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my (MY) favorites ♡
—for vera [@wckdpetsch]

TPose x DOB

Who is your favorite?
Mines are Sadie & Madelaine ♥️
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Ugh huge scrap
Ib seremndipity
This quality yikes archiving later
Song: Mine- Bazzi

↳ ib felicity.swan | my audio !!

song: still falling for you by ellie golding
≫ god this edit is so basic, but i enjoyed making it because of how much it reminded me of my vine days when i used to edit teen wolf more than tvd. stiles and lydia give me hope that someday someone will love me for everything that makes me who i am so please don’t comment hate if you don’t appreciate them like i do. tku :)

They both have a point lol but
that back fire to Allison 😂🔥

Derek or Allison?

My edit give credit

Favo female character?
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what is your favorite ?
#hollandroden #comiccon #lydiamartin @hollandroden -Nogiş

💞| love me like you
cc maliexotic | ib r.oseful
for G


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#hollandroden #teenwolf 📸

[ repost bc it flopped before ]
▪im gonna start a small theme soon and hopefully it turns out nice - ish
▪dt: elenii [@heartsallure]
#hybridsgrp #miscellaneousgrp
▪fc: 361

[Repost] I legit spent all day trying to make a Choni kissing edit but nothing worked! And I'm sorry for the lack of edit request posts. I'm sorry guys I feel like I'm letting you guys down. But they'll be back soon! My next post will be an edit request. Promise! :)
So in the mean time: #Malydia as #CherylBlossom and #VeronicaLodge

They’re the cutest❤️❤️ #shelleyhennig #hollandroden #tylerposey

[Mila] 😂😂

I had to make this 😂💖..,
..Dt : everyone ilya
Cr me ofc 😂

[ 2.1 ]
I love stiles his love for the love of his life
#stilesstilinski #dylanobrien #teenwolf #lydiamartin #hollandroden

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