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Happiest little beansprouts. 😍😊 Lately they've been so excited over all things Nintendo - mainly Yoshi and Kirby since they've been playing those on the WiiU - and it's just the cutest thing to see them also roleplaying their own little made-up games in the backyard, integrating the games into their drawings and paintings and having the best conversations together - making amazing childhood memories.
It is so wonderful to see them explore the things that make them happy. 😊❤️ Video games often get a bad rap, but they can be a great opportunity for learning, creating and connecting if you let them be. Does your child have a favourite video game? 🍄⭐️🌈

You know you're a mama when birch bark, pine cones, sticks, leaves, acorns, + the occasional near-to-exploding cattail (😬) can be found in your purse, the console of your vehicle or deep in your pockets on any given day.
The girls have so much fun with their seasonal collecting that we have a few places inside that we keep them all (...and sometimes a bit scattered in between) --this little nature house being one of them. 🐿🍂🦊🍃#collectedwithlove

It's soo much fun!

Yap, ini adalah bagian dari set Fun Thinker Grolier.

Dan buku yang terbuka di atas, adalah jilid English Level 1.

Lho, kok itu isinya 'hanya' mencocokkan warna-warna. Adakah hubungannya?

Bisa dibilang, bagian halaman ini adalah 'pemanasan' untuk sang anak ketika baru berkenalan dengan Fun Thinker. Agar sang anak yang sedang belajar lebih familiar dengan penggunaan frame Fun Thinker ini.

Anak akan muncul rasa percaya dirinya ketika ia mampu menyelesaikan suatu masalah. Nah, dengan tujuan inilah, Fun Thinker didesain dengan soal yang paling mudah hingga paling sulit. Dan mencocokkan warna ini, adalah level paling mudah di seri English.
Nah, silahkan ayah bunda, yang ingin melengkapi sarana edukasi untuk ananda di rumah, bisa ngobrol via WA ya... Tinggal klik link yang ada di Bio. 😃

Selamat belajar!


Finishing up our Marco Polo studies this week by painting maps of the Silk Road and including international treats (Hello Panda cookies are so yummy! Albeit Japanese, not Chinese). We’ll also experiment with ginger, compare paper money and if I am really on my game, set off a few small fireworks. All of these extensions are easy and don’t require planning, just a bit of creativity. Anytime we backside into routine or complaints about school, I try to remember to add a few of these “sparklers” to reignite the flame. // #beatysdoschool #wildandfreechildren #homeschool #charlottemason #homeeducation #playfullearning #marcopolotravels

We finished up The Birchbark House last week, so today is the start of a new read aloud... Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards. 🌿🌼

{Skip Counting} We gathered sticks, painted them, and bundled them in groups of 🔟This was a really fun project and doubles as a branch bouquet! We can untie the pipe cleaners and practice skip counting in other ways. #earlylearning101 #earlymath #skipcounting #kidscrafts101 #steamkidschallenge #wildschooling #naturecrafts

Как здорово, что в Москве есть такие пространства для детей - просторные, полные воздуха и интересных штук.
Куда можно прийти поиграть в новые интересные игрушки, покормить зверей, почитать что-то новое. Попить чаю и погреться, наконец! Всегда возвращаюсь отсюда вдохновленная. Сразу столько идей, чем позаниматься с детьми дома ☺️
А вы где греетесь в эти холодные дни?

End of a good Monday. We read forever, did a science lab on the circulatory system, checked all the boxes. It’s rainy and cool and fall and I’ve got beef stew simmering away on the stove top while Greta and Alice play with Henry, a new caterpillar friend they found that is pooping all over them. #homeschoollife

Fungi and How to Know Them
by E.W.Swanton
I'm just a little bit in love with this book I found at the Armitt Library 🍄


STEAM Invitation: How does your garden grow? 🌱Step two🌼 A and L created their own little seeds and sprouting seeds out of polymer clay which we baked and then popped aside. We also cut out and laminated their flower creations.
We are off to Melbourne for a few days so the next step will be posted Friday. 😊 #homeschool #homeschoolaustralia #homeeducation #steam #invitationtocreate #waldorf #montessori #charlottemason #artkids #artsandcrafts #planteducation #lifecycle #artforkids #craftforkids

