Okay I promise I’m done...or maybe not! #needmoregrass #hollyshaven

❤️❤️❤️ #hollyshaven

Things are a long way from being perfected but I’m beginning to love this view. ❤️ #farmhouse #farmlife #hollyshaven

Ready for Chuseok 🇰🇷❤️ #hollyshaven #hollymarshmallow #chuseok

Good news: This old vet clinic on the property we are buying is what we plan to renovate and turn into an airBnB for those of you looking for a place to catch your breath. ❤️ I'll post pics of the inside soon!

Bad News: We are being held up in the appraisal/insurance process because of the property's uniqueness (I'm assuming this will be the first of many hiccups on this adventure.) So, we have to be out of our current house next Thursday, the kids are already withdrawn from school, and well...the rest is still unknown. 😳Would you pray with us that things go through soon?

#farmlife #HollysHaven #farmhouse #farming

Hello 🌻❤️🌻 #hollymarshmallow #hollyshaven

You guys our sunflower bloomed. I wanna eat it. Huhuhu

Post bath 🛀🏼🛁☺️ I like to use mom's knee pillow as a headrest 🙇🏻‍♀️ #goobypotato #hollyshaven #apurposefulrescue

Farm Update: This approx. 400sq. ft. cabin will be our home for at least 2-3 months when we move to the farm. It sits on the property and looks like a mini version of the main house. It was once used as a "writer's cabin." I can't wait to find out who lived here and what books were written inside these walls. All 5 of us (and Charlie) will be living here while we complete some work on the main house. Learning that work on a house this old is a PROCESS. So our first adventure is downsizing and learning to function together in a tiny house! #farmlife #farmhouse #hollyshaven

Mom says I'm in cone jail for destruction of toe beans. They're my personal property tho???? Why can't I lick my own toe beans??? They're mine???? Honestly how dare
#goobypotato #hollyshaven

I got my new shoes on #goobypotato #hollyshaven

Velvet bean 🌱 #hollyshaven #hollymarshmallow

I am so smol. Goopy's head is so big.
#hollyshaven #hollymarshmallow #goobypotato

Cucumber slices please! 🥒🥒🥒 #goobypotato #hollyshaven

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