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~ Shadow love ~

Another lover still lingered on my skin when we met.
Your hands traced the same paths his had made like an echo,
And in a half sleep your hand in mine eased the impossibility of ever finding his.
You filled a void he'd left me drowning in.
A vessel for my imagination.
I know I only ever gave you a shadow,
But I loved someone once in a way that should have lasted a lifetime. - Kashira Whiteley

Does anyone else get travel tummy? Long flights, time change, eating out...this is the cure all. Helps with any tummy issue. Good thing I brought the big bottle because I've been sharing it with everyone! #holistichealth #naturalremedies #fennel #guthealth

Top 5 of class D! We are finishing with 4th place fam! Time to eat!😋

I went to the gym today even though Sunday's are my rest days. Why? Because there will be NO DAYS OFF until I see 299!!! 🏋🏽Well, that and I had a contest to win haha! 😉Which I didn't...booooooo!! 😩 But who cares, I'm 311lbs!! 😄🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾😘😊❤️ #goals #keto #diet #exercise #gym #workout #motivation #transformationthursday #30daytransformation #fitlife #paleo #whole30 #wholefoods #juicecleanse #holistichealth #holistic #healthyfood #healthiswealth #fitthick #igfitfam #igfitness #gymlife #thickgirl #cleaneating #ketogenicdiet #lowcarb #lchf #lchfdiet #glutenfree #plantbased

A huge part of my job as an educator is helping people support their physical bodies with essential oils. I know almost every routine and recommendation for things like respiratory support, digestion, immune function...you name it.

What I love the most and where I have found the greatest personal healing, is the emotional and mental protocols that support total body wellness. For those of you hesitant on where to start, I got you. Simply follow this reference chart! Start by selecting which feeling you need to combat, and use any combination of these magical blends to help you feel your best!

Feel free to share and tag me, just don't alter the image please! 😘

Break negative thought patterns, get rid of emotional baggage, and eliminate toxic feelings!
This blend will help you do all of those things! 👍😊
White fir is amazing for breaking generational patterns or any negative habit! 🌲
Lemongrass is incredibly detoxing, mentally and emotionally. It totally helps eliminate negative thoughts! 🌱
Melaleuca supports positive thinking and helps to cleanse our emotions! 🌿
These three together are so powerful emotionally, and help us to reset our way of thinking! Try diffusing this blend during meditation and while repeating positive affirmations. Do three drops of each oil in the diffuser, or make a roller with 10 drops of each oil to apply throughout the day. Apply to chest, wrists, and back of the neck. 💜
If you don't yet have dōTERRA oils, I am offering $50 in free oils with any starter kit for a limited time! Message me if you are ready to get the benefits of these incredible oils!
#doterralife #emotionalhealth #detox #oilylife

Modern medical science is now ✅confirming the use of coconut in treating the below: (the stared* ones I have personally benefited from!)
🔸Ulcers/upset stomach*
🔸Irregular menstruation
🔸Skin infections*
AND coconut can also:
🔹Kill viruses
🔹Kills bacteria that cause ulcers
🔹Expel or kill tapeworms, lice, & other parasites
🔹Improves digestion
🔹Kill fungi and yeasts that cause candidiasis, ringworm, & other infections
🔹Prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots
🔹Reduce epileptic seizures
🔹Support thyroid function......and the list goes on!!!! I am so passionate❤️about a healthy life, and it all starts from the inside out!💃🏻Another tip from @lilsipper. I hope you all enjoy! So eat your coconut oil and fresh YOUNG coconuts!...flesh and all!
🌴One whole white coconut contains roughly 140 calories, 28 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, 3 grams fat, and 2 grams of protein.
🌴One whole brown coconut contains roughly 1405 calories (no, that is NOT a typo!), 60 grams of carbohydrates, 36 grams of fiber, 133 grams of fat, and 13 grams of protein.

So last night I posted about my favorite natural essential oil bug repellent but what I didn't mention is a few weeks ago I neglected to put it on (newborns really do kill your brain cells 😆) and got SIX mosquito bites in an hour. Yep you read that right- apparently my blood is mighty tasty!
These right here are my go to oils for bug bites and stings 🐜 🔹for itching I use lavender and melaleuca as needed on the bite location. Oh and it makes them go away faster too!
🔹for bee stings 🐝 I use purify and lavender to help with the pain and to get rid of the irritation sooner
Who else loves having these options?!
Wanting to jump in with oils? Contact me today through DM or emailing kaylamonson@live.com to get info on my current promotions and starter kits! And today and tomorrow is my best deal yet! Don't miss it!

