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Hello 🌻❤️🌻 #hollymarshmallow #hollyshaven

Post bath 🛀🏼🛁☺️ I like to use mom's knee pillow as a headrest 🙇🏻‍♀️ #goobypotato #hollyshaven #apurposefulrescue

You guys our sunflower bloomed. I wanna eat it. Huhuhu

BALL BALL BALL 😃🎾🎾🎾 Ricky loves these squeaky Kong balls. Not that into regular tennis balls though 😑 He's been having so much fun in his little pool (from amazon - search "dog pool") 🌊💦 #adoptrickysuave #chewslifedogrescue #hollyshaven @hollyshaven

Holly got a haircut today 😅 she will back back to her floofy self soon enough. Her @beadiebabiez collar is stylish though. Don't you think? 💙 @thehollymarshmallow @hollyshaven #hollymarshmallow #hollyshaven #beadiebabiez

"Why is your middle name potato?"

Resident girls Holly & Gooby.
We are taking a short break from fostering at this time. Fosters and rescuers need to take care of themselves in order to take care of others❤️ You can expect to see a new foster sometime in the next couple months when we are ready and have the funds to do so. Thank you so much to our supporters. None of this is possible without you all. In the meantime, we will be sharing photos of Holly, Gooby, and some alumni updates ❤️ #hollyshaven #goobypotato #hollymarshmallow

Mom says I'm in cone jail for destruction of toe beans. They're my personal property tho???? Why can't I lick my own toe beans??? They're mine???? Honestly how dare
#goobypotato #hollyshaven

Our newest @hollyshaven foster! ❤ Everyone, meet "Her Royal Googleness" from @apurposefulrescue. This cross eyed princess has many nicknames already. Royal, HRG, Googs, Google, Googly.. and at my house: Gooby or Goobs. She looks like a squooshy baked potato and I am absolutely in LOVE with her. She's met Diego and Holly already. Ricky was a little nervous around her so I'll keep them separate until things mellow out and he is ready to meet. If you would like to help with her care, you can donate at HollysHaven.org/donate ❤ any amount helps! @hollyshaven


Farm Update: This approx. 400sq. ft. cabin will be our home for at least 2-3 months when we move to the farm. It sits on the property and looks like a mini version of the main house. It was once used as a "writer's cabin." I can't wait to find out who lived here and what books were written inside these walls. All 5 of us (and Charlie) will be living here while we complete some work on the main house. Learning that work on a house this old is a PROCESS. So our first adventure is downsizing and learning to function together in a tiny house! #farmlife #farmhouse #hollyshaven

I made a new friend #hollyshaven #hollymarshmallow

Repost from @hollyshaven using @RepostRegramApp - We received a very special donation from @buddysblankets today. Buddy's story touched our hearts and we are so grateful that Darlene thought of us. #buddysblankets #hollyshaven #hollymarshmallow #goobypotato #buddysblankets

Miss Gooby had to take a bath today. She was a very good girl. No escape attempts or shaking soapy water everywhere. #goobypotato #hollyshaven #apurposefulrescue #blep #mlep #boop #rescue #adoptdontshop

It's time for a #hollyshavenalumni update!
Repost @aleciaanderson
I'm long over due to post a pic of this babe. Charlie has been with us since March and she has brought such joy and craziness to our home. Adopting Charlie was a "jump and the net will appear" kind of move. She's diabetic and blind and I knew nothing about any of it. What I do know is this soul is a force to be reckoned with. Brave, resilient, hilarious and loving, her personality is strong! She cracks me up every day! @apurposefulrescue you are magic! @naye0na it took a village. Getting to work with women like you to rescue one animal at a time is inspiring to say the least. You hear it, believe it, choosing an older dog or a dog with a special need is pretty awesome! #charlieiscomingtopinegrove #blinddog #thisgirlisonfire #hollyshaven #apurposefulrescue

Goobs looks extra potato-y tonight 🥔🥔🥔 collar by @dogsbythebay ❤️ #hollymarshmallow #goobypotato #hollyshaven

Hi guys! We are running low on supplies and would appreciate some donations ❤️ high priority items at the moment: food, pill pockets, training treats, and poop bags. If you'd like to help, head on over to The link in our bio ❤️ direct links to our PayPal and Amazon wish list are there.
Mona updates: she had a couple families interested in her but they are out of state and it will take time to arrange meet ups and such. She is still available for adoption and is doing very well here. She gets into a routine fairly quick and is such a sweetheart. Has never had a potty accident inside. Super healthy! Mona's mannerisms are so silly. She sits and sleeps in the funniest positions and her body moves like a slinky. She will melt in our arms and soak up all your love. She's a gem!! ❤️❤️❤️ to apply for adoption, head on over to @apurposefulrescue website ❤️
#hollyshaven #donkeythemu🦄 #foster #apurposefulrescue

Have you ever seen a happier girl??? 😄❤️ adoptable Mona @apurposefulrescue #foster #apurposefulrescue #adoptdontshop #hollyshaven #donkeythemu🦄

Wondering when she will find her forever family ❤️ @apurposefulrescue #apurposefulrescue #foster #adoptdontshop #donkeythemu🦄 #hollyshaven

Miss Holly injured her eye and was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer 😢 she is on antibiotics and pain meds. We will bring her in for a check up in one week to see how her healing has progressed. Mona is keeping Holly company as she rests.
If you'd like to support us, please head on over to HollysHaven.org/donate ❤️ link is also in our bio
#rescue #adoptdontshop #foster #hollyshaven #donkeythemu🦄 #hollymarshmallow

Our feature charity today are the amazing people at Holly's Haven, a small non-profit that foster adoptable dogs and provide a sanctuary for senior dogs with special needs along with dogs under hospice care. They are also dedicated to helping dogs transition into a healthy and happy home environment following time at a shelter, or even history of neglect and abuse. Holly's Haven aims to provide a safe and loving place for forgotten and overlooked senior dogs with terminal illnesses or disabilities where they can live out the rest of their lives with dignity, surrounded by humans who will love them until the very end 🙏❤️🐶 #dogpeoplearecool

🔉WARNING: loud slurping sounds ahead 😝😩👅 The girls are all enjoying some frozen kongs today. Kongs are a must have item for us! Can never have enough ❤️ If you'd like to donate some less expensive items, Kongs are always a good go-to. Any size is okay! For reference, Holly uses size small, Gooby large, and Mona x-large 😄
How to make Kongsicles? Plug the small end of the kong with a soft treat. Fill up the other end with treats or kibble. Pour in water to fill in the gaps. Freeze upside down so the water doesn't leak out. The cool treat will keep your pups happy in the heat! Plus, it takes them way longer to get through the contents so they will be busy for a while 👌🏽❤️ #hollyshaven #apurposefulrescue #hollymarshmallow #goobypotato #foster #donkeythemu🦄 #dogsbythebay

Remember Charlie? 😄❤️ #HollysHavenAlumni living the good life in Michigan! Love getting updates from former fosters 🐶 Thank you for the pic, @aleciaanderson ❤️ #hollyshaven #apurposefulrescue #charliethemu

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