She's making her own clothes...she's 8! Picked out the material, pattern (of course it has a zipper!) and is learning the basics.
Hope I remember my highschool home education sewing class lessons.
Wish us luck!
#creative #maker #dressMaking #patterncutting #patterns #mygirl #homemade #sewing #burda #pinkdress #momlife #homeEducation

Once a week the big guy and I have a game night while his brother is at scouts. He ❤️one on one attention and so he looks forward to this immensely and it is good to check in with him. After a long run of Ticket to Ride, he chose Monopoly tonight. However, I am finding he likes to make up his own rules to try and hustle extra cash from me. 😂😂#gamenight #oneononetime

I just adore these timeline cards the kids have made! 😍 And that white and orange pumpkin right there is my favorite. ❤

Just hanging out at the library...again. 🤣🤣🤣

Sometimes homeschool is watching the people fixing your car and answering lots and lots (and lots) of questions about engines. 🤦🏼‍♀️ #homeschoolookslikethis #homeschool #homeschooling #homeeducation #homeschoolers #charlottemason #charlottemasonirl #charlottemasonliving #charlottemasoneducation #charlottemasonhomeschool

Out of all the many reasons we homeschool, and there are a lot, this has to be the top reason. This question (which I have been asked before) and many like it, are asked daily. That and the conversations and the learning that spring from the things these kids o' mine say/ask. I love every day of it all, maybe not every moment of every day (because...kids sometimes, y'all 😩), but every single day. #thatswhywehomeschool #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #homescool #homeeducated #homeeducation #kids #learning #children #childrenareagift #schoolathome #welovebooks #books #catholichomeschool #catholic #webuybooks #Texashomeschool #Texas #HappyCsAcademy

Looking for a durable and reusable resource for your early learner?!?! Get your hands on my newly released write and wipe clean activity books!! They are durable, reusable, and come with a complimentary dry erase marker and felt wipe cloth! Only $5 each or $22 for the whole set!


#earlylearning #activitybooks #homeschool #shopsmall #supportsmallbiz #homeeducation #write #wipeclean

And our 4-week-long Quality of Numbers block has begun! Today we explored zero through manipulatives and wrote it in our MLB's. Then we recalled our story for the number 1, the Celtic tale "The Stolen Bairn & the Sidh." Silas and I both absolutely loved this story of a mother fighting for the return of her baby. And I couldn't really ask for a story that's a better embodiment of "oneness." The uniqueness of the human gift and the singular importance of one baby are the central themes {photo 1}. After the recall we talked about where we might find the magic of one, both individuality and unity? His first answer was that there is only one earth. His second is that there is only one of each of us. ❤ After this discussion, he chose how he wanted to draw one in his MLB. He chose his one sister {photo 2}. Then I pulled a lot from @Earthschooling resources to experience one with all our senses, such as trying to find an object to touch with only one side {photo 4}. A favorite activity was making a mobious strip. I challenged Silas to start coloring one side with red and to keep coloring red until he got back to where he started. Then he could color the other side of the paper green. Of course, the whole thing was red by the time he was done and he was so in awe of how that could be the case {photo 3}.

It’s that time of year when the ladybugs 🐞 swarm the house looking for a warm place to stay for the winter. .
So I thought it was the perfect time to read The Grouchy Ladybug! This book is awesome! It’s got math, nature study & is a great starting place for social-emotional discussion all in one book! .
What did homeschooling look like for you today?

African Peanut Stew from @ohsheglows was a winner tonight! It looked so good in the book, that I couldn't wait any longer and I just made it at 2:30 this afternoon.🙈 which was a mistake only because the kids and I kept picking at it! 🙊It's so good! I also made some rice incase the other kids didn't like it. The stew is good with some rice mixed in, too.
#vegan #vegetarian #stew #igfood #healthyeats #fitfood #fitspo #frommybowl #fallfood #comfortfood #fall #autumn #ohsheglows #homeschool #homeschooling #homeeducation #unschool #unschooling #wildandfree #wildandfreemama #homeschoolmom #momofsix #largefamilyliving #largefamily #largefamilies

These flash cards are such a deal at only $1/set. The state set has been put to good use this year. They aren’t necessarily good for drilling capitals but have lots of great info about each state. Gotta love the dollar bins! 💵
@target FTW! 🎯

Participating in the Aussie Backyard bird count this morning. We've been doing this for a couple of years now.

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