A rare moment for us Dolphins’ fans. Shoutout to Siri for knowing what’s up 🐬🌴 #finsup

Baseball season is drawing toward its finale. This home plate is located inside a public building at the University of Pittsburgh @pittofficial. The plate was preserved since it’s the location of the original Forbes Field where Babe Ruth hit the last three home runs of his career and where baseball legends like Honus Wagner and Roberto Clemente also played. #baseball #fallclassic #homerun #homeplate #pittsburgh #pitt #universityofpittsburgh #fall

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Have you ever heard the phrase #FailForward? Most people who take a shot at success strike out. A lot of parts of business aren't learned in the comfort of a classroom and this is definitely one of them. However, if you don't try, you'll never win. That's why ever strike is one step closer to a #Homerun.

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When you finish the class with a 67, but the teacher is cool enough to round you up to a 70. 😂
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Whether you fail or you succeed...NEVER...EVER regret taking a chance on yourself!!! ✊🏾

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