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All my life, I prayed for someone like you. 🕊 | 📸 by @zippyzipeng | @stregissg @stregishotels | #stregissingapore | Sweater and Hat by @aloyoga

Sugar is similar to heroin and nicotine as it is highly #addictive. #Cancer #Candida #SIBO #SIFO and #Parasites feed on #sugar. Cancer thrives in an acidic body environment and sugar makes your pH more acidic. Flus, colds and other infections thrive in an #acidic pH. An acidic environment causes #inflammation in the body which is the one of the roots of all diseases. Sugar makes chronic diseases worse. Sugar causes the body to 'rust' quicker which means it allows free radicals to more readily attack the cells of the body therefore it causes the body to age faster...And who wants to get old fast?? No thanks..I prefer to age gracefully. Excess sugar causes the body to hold onto #bodyfat so over time excess sugar causes weight gain which leads to #obesity which can lead to heart disease, #diabetes, #pancreatitis, fatty liver, #cirrhosis, liver cancer,..the list goes on. It is best to avoid all forms of refined sugar except for occasional treats. Whole fruits are a healthy form of sugar though I do not believe in eating excessive amounts of fruit or making fruit the main staple of your diet. Too much of any sugar exhausts the #pancreas and stresses the liver. Berries however do help balance blood sugar. Raw #honey is a healthy form of sugar containing live #enzymes and has many healing properties including helping digestion and fighting off flus and colds, but again do not over eat any form of sugar. Stevia is an herbal sweetener that does not contain sugar and does not spike insulin so it is a healthy sugar substitute and the only one I recommend. I Purchase only pure organic stevia, not Truvia garbage. I do not recommend #Agave. It is not a RAW sweetener and is instead a very dead overboiled highly refined sweetener that taxes the liver and blocks leptin- the body's natural appetite suppressant.
It is a deceptive sugar that tricks the body into eating more so contributes to weight gain and obesity. It is not a healthy choice. Because agave stresses the liver it also contributes to fatty liver disease (as does high fructose corn syrup). Unfortunately it is a marketing scam all around.
#holistichealth #holisticnutrition #drholistichealth

investing in our growth and prioritizing our health isn't selfish - it's self-care 🌻. and self-care is ESSENTIAL 💚, not only for ourselves but for our ability to give and serve others, too. if we want to help meet the needs of people around us, we have to meet our own needs first, or else giving won't be sustainable. even if it seems like taking care of ourselves comes at the expense of letting down others, remember that even worse is taking care of others at the expense of letting down ourselves. we are our one and only true caretaker - and ultimately, self-care will serve others in the end, because it will enable us to live, give, and love as our best selves.

It doesn't matter what it looks like to other people- what matters is how it feels to you. This is something I've had to work on and practice over and over- remembering the why- why- do I meditate and why- do I do what I do? The more divinely guided I sense my actions are the more fulfilling my entire life becomes. Releasing emotions, clarifying space, Creating the intention of beauty in my daily action, clearing out my energy- it's my necessity for a happy life.... #givethanks #thelessonistheMedicine
Move to the beat of whatever drum you hear... ✨💫

And we are all about this shift. 🙏 @avivaromm is one of the most trusted voices in women's health, Thyroid health + hormone balance, plus she's a driving voice in the world of holistic medicine and has had a wild journey to success. ✨ If you want to explore the synergies of Eastern + Western medicine, her predictions for the future of global medicine, and what prompted Aviva to go 35 years without taking a single pharmaceutical{😱}, listen to the latest episode of The mindbodygreen Podcast today. 🎧 Link in bio! 👆💫 // #mbgpodcast #holistichealth #womenshealth #mindbodygram

Ouch! I was cleaning my pool filters today and as I was putting the top on, my skin got pinched! Good thing I have helichrysum essential oil. Only 1 drop is needed to help promote skin healing. It is perfect for situations like this when bruising is present 😉
Have you started using essential oils yet? If not, you are missing out! Send me a message and I will fill you in on the details! April@EssentialOilPrincess.com

Store your essential oils in a closed, dark container, out of the sun, in a cool place (like a refrigerator or cool closet). When essential oils are stored cold, the shelf life improves.#positivity #aromahead #naturalliving #essentialoils #aromatherapy #certifiedaromatherapist #massage #education #certifiedaromatherapist #holistichealth #theresanoilforthat


Don't mind me, Peeps. I'm just preparing for my raw fruit and veggie fast tomorrow🤗

I have here: ▪organic kale to go in smoothies ▪organic cucumbers for juicing ▪organic fruit: mango, 🍎apples, 🥝kiwi, 🍓strawberries🍓, raspberries ▪organic ginger for juicing ▪organic herbal tea for healing: dandelion root/leaf, raspberry leaf, wormwood ▪aloe vera plant for healing ▪organic romaine lettuce for salads

There are other fruit, veggies, and healing foods not pictured here. The plan is to spend tomorrow praying and healing.
Night you guys😊
#health #fasting #skin #skincare #smoothie #smoothies #fastingday #rawfood #healthyskin #detox #healthyskincare #clearskin #smoothskin #pimples #pimple #acne #acnesucks #naturalskincare #heal #healing #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #pimpleproblems #acneproblems #acneprone #acneproblem #naturalskin #healthy
#holistic #holistichealth

