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Thank you to Holland in Bloom and all that helped make this possible!  #HollandinBloom #hollandbpw #discoverholland #puremichigan #mibeachtowns #CommunitiesinBloom #AmericainBloom

☀️A little bit of sunny weather fun! The kids and I stopped off at @ecobunsbabyco for the ladies to meet little miss Luna and then we headed over to Windmill Island Gardens for some fun having and a picnic! We managed to snag some park time and two rides on the carousel. 🎠What a perfect day to get out and enjoy the summer weather. What are you and the kiddos up to for the rest of this week?
#mommyandme #mommylife #mama #momlife #puremichigan #windmillisland #michigan #windmillislandgardens #summer #carousel #dutch #ifyouaintdutchyouaintmuch #hollandmichigan #netherlandslove #family #familyfun #mommyof3 #ecobuns #hollandinbloom

... there was just so much fun today out on our adventures that I had to do a second post! Here are the rest of the photos from Windmill Island Gardens @windmillislandgardens . We smelled the flowers and decorated some lunch bags for @kidsfoodbasket for children in need of school lunches. What a wonderful thing they are doing to keep West Michigan children's tummies full for proper learning. Stop on by with your family or make some at home to help out. You can check out what they do at kidsfoodbasket.org
#puremichigan #hollandmichigan #windmillisland #windmillislandgardens #kidsfoodbasket #momlife #mommyandme #mommylife #mama #mommyof3 #summer #family #familyfun #ifyouaintdutchyouaintmuch #hollandinbloom

Holland is in bloom! Proving once again that we have mastered more than just tulips. #SummerFlowers #HollandInBloom #DowntownHolland

Judges from the Communities in Bloom International Challenge will visit Holland this week! This is Holland’s first year as a participant in the International Challenge, after six years as an America in Bloom participant. #HollandInBloom #Fustinis #DowntownHolland #AmericaInBloom

"No decision should be made on an empty shopping bag" #DowntownHolland #ThreadsOn8th #HollandInBloom

Anyone notice the beautiful flowers downtown? #HollandInBloom #DowntownHolland #Windmill

There are so many colors on the corner outside of JB and Me! #HollandInBloom #DowntownHolland

#hollandinbloom #leiden #sleutelstad 🏵🌹🌸🌷🌻⚘🌺🌱

Overdose of all things pretty at Windmill Island Gardens 🌷💕 🦋 #Tuliptime #Michigan 🌸🇺🇸🌱

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend I wanted to share a story. When I was 4 yrs old my biological dad decided to pursue his studies & live abroad, he wanted my mom, my brother & I to follow & be with him. But my mom wanted to stay in the Phil's 🇵🇭 cos of her business & whatever other weak reasons she had (shouldn't family be priority?) Before long she had an affair w/ another man & when my father found out about it he left her & abandoned his 2 kids as well. For many years I despised my mom & blamed her for our broken family. Those were the darkest moments of my life. I became rebellious & very disrespectful to her & my step dad. I hated my half siblings of course, they "got all the attention". I wanted to run away from home. Until the night of February 12, 2002, when I had the born-again experience & my heart....my life was never the same again. It was that night, in my bedroom at around 9 in the evening when I experienced the tangible presence of Jesus, I felt Him all over me.. It's the greatest feeling in the world!!!!! IT'S THAT GOD MOMENT THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING. All, & I mean ALL the pain, bitterness, & hopelessness went away & were replaced w/ healing, peace, overwhelming love & a new found excitement for the future! I was CHANGED. The next morning I asked mommy for forgiveness & told her I love her. It was a new beginning not only for myself but for my relationship w/ her & my family as well. —That doesn't mean her & I got along perfectly after that. The bitterness & all the drama on my part ended that night. But to this day my mom & I are pretty opposite from each other. For one,I am a Christian & she isn't (yet). So we almost never see eye to eye w/ each other & would butt heads if I didn't pursue peace. I LOVE MY MOM & I choose to respect her. God says “honor your father & your mother" & He did not give us conditions like provided they are "the best". The mother/child relationship doesn’t always feel like a Hallmark card, you know. This holiday may be a reminder that you want your relationship w/ your mom to be better. Don’t spend the day wishing you had a different mom, do what you can to make your relationship as loving & peaceful as it can be.❤️

Living for Jesus doesn't mean life is perfect. But, it does mean that I can choose to look on the bright side of every situation. And, I choose joy. 🌷💖#Tuliptime

TULIP TIME #HollandMichigan 🌷🌷🌷🌷 #Repost @cityofholland
#TulipTime #HollandinBloom

This weekend is the start of Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan. Are you #UpToTheChallenge to head out in Holland for all of the festivities? Post your pictures of the event with #ChallengeAccepted. @tulip_time
#MiHolland #TulipTime #HollandinBloom #Outdoors #Health #Wellness #Michigan #Active #Fitness #PriorityHealth #TeamPriorityHealth #PriorityHealthChampion #Champion

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