This is spoiler.i knew it 😔😔 tonight going to watch yey

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watch till the end for a nice lil surprise :)

Part 14:
You woke up the next morning in Tom’s bed. You turned around to see Tom sleeping. As you looked at him, he opened his eyes and started to wake up.
Y/n: Good morning sleepyhead.
Tom: Hey love.
You gave Tom a peck on the lips and got out from bed. You took one of Tom’s shirt and put it on.
Tom: WoW love! You look so much better in my clothes than I do.
Y/n: Oh well I guess I’ll need to put them on more often.
You laughed.
Y/n: I’ll go make some tea and let you get up.
You walked to the kitchen to find Haz eating his breakfast.
Haz: Hey Y/n! What are you doing in Tom’s shirt...?
He looked at you with a grin on his face. You blushed and just began doing some tea.
Haz: Ouuu you don’t wanna answer my question...I see, I see..
Tom: Leave her alone Haz...yah already know what happened mate. Long night..long night!
Y/n: TOM!
Tom: Oh sorry love! I didn’t know it was a secret!
You blushed intensively and the two boys began to laugh.
Tom: You blushing!! I’ll make some pancakes, sound good?
Y/n: Yeah I love pancakes!
Haz: I don’t want any I already ate.
Tom: Fine, there will be more for Y/n and I.
Tom did the pancake mix and you began cooking them. You felt hands on your waist. Tom began giving you kisses in the neck.
Haz: Stop you lover birds! You’re gonna make me puke!
Y/n: You’re just jealous cuz you’re single!
Haz: Pfff not at all!
You all began to laugh as Haz got up and walked to his room. Tom took out the plates and you both ate your breakfast.
Tom: So what are we doing today?
Y/n: What about going shopping?!
Tom: Okay...anything for you love.
You both finished eating and got ready. You putted your shoes on and Tom told Haz you were going out. You went down to Tom’s car and drove to the mall.
In the mall:
Tom: OMG y/n!! Look! It’s me!!
Y/n: Tom you already bought 2 Spider-Man shirts, 1 Spider-Man key chain and you also wanna buy a poster with your face on it?!
Tom: Yeah duhh!!
You laughed and began looking at the clothes.
Y/n: Tom look!! There is Spider-Man onesies!! I say we both get one and do a Spider-Man movie marathon tonight!!
Tom: That’s the best idea ever!!
You both tried them on and finally bought it.

😂😂 he’s so cute

Le jeune joueur d'aujourd'hui est @davidneres . L'attaquant brésilien est le nouvelle Bijou d'Ajax. Il vient de @saopaulofc club que le réveiller au monde du futbol et que il a défendu depuis jeune. Aujourd'hui il est part de une génération brillant d'Ajax qu'avez aussi @justink_ , fils du célèbre attaquant @patrickkluivert9 .
Cette année Ajax sacré champion Hollandais avec son aider et le d'avenir d'équipe peut être magnifique.
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So people are now spoiling in the comment section and I saw one of them so this is my last post and last time I’ll be on this account until I see IW. 😶 Don’t be that person that ruins the movie for someone

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~Part 20~
We got ready for the dinner at noon (swipe) and i started feeling a bit better, or so i thought... Tom's parents house was 20 minutes away from my department, so we left the house half an hour before 5:00 pm. I was really nervous and Tom noticed, i was shaking. "Hey, y/n, it will be fine, they will love you, specially my mum" "thank you Tom, i really hope so" i kissed him on the cheek and turned on the radio. We arrived and Tom opened the car's door for me. We walked to the door and he ringed the doorbell and a brown-long hair guy opened the door. "Hello mate, how are ya?" the guy asked Tom and they hugged "Im fine" "You must be y/n, hi I'm Sam, one of Tom's brothers" he took out his hand and i shook it "Hello Sam nice to meet you" "Well, come on in" he let us in and as i was walking a medium sized pit bull ran towards Tom and made him almost fall by jumping on him "Hey Tessa, how's my little princess? Y/n, this is Tessa" "Hello Tessa *I kneeled and pet her* she's really pretty" then another guy came, brown curly hair "Hiya Tom and...." "Y/n" i answered "Nice to meet you y/n, Tom talks nonstop about you" I smiled and shook his hand. Next a redhaired lady came towards Tom and I. "Hello darling" she said hugging Tom "And, is this famous y/n? I'm Nicola, but you can call me Nikki" "It's a pleasure, Nikki" a few seconds later a little kid came downstairs accompanied  by a man that appeared the same age as Nikki. "Hello, my name's Dominic" said the man "And im Paddy" said the kid "y/n" i responded and Tom immediately talked "And she's my girlfriend.  Y/n, he's my dad and my little brother, well, the youngest". After meeting them all they started to put the food in the table "Tom, let me help" i said insisting "It's ok darling, you're our guest" Nikki said "I'll help" i said and took the plate from her hands "Thank you y/n" she said, then whispered something through Tom's ear "She's really nice and beautiful" Yes, yes she is". We finally sat down and started eating, but while we were eating Mr. Holland started talking "So, y/n...how did you and Tom meet?" (CIC)
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I’m glad they had fun and enjoyed the movie

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