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I remember when my home was filled with babies. First we had two aged 2 and under, then three aged 3 and under and then four aged 4 and under. I remember wanting my home and school to look a certain way and going through a period of frustration wondering if I could ever get there. One winter morning when all my homeschooling efforts had failed spectacularly, I took the kids to Wegmans to pick up some veggies. An elderly lady was putting apples in a bag when one apple slipped from her hand and rolled away towards our cart. My eldest rushed forward eagerly to scoop up the apple and hand it to the lady. "My, you are mighty helpful for such a little fella!" She said. He twinkled up at her, "I'm four years owd!" She answered, "And you have three brothers when your only 4 years old? Oh my! And you already know how to be kind, some people never learn that." It was a simple observation but it stopped me in my tracks. My eldest was ONLY four years old, what was I worried about? My spirits lifted and the pressure eased from my chest. I was in such a hurry to get to the great things I was missing the beauty and importance of the small early steps. I resolved to make the most of those early years, not for the modern education movement's idea of "early childhood success," but for purposefully loving souls and laying a foundation of solid character and habit training. The slow and steady days of diapers and feedings and keeping tiny people alive? So much of our homeschool successes today tie back to those early days. When my little guys asked if they could help, I said yes, even if it made a mess. As a result, they've never stopped asking if they can help. They don't make that big a mess anymore and now it's incredibly helpful! We stopped the toddler train as often as possible to look at the tiny details in the world around us. Now I see the benefit of those painfully slow nature walks in their meticulous observation skills in science, math and grammar. And storytime? We relished it and let it shape our family. We used those early days to create our family culture through small, intentional decisions and it has made all the difference. #soulsnotproducts

|N a t u r e S t u d y| We have created our first phenology wheels as a once a month nature journaling activity. It was an idea inspired by @raisinglittleshoots and so far we are truly enjoying it. The larger section of my wheel will record our main units of nature study for each month. The smaller section is to record holidays (I've included the eclipse for August because with all of the hype in our state it feels like a holiday celebration). My girls have chosen to do a study of the white ash tree in our front yard and will record a new entry each month of what they observe. It's a fun way to follow the changes in a year and you can make one to include just about anything you'd like. #naturestudy #naturejournaling #exploringnaturewithchildren

I love seeing your freshened up spaces and neatly stacked supplies πŸ“· @simplicityhomeschool β €
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Finally!! I took the afternoon off from wanting to dominate the world with LOVE and Relationship happiness and chilled with ALL 4 kids at Princess Diana's Memorial Playground. Except for the eldest teen, who's impatiently waiting for her GCSE results, all 3 kids have been learning and working throughout other kids summer vacation. When you're home educated, you don't really have set holidays. It'll come soon though. πŸ˜‰
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A quiet afternoon painting a cover for the front of our learning notebooks. β€’
This peaceful scene followed a full on meltdown in the parking lot of our grocery store. One where all four of us were nearly in tears by the time we got to the car. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Moments like that sure make you appreciate the moments above. 😬πŸ˜₯

Bertualang ke daerah yg berbeda budaya membuat anak-anak kaya wawasan.


I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. – Mark Twain β€’ @monsonschoolhouse | #homeschoolcollective

Letting go of control can sometimes be hard. Except when it comes to math. I gladly loosen my grip on that. #thewholeheartedhomeschool

"I have always imagined that Paradise is a kind of library." Jorge Luis Borges πŸŒ€Slumming it at the New York Library.
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Ada yang ketagihan lomba 17an niih.. Pulang main dari TK ummi kk aeera bilang "bun kita lomba2an yu kaya di tk ummi". Abis itu bubun janjiin deh bikin lomba anak2 hari kamis nya.
Alhamdulillah terlaksana.. Pada awalnya mau ajakin ortu sekitar buat ajak anak balitanya ikut kegiatan khusus anak2 tp bubunnya belum siap, jadi yang ada aja
Sebenernya ini lomba ngebosenin buat bubun, tapi buat anak2 mah menyenangkan karna baru nyoba lomba2 yg sudah biasa ada pas 17Agustusan..
Awalnya disounding dan dikasih contoh gimana aturan mainnya, pada pelaksanaannya gimana anak2 aja.. Khusus lomba makan kerupuk, diterangkan kalo kerupuk itu makanan bukan untuk mainan jadi harus dihabiskan diakhir..
Terakhir semua anak dapat hadiah karna udah berani nyoba