🔹Don't let your ego tell you that you don't need to learn about whatever is being presented to you. It's in your life path for good reason. Stay curious and always be hungry for more.🔹
NEW VIDEO RELEASE: "Deep Thoughts on Kindness & How to Stop Beating Yourself Up!" Everyone always talks about the key is to love yourself, yet no one explains where that begins. And so here I go into the first step into self love and all love: Kindness, how to be kind to yourself no matter how much you think you've fucked in the past.😜... Enjoy. ⚜️ Link in Bio ⚜️ YT: Universal Iris
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Jus some daily necessities! A reusable water bottle, with a drop of lemon in my water and a diffuser bracelet with the oil of the moment. 👌

Are you curious to know how geomancy can enhance holistic health, feng shui and earth healing, permaculture, sacred space and personal empowerment – and much more?
🌿 Join us at our EARTH READING workshop in September to find out more about how this ancient tradition can enrich your life. Come and develop your geomantic eyes! 🌿
Places are limited and are filling fast. Enrol now so you don't miss out.
EARTH READING with Jewels Rocka, 14–17 September 2017 in Melbourne @ceresbrunswick
To enrol email: info@geomancyaustralia.com

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100% of the brain is available and is used throughout our lives but we tend to fall into patterns and habits, activating and strengthening certain neuronal pathways. As a result these pathways have preference in our everyday lives. But if we engage in whole brain activity more often we can enhance our #consciousness, #awareness and ability to control our lives. We can become whole brained when we start thinking holistically instead of falling for recurrent programs and age old limiting aspects of the human psyche (Bruce Lipton edit) #psychology #revolution #evolution #comedians #society #legalizeit #mindfulness #fuckthesystem #holistichealth #highermind #society #psychedelic #quotes #truth #intelligence #wisdomwednesday

✖️ DAY 87/100 ✖️
S H I F T S H O P // Day 15
New workout.
New bars to raise!
Just when you think you're dominating your workouts, @chrisdowningfitness slaps you in the face with this shit...
The "Downing Burpee" 💀
Not only did I have to do 60 seconds of this move, but I had to do it for 45 seconds in the second round, and then 30 seconds in the third round (on top of 3 other exercises and 2 other completely different circuits). Whew! 😅💦
Today was a doozy and not the prettiest workout. Definitely blacked out at one point. But I know next time I'll be a little better 💪🏼
Why haven't you joined us yet?! Next group starts August 7th!
Claim your spot by filling out the form in my bio "The Fitness Project" 🤸🏼‍♀️

Fresh and revitalizing blend.
5 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Eucalyptus, 5 drops Juniper Berry, 5 drops Grapefruit, fill with FCO.
I really love how simple and clean this blend smells. It's refreshing and uplifting.
Ready to share? Make this blend and gift it to a friend that's never used oils before then watch magic unfold.

A burst of citrus brings energy and softness to your skin ☀️ Oranges help fight infection, boost your immune system and are good for the body inside and out.
📷 by @mimscuisine

My yummy dinner last night after some tough weights workouts. Chickpeas with my special red vegan sauce. Not a curry for once! Rare for me !! It was the perfect way to refuel after an intense day 😋💚💚

💙 Bean 💙

What's your nightly routine to stimulate fat burning through increasing your metabolism and to aid in muscle recovery while you sleep?! I choose the Bedtime Belly Buster that tastes like an old-fashioned PB&J before bed 😋🍓🥜
#yum #fatburner #quality #holistichealth #journey #health #nutrition #growth #ingredientsmatter #integrativenutrition #organic #peanutbutter #coldpressed #fruits #isagenix #abetterwhey

I am looking for a handful of women who would love to have a healthier life🍑, more independence✌ and time⏰ with their family👪. Oh and some extra cash 💲in their pockets!
#holistichealth #healthychoices #ilovemylife❤️ #positivevibes #nomoreexcuses #freshair🍃 #freedom #travel #explore #newadventure #adoreadventure #blessed🙏

Hike of the day in my backyard !Beautiful Maine. #yogainspiration #ayurveda #organic #naturallife #nature #holistichealth #wellness

A little bit of tropical self-care inspo pushing through hump day. Who else wouldn't mind this situation right now? #ecodivalovesyou #ecodivabeauty 🌴🌴| 📷👉 @hippieplume

I was a giver-upper & half-assed everything I started.

I was afraid of responsibility. So, I did only what I had to do, and half-assed the rest until I could lay in bed & watch tv until my eye burned.
When I said yes to health coaching, I said, "this will be something I won't quit." But... I half assed it still for a little while, still afraid of responsibility... afraid of success. 🙊

BUT ☝🏻😑I didn't quit. I see so many people quitting -and I didn't want to be that girl.
And here I am today, using my full ass. 🙌🏻🍑 Ready for success, ready to take on the responsibility of leading our team to success. Ready to work for my dreams & kick ass doing it along side anyone who wants to kick ass too. It took a lot work on myself to get here📚 -it took time to be ready to face the facts & ask myself what I was really afraid of, so I could move past them & step into the woman I was meant to be. 🙏🏻 Whatever you do.. use your full ass. 🍑😏 And if you aren't, ask yourself why. Is it because you aren't truly passionate? Or is it really because you're afraid. 🙊 And if you're afraid... what are you afraid of? And what'll really happen if you face that fear?
Worst case scenario, you die... and at that point you become one with Source again, so there really is no losing.😂

Love wearing diffuser bracelets! I get to smell my delicious oils all day.
Balance & Elevation are always a good idea, especially when you have kids 😂

Balance - grounding blend. Helps create a positive mood & has a calming effect.
Eases feelings of anxiousness creating that whole body sense of relaxation!

Elevation - joyful blend. Energizers the mind & body. In other words my 'get shit done' oil! 😜

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