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Pour me sentir chez moi, j’ai besoin d’apprivoiser le territoire et de poser mes balises. Tout ce qui compte, c’est que j’aie ne serait-ce qu’un centième de seconde le souffle coupé pour pouvoir ensuite apprécier pleinement l’instant. Respirer un air entre ville et campagne: le juste équilibre entre mes souvenirs d’enfant et ma vie d’enfant plus grand.
C’est cette magie qu’on trouve partout quand on refuse de grandir: la magie des moments suspendus. Mon chien, mes deux jambes, des escaliers, des arbres, la chaleur d’un jour d’été en plein avril. Aaaah. Je n’ai pas besoin de me dire que c’est chez moi, ça viendra tout seul 😌 #newhome #homeisfortheheartless #countrygirlinthecity

To say I love this band is such an understatement... Parkway Drive has gotten me through some REALLY tough times in my life. Especially this particular album, “Deep Blue”. I’m counting down the days until I see these Aussies again. 💙🤘#ParkwayDrive #ByronBay #DeepBlue #Winston #HomeIsForTheHeartless #WelcomeToRockville

I've never been one to express myself so directly, more with imagery and symbolism
Obscuring my faults behind a veil of metaphors and euphemisms
But just for one moment, I want to be open and honest
If we can't express ourselves directly and be prepared to expect negativity, then we'll surely crumble under the weight of our insecurities
To search yourself and come face to face with your demons is terrifying
But if we can't face them, then how do we grow?
How do we recover, or know when we're wrong?
And yes, it's okay to be wrong
And I have been wrong, and I am wrong, and I am wrong!
And this is me, and in all honesty I'm not doing so well right now, but at least I'm finding the courage to face myself
Self deprecating? Maybe
Self absorbed? Maybe
Bravery? Definitely
I'm so sorry for all the pain and heartache that I've caused you
I just want you to be happy in life
I'll come and watch from afar, and admire you and every bit of joy and success that comes your way
I know that this is for the best, but it's been the most difficult choice of my life
I did this for you, and knowing full well the consequences
This is me and my acceptance, all I ask is that you remember me as I walk away

🎶 Because I feel numb. For the vision burning before me is one of former glory. An icon cast in the light of freer times, now writhes in a bed of lies.
Hope doesn't live here.
Love doesn't live here anymore. 🎶
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My CD collection at the moment, need to expand

Parkway time

Screenshots from Parkway Drives "Sleepwalker" video

Some more screenshots from the acid trip that is "Sleepwalker"

Parkway Drive

Here's some Wishing Wells

Parkway Drive // Vicious

Some Parkway artwork

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