L'incontournable pour vos apéros cet été! Il suffit de mixer une betterave cuite avec environ 250g de haricots rouges cuits, de la coriandre et des épices et hop on obtient ce délicieux houmous! 😋
Recette @thehealthyfoodmagazine

Burger bun freshly baked.

Biriani revisité à la saveur d'orange
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Nonno Gino will be serving at Poinciana Plaza today between 11:00 and 1:30 pm. Come by and taste the Tuscan 🐔 chicken!!! It’s delicious!!!!! #nonnoginofoodtruck #homemadewithlove❤️ #tuscanchicken #awesomefood #ilovehimsomuch

Porsiyonluk mini Muffinlerimiz çok seviliyor 😇 özel sipariş için DM 📩♥️ #homemadewithlove❤️

Alhamdulillah... I'm so happy with the second trial. This is called Kueh Bakar Berlauk or Custard Cake in English. This is also somewhat similar to Quiche. But I baked it on the stove top. Some will do it on the stove and bake it halfway in the oven. I made half recipe & managed to give some to my dear friend Roza which happened to be her favourite kueh and she was so pleased with it. Some of it to my awesome neighbour who had been feeding me during Ramadhan!😂😂 ..paiseh! paiseh!
I still have the balance of the toppings in the fridge and I'll try to find time to bake this again as I already gained the confidence.
Happy baking guys!

Recipe courtesy of Azie's Kitchen.

The toppings
250g minced meat
11/2 tbsp curry powder
1 onion
Salt to taste
Red chilli - sliced finely
Coriander leaves - chopped finely
1 tbsp oil

3 cups of APF
3 cups of coconut cream
3 cups of water
5 eggs
Salt to taste
Some yellow colouring.

Method. -sautè the onion till yellowish in colour & add the curry powder. Sautè till u smell the aroma & add the minced meat. Cook till abt dry. -Beat the eggs till light & add in the coconut cream and water. Beat till well combined. -Add the flour and mix well. You can use blender as well. Start to add the coĺor. Strain the mixture to get smooth texture. -heat the pan with some oil . Pour the batter and cook it for 1 min or so. Start adding the minced meat, coriander & chilli. Continue to cook till it's firmed and the base is slightly brownish.
Use a cake skewer to lift the kueh.
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Today was one of my only days off and it just so happened to be our beautiful daughter Keira's 8th birthday today so mom decided to go all out and make #broccolibeef and #deepfried asparagus from scratch #yumyum #birthdaygirl👸 #mamascooking #homemadewithlove❤️ #happybirthday🎂

Oh-so-fresh peppermint scented soap with just a touch of activated charcoal to make a pretty grey swirl. Now to wait a few weeks for it to cure. #holistichealth #homemadewithlove❤️ #coldprocesssoap

Der Junior liebt selbstgekochten Vanillepudding mit 🍓 #liebegehtdurchdenmagen #wohlfühlessen #welovetocook #homemadewithlove❤️

#makgooksoo #noodsforbreakfast I made a basic flour based Korean noodle for breakfast. The broth is made with Dashi or Kombu, dried large anchovies, a couple of porcini mushrooms since I didn’t have shitaki mushrooms in my pantry, white mushrooms and waxy slivered potatoes, my favorite korean soup based soy sauce. #homemadewithlove❤️ #breakfastatangies

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