Some lovely girl time at the beach with my Sunshine. β˜€οΈ

Have you played this math game? We call it sticks but I believe it really called Zap or Zapped. Write various math problems on craft sticks. (Last year we did addition and subtraction, this year multiplication problems.) add in some lose a turn, go again, swap sticks with another player and ZAP put all sticks back and you have a super fun game your child will love playing!! We play it all the time and it's great for travel! πŸŽ‰
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The sunsets are brilliant this time of year and the time we get to spend together are quite glorious. We always get to talk about "something". I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by water, especially the ocean - where I feel so small and it makes me put my whole life into perspective. With the coming eclipse, we are quite fortunate to be right at the spot where the eclipse will end here in North America. We've been studying and reading all about it and tonight we talked about the distances in the universe. Just as the ocean makes me feel so small, the universe makes me feel even smaller! We talked about the sun being 94 MILLION miles away from the earth....now if that doesn't make you feel small, then I don't know what will! Having said all of this, it's amazing what a speckle we are in terms of eternity and how Almighty and powerful our Creator is. Where will you be watching the eclipse? πŸŒ™ πŸŒ™πŸŒ™ #homeschooling #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoolkids #homeschoolcollective #charlottemason #charlottemasoneducation #charlottemasonliving #handsonlearning #education #homeeducation #waldorf #motherhood #holdthememories
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Struggling to sleep knowing I will be letting go of this one and her brother for 2 weeks to visit my dad in the states on Saturday morning. I know they will love it and have an amazing time, but that moment I have to hand them to the airline crew, I just can’t imagine how my emotions will be. #bonded #closeness #motherdaughter #roadtrip #cornishkid #homeschool #homeeducation

#kidsinnature by @intherivervalley in British Columbia

Do you have a child who loves animals? Who loves birds? Who loves eagles? Look no further for an absolutely amazing book called Gifts of an Eagle by Kent Durden. His father actually raised a Golden Eagle from a chick (Lady) and this is the story of her life. Durden weaves facts about eagles effortlessly into the story of the challenges of raising an eaglet, and then, mature eagle. Not only are the facts you learn amazing, but the author is really good at weaving humor into the book. We used this book as a read-a-loud this summer, and my kids were on the edge of their seats with suspense one second, and rolling on the floor laughing the next. It really is an amazing book. I would recommend it! 4.5 to 5 stars! 🌟
(Thanks to my mom for recommending this book to us!)
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Impulsive Buyer
Lagi hangat di timeline niy topik 😎
Am I? No, I am not 😘

Ini buku Grolier punya Farrah. FunThinkers, Helping Hands, Logico, Talking English, Aku Ingin Tahu Mengapa, dan Grolier World Atlas (GWA). GWA masih rapi terbungkus plastik, sengaja, karena saya memang belum mengenalkan atlas ke Farrah, bingung ngejelasinnya πŸ€“ "Yakin semua buku ini manfaat?" Yakin 100%. Sebelum beli, tentu saya pertimbangkan dulu tujuannya apa. Klo cuma sekedar koleksi, hmmm...mending duitnya buat jalan-jalan deh πŸ˜‚ Nyempit-nyempitin rumah juga klo sekedar buat ditumpukin. "Emang bukunya udah dibaca semua?" Belum. Saya tidak mewajibkan Farrah untuk baca habis 1 buku saat itu juga. Cukup 5 - 10 menit setiap harinya. Saya ga mau Farrah merasa baca buku itu adalah beban. Mau pilih buku yang mana untuk dibaca, ya suka-suka Farrah. Kadang 1 halaman bisa dibaca berulang kali saking dia senengnya.

Contoh, FunThinkers itu bisa sampai usia SD. Ada materi membaca yang belum bisa dimainkan Farrah. Jadi, ya disimpen dulu sampai nanti Farrah bisa membaca. "Harga?" Saya pribadi menjawab, harga tidak sebanding dengan ilmu dan manfaat yang diperoleh. Apalagi bukunya bisa dipakai bersama-sama dengan Dhimas dan the next adik-adiknya Farrah 😍😍 Ada harga bundling juga yang lebih hemat. Lalu, bisa pilih cash, cicilan, atau arisan πŸ˜‰

Jadi, Ayah Bunda sudah yakin dunk untuk sediain buku Grolier di rumah? 😎😘 Please feel free to ask
WA : 081372668756
Line : binakids

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Yesterday lesson's focus was letter "Π£" (pronounced like English "oo"). In this activity my four-year olds had to put the clothes peg on the letter "Π£" (there were two "Π£"s on each wheel). Among other letters were only the "slanted line" letters - К, Π–, И, Π™, М, Π›, А, Π₯. So we also practiced slanted-line letters differentiation.

Pajaggle time! We really love this game. It's been great for quiet time breaks in the afternoon. #homeeducation #timberdoodle #pajaggle #homeschooling #homeschool

Have you played Pin the Nose on the Picasso with your kids? Click the link in my profile to sign up for instant access to the Learning Library. It's full of fun activities and games like this one. πŸ€—

That's a wrap on Day One of homeschooling. It was a really good day. A little relaxed with a good, long read aloud time. ❀️

Thank you, @waldorf_essentials - I'm finally diving in to Rhythm & Waldorf Homeschool Planning IN FULL, instead of hopping around to find an answer to a burning question and was filled with peace when I read this today. "Remember that parenthood is a mantle of responsibility more than it is a cloak of comfort!"

Making "outta space potions" with coloured water, cotton wool, glitter & stars. Mr 4 & Miss 3.5 mixed and transferred the coloured water with syringes, pipettes & straws. Mr 4: "Yours has lots of planets!" "I can see the sun!" "I want to keep my outta space forever." Later they wanted to draw their potions, which turned into great representations of planets and the night sky πŸŒ πŸŒŸπŸŒšβ­β˜„πŸŒœπŸŒ“
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