Very happy to be handing keys over to my man Mikey for the second time in my car sales career. I go all the way back to sixth grade at Hollencrest Middle School with this dude and when he told me he needed my help again I was honored to be his car guy!!! Told me he had been sitting it out on his bucket because it hadn't done him any wrong until recently and was causing him a headache at work. He told me I don't need nothing crazy. He said "If you can get me something nice and not too pricy I'll be grateful..." So I got him this swagged out lil 2013 Civic equipped with back up camera and Bluetooth for his tunes! He called it his little spaceship 😂He also said in a year or two he's coming back for one of my Infinitis!!!! Say no màs brutha, holla at YAH BOIII! Oh and my boy came all the way from San Bernardino to see me so you know I had to make him feel XTRA SPECIAL with frosty lil vanilla ice cream cone 😂😂😂 him and his girl had my finance manager all jelly! Shout out to @erikalopez3472 who didn't wanna be pictured with that ice cream but was dope enough to show support for her man all the way from SB. Congratulations my boy! Happy and honored to be your car guy!!!! #infinitiofvannuys #eltequilita #ringdabell #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #keeponpushin #hollencrestdays #15yearslater #igotyoubro #shendit #ringdabell #spaceshippimpin #vanillaicecream #hegotsomeinhisbeard #youeatthaticecreamboiiii #enjoythemoment #enjoytheride

15years ago I instantly Fall in love with this Beautiful Soul and now it comes to the time in our lives that we must say goodbye for awhile. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling, because I am going to miss the crap outta you Larissa Ayala but I know you're going to do wonderful things in Portland. I'll be seeing you soon for a Portland visit is a must #theloveofmylife#hollencrestdays#beautifulfriend#amazingperson#whataremarkandisupposedtodowithoutyou#nowitstimetoliveyourdreams#iloveher

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