Ego swinglife ABS is a swinging solution flush to the wall, without any jambs or frames which makes it possible to open the door from both sides so that it may be used also in the public places.

Kombi 3 is a 5 fulcrum hinge adjustable at 3 axis and available in various finishes. Here are some technical features:
- Capacity 40 kg (with 2 hinges); 52Kg (with 3 hinges);
- 180° rotation;
- Made of ZAMAK alloy.

The originality and Design are the essential elements for KRONA KOBLENZ, which make the basis of the Concept expressed in the recycled silo making a fusion of art and culture integrated into the company image.

ATOMIKA KARAKTER K8080 is our innovation 2018 in the field of rebate door hinges. Here are some of its technical features:
- Capacity 80kg;
- 7 fulcrums adjustable in 3 axis;
- Min. thickness 40mm
For more details click here: bit.ly/AtomikaKarakterK8080_eng

Our offices in Coriano with over 1500 mq of technology and design are located in a picturesque backcountry of #Rimini.

K Art 120 sliding system + System 1760 make a perfect solution for sliding glass doors due to the tracks with capacity up to 120 kg which provide silent door movement.
Learn more: bit.ly/Kart120Sys1760_eng

KINOX K7316 of Kubi7 range is a stainless steel hinge with 7 fulcrums, adjustable at 3 axis. Due to its technical particularities it is resistant both to fire and water and it is perfect for the complicated conditions of some environments such as spa centres.
Learn more: bit.ly/KinoxK7316_eng

Sliding doors perfectly match the applied environment creating an optic continuity in the room. Mekkit3D is an exclusive adjustable 3D set for gypsumboard sliding doors. You can install your doors in an absolutely safe way using the necessary ABS with Mekkit3D.
Learn more: bit.ly/Mekkit3D_eng

KOOL is a furniture solution that provides the use of sliding doors which at the same time can be rebate ones. This system offers unique features for interior design interpretation in forms, materials and innovative solutions.
Learn more: bit.ly/Kool_eng

EXTeRUS is our sliding system with designer rollers in view which decorate the door. They can be perfectly applied to wooden doors to create an eminent environment, being aesthetically welcoming, modest and elegant.
Learn more: bit.ly/System7550_Exterus_eng

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Here is EGO, our solution of a frame and a rebate door flush to the wall, which adds a designer touch to the surrounding environment.
Learn more: bit.ly/EGO_eng

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KronaKoblenz sliding systems have a possibility to be featured with ABS, a system which provides a door with soft opening and closing.

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We present you a sliding system for wooden doors K ART 40/80 ABS + Sys 0600 with a perfect track for flush to ceiling solutions which creates a visual space continuity between different areas of the house.

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