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Yay He's here! Our new Grandson Holt! Guarantee I didn't look this great after childbirth! Congratulations Richard and Leah! @thewayweareofficial #farmersdaughter #grandson #farmfamily #yahoo #holt

Ainda sem entender que festão foi aquele ontem no gisão! 😱👏🏼💥 Boa semana galera! 😘 #Holt #Gisão #Fervo #Vibe

I didn't think I would miss sleeping on rocks, not showering for days, and Kayaking for like 6 hrs, burning to death under he sun, trekking with heavy ass bags... y'all made me rly treasure our time together I would actually consider going back to the camp with literally nothing to cook our "hygienic" food together. Eating sand and sketchy insects was a staple, burning food and then scrubbing burnt pots every meal was the norm, being constantly late along with shitty jokes was like our specialty. @bbbananaaa pls continue ur new found habit of wiping ur hands with wet tissue and all before every meal, ily and all our late night bitching!! We did great for the height thing btw @p.earlynn Super flex dancer whose damn hardworking!! Best Kayaking partner ever @xhemax_7 thanks for taking care of me but pls when I laugh it means I rly find it funny don't question me 😤😤 @frhnzrh We need to talk more!! Hmm but I always see u judging me when I have no chill pls I'm not that weird I'm just dead on the inside from obs @chenliinn Ur damn hardworking and a damn good navigator!! Pls continue being cute yes?? @zhenyu_02 Sorry if we were v noisy in the tent heheh @_wheep.pie_ Pls contain ur inner hoe yes?? Also stop singing the set piece for syf I'm having war flashbacks!! @winston_0430 ur "yessss" & "opps" & calling someone a slut & laughing at my height is all I can rmb so pls "talk more" @rrryxn try not to MIA when we look for u esp for the photo yes? @thethinxin & @jacques_ljk let's be closer in schl kays? #HOLT I LOVE YALL HOLT KIDS!! (maybe lincoln also abit lah)

#virado no gisão #holt morto 😞

Mc G8 é foda, falei FODA e não fodinha. #bomdia #goodmorning #Holt #Mc

Just some of the things I have on sale. The white boxes have candles and reed diffusers in them. With lovely funny quotes on the front. #vanillatree #holt #affordableclothing # wellworthavisit


10 days, great cities, spent time with all the family (including future baby Holt), ate TONS of food, played games, all this for 3612 miles driven! Home at last, home at last! #twodogs #miniaussie #roadtrip #holt #texas #arkansas #tennessee #kentucky #ohio #pennsylvania #maryland #newyork #connecticut #westvirginia #virginia

Life has many layers #holt #norfolk #northnorfolk

Quick tea at the swallows last night with my man ❤️👌🏻 #lovemyman #mealout #cley #holt #imaluckywoman

Beautiful day and a beautiful Rhododendron garden.

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