or find Dave's contact information so he could message or call him. Anything to find his twin. Finally when he was 16 and had his own car he didn't care anymore. Roxy found the address for him. Hours later he ended up outside of an apartment. When a tiny boy with a dark bruise on his cheek and a split lip answered the door, Dirk almost broke. He recognized his own features and his twin. But Dave was unhealthily small and he clearly didn't know who Dirk was. He instantly knew something was very wrong. It took a week of staying with Dave for him to speak to Dirk but he finally spilled about everything. The abuse he'd suffered. He was essentially Bro's punching bag-his training dummy with his dumb swords. He barely ate, he was depressed. Not all of his scars were from Bro's sword. He'd done some of that to himself. Dirk took him that night. They snuck out, Dirk armed with a sword that made Dave very afraid but he promised he'd throw away once they'd gotten away. Dave had some clothes and things he felt he needed, which wasn't much. They got back to D's place in California. Dirk skyped D and told him everything, he was fine with it and glad Dirk had saved him before it was too late. 2 years later Dave was much better. He still had some scars, some of the mental wounds never healed. Dirk was protective of him, and the twins were very attached. Too attached maybe. Dave had feelings for Dirk. Ones that maybe shouldn't have been directed towards his twin, but it didn't stop him. He wanted to be with Dirk. [Cont. In comments]

[Demonstuck/Vampirestuck AU
TW for blood/killings/crime/etc. Open for Dirk or possibly Dave, but I'm playing the sub character for this one sorry not sorry]
Dave and Dirk were twins, raised by their two older brothers. To most people they were normal . And their brothers raised them to be, or to at least be able to blend in and appear so. But they were anything but normal. Their family were a species of demon, with special dark powers and they fed on the blood of humans. Once they turned 18, the twins left and set out to make their own lives. And with that first bit of freedom came a whole new world of things the twins had never been able to experience under the watchful eyes of Bro and D. The first being the feelings they shared. They had been crushing on each other for a long time, both too apprehensive to make a move. But once they were alone, the twins stood together against the world and realized they didn't need anyone else. They fell in love and never left each other's side.
They also discovered more of their power. What they could do. Their guardians had them drink animal blood and do everything to remain strong but maintain the illusion of humanity. They found that human blood tasted much better. They found that they could even take pleasure from hunting and killing. It was fun and games for them. Then they discovered that their powers were useful for much more. Long story short, the twins became unstoppable criminals. They killed and stole whatever they wanted, all while blending in with the group of friends they kept. Today Dave plopped down on his twins lap while he worked, giving him a pouty look. "I'm boreeddd." He whined, making sure that his torso blocked Dirk from continuing what he was working on. He wasn't using his powers to cover anything up, so his fangs showed as he spoke and his red eyes were almost glowing without his shades, and his pointed ears were obvious.

Have some dicks to cure your sadness • #Nsfw#Homesmut#Smut#Bulges#Hiveswap#Hivesmut

(I'm sorry for not posting as much!!) Dirk has gotten into a lot of trouble lately, drugs, alcohol, shop lifting. He only gets cought when he's lazy, he's gotten suspended multiple times for bad behavior and his grades are as low as his self of steam. He was a really nice and smart kid but he just took the wrong path, and D has definitely noticed, his friends were jake, roxy, and jane. They were the ones that Dirk hung out with the most. Tonight he got cought breaking into a store to steal cigarettes and beer. His friends got free but not Dirk. When the cops open the door so D could see dirk he sighs and crosses his arms. "What did you do this time lil man?" He says. His only answer was a finger to his face. (Open for Roxy, Jake, or D)
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