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I actually made this.
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I'm sleep😪😪

Man, I actually ship this tbh

Creds:artist (thank you @_sin_mommy_ )

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I still want to know how it would be like getting fucked by a tentabulge
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I'm eating OREOS in a parked car

Here i made a shitty garbage meme that took 4000% too much of my time. Please credit if you repost.
Next post will be my colossalcon lineup
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Summer break was always the best time of the year, especially for a preteen named Dirk Strider. Now whenever summer break came around, his brother and him always went to Florida for an entire month before they went back home. But this break was more special than the previous ones, and why? Well, because he had ended up befriending a mermaid! Yes, a real mermaid and not just some weirdo wearing a fake tail! Dirk had to admit that he had been a bit skeptical at first, even for a thirteen year old he wasn't that gullible but he knew the mermaid was real once he seen his gills. So Dirk had spent his entire break down at the beach, wanting to spend as much time as he could with the mermaid, who was named Jake English. So when it was finally the last day of summer break, it would be an understatement to say that the young Strider felt heart broken. He didn't want to leave Jake, he was his best friend! But he knew he had to, at least until next summer break. So taking a deep breath, Dirk laid down on the pier as he watched the familiar mermaid surface. He wasn't sure how to explain that he was leaving without wanting to cry, taking a deep breath before he frowned at Jake. "I'm leaving tomorrow but you don't understand, do you? You stupid fish." He knew for a fact that Jake wouldn't understand what he meant by leaving, considering he technically left the ocean everyday to come back to the beach house but he always came back. "Of course you're leaving, it's getting quite late and my grandma is probably worried sick about me anyways." Jake said with a nod, not understanding why Dirk seemed so sad to leave. The human came back everyday, so what was the big deal? The mermaid was about to ask but stopped when he watched Dirk quickly stand up and run off the pier, a confused look on his face as he waited for him to come walking back. That had been nearly three years ago, Dirk having completely forgotten about the mermaid which resulted in him not going to Florida over break, instead wanting to stay home with the new friends that he had made instead of tagging along with his older brother to some dumb ocean. But this year, Dave had threatened to ground him for all of summer


I totally did it, I couldn't resist. Potterstuck mofo. [OPEN FOR EITHER] ▫️
It had been five years since Karkat found out that he could attend a wizarding school, five years since he met his pain-in-the-ass best friend, four years since he had gotten used to said best friend, and only about a week since he started his sixth year at Hogwart's.
It came to him as a surprise when he found out he was a wizard, and sometimes he still wondered if he was dreaming. He'd just wake up, still eleven years old and ready to go to normal school. Of course that wouldn't happen, though.
He was a muggle born, and his parents found out about him at a young age when he would cause mischief... He couldn't say the same about John Egbert, though.
John was a pure blooded wizard, but thankfully he didn't have a wand up his ass like a few of the others. Hell, if the stereotypes were true he'd be muggle born too, seeing how absolutely fucking ridiculous he was. He liked to study things about how muggles viewed wizards only to tease or "prank" Karkat about them. One time he even showed up in their dorm room with a hat similar to Yensid's from fucking Disney and a long white beard while Karkat was trying to study.
He slept in the commons area that night.
He'd be lying if he said he didn't fancy the other, though. Even if he did drive him crazy most of the time.
John had always known of the school he'd be attending, but he never could have imagined to meet someone like Karkat and learn so much about muggles. He found it amazing how Karkat managed to live day to day without using magic, even now after he's learned so much of it! Well... at school at least since they weren't allowed to use it outside of Hogwart's yet. He studied, ate, and even entertained himself without the use of magic! It was almost crazy to him... but he did understand that it's how the other grew up. [PROMPT CONTINUED IN COMMENTS] ▫️
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I'm sleep😪😪

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