Channeling my inner @fitstrongshann with this Sunday morning French toast breakfast! Last night, Ryan and I enjoyed slices of @legitbreadcompany paleo bread with our dinner. So this morning we're turning the remaining slices into #frenchtoast! Dipped each slices in a mixture of @handsomebrookfarm pasture raised eggs, @califiafarms toasted coconut-almond milk and @primalpalate apple pie spice blend. Then cooked them in @tinstarfoods brown butter ghee and topped with pan-fried bananas and @eatnuttzo power fuel nut butter!
I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday! Not sure what our plans are yet as we continue this #mdw, but we're going to keep living in the moment 🙌🏻


Start your week with a healthy breakfast as always! 💚💪 #avocadotoast #tostadadelaguacate
📷 by @ayearofbreakfasts

Winter just got a whole lot warmer...and tasty too;) Yes, for us folks in the Southern hemisphere the cooler temperatures are creeping in fast and facing cold smoothie bowls first thing in the morning is now just not that appealing..! Instead, to meet the cravings of warmth that my body is needing and to get good fuel in for the day ahead, breakfast just got hot and yummy all rolled into one... For me, presentation of the food is as important as eating it. If I style it right it feels like even more of a treat than just another meal of the day that I need to get eating. I like to "make pretty" whenever I prepare food for myself or others and today's breakfast felt like an amazing gift of goodness loaded with spoils.

Banana is one of my most loved fruits and what better way to enjoy it than fried in coconut oil and added to gluten free rolled oats! Date paste gives it all the best sweetness and topped with a few chunks of only the finest raw cacao chocolate - Monday just got fabulous!
My message for today is this: make beautiful healthy food for yourself every day & not just when you are entertaining others. Spoil yourself with food that is not only healthy to eat but beautifully presented too. You deserve it!
Happy shiny new week everyone. Have an awesome & nourishing one!

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Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it 🌿 Maya Angelou

Only 4 hours to go until our Crowdfunder UK project ends! Check out the fabulous rewards for pledges at http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/vedani-botanicals-artisan-organic-skincare #greenbeauty #crowdfunding #organicskincare #handcrafted #holistichealth #aromatherapy #beautyblogger

Soaking Legumes!.
This is adzuki, black beans and borlotti beans .. Really important to soak them with a splash of apple cider vinegar and for at least 10hours to reduce the phytic acid (phytates)... As these natural occurring compounds interfere with your absorption of minerals such as zinc .. And because zinc is such an important mineral and used in 100's of different enzymatic processes, which are vital for a healthy immune system, digestive system and our hormones, we want to make sure that we absorb it well, without this interference..
Legumes are a good source of dietary fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants. Plus an array of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy..

I Wish you a Wonderful Day, filled with Love, Joy, Happiness and Peace.

Angelique ღ

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TEAS LOVERS - We just love TEA , and are very excited to be offering our RETREAT facilitators and guests alike, a beautiful array of herbal teas to choose from - with thanks again to the lovely Sarita and 🙏💖🙌📷 @byronbayteacompany
"Tea" is technically an infusion made from the tea plant, Camelia sinensis, and consists of black, green, white and oolong tea varieties. "Herbal tea" on the other hand is any infusion made from all plants other than the tea plant and consisting of the roots, leaves, berries and fruits of those plants. #thesummerhousetorquay #retreats #calming #detox #energy #herbal
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Kombucha // A natural fermented probiotic drink, (that im obsessed with) ☄🤓 🌿Detoxifies the body with gluconic acid & probiotics 🌿Helps with the digestive system 🌿Improves gut health 🌿Strengthens immune system
boots energy with enzymes and B vit 🌿Helps with weight loss (acetic acid and polyphonies)

Pssst...have you heard about the free healthy eating power hour series starting on the 30th of May with John Robbins, Ocean Robbins, & guests Joel Fuhrman, MD, Kris Carr, & Neal Barnard, MD? Sounds like a great lineup - I've just registered - see you there! Happy Monday!
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Starting the morning with a fistful of #homegrown #wheatgrass and heading for the juicer. .
This time of year, as the seasons change from autumn to winter in the Southern Hemisphere, my body starts to battle- my skin dries out and the #eczema that has always been a brilliant indicator of internal and external stress returns.
This year, I'm a week into a winter cleanse- raw food and lots of #alkalising #juice to deal with inflammation, daily #meditation and #yoga practice, and while the eczema isn't done talking to me yet, I can see and feel a difference in my skin.
Winter is a wonderful time to get quiet and turn within. I'm listening 💚
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.:| reading of the day :: 29.5.17 |:.

I'm sorry guys.
But the girl on the tower don't wanna leave us...
So allow me to ask you some questions: do you struggle with some plans that didn't work out? Do you struggle with some kind of depression? Have you been to hard to yourself? Do you think everything has to be perfect? Do you wanna be perfect?
See, things tighten up. They tighten up because NOthing can be perfect. World isn't perfect. And may be that's the reason, why the tower shows up so often in the last months. Because it shows an internal struggle. And, girl (I talking archetypal!), you have to channel your inner shaman! Where is he? May be there was a time you prayed a lot or you incorporate some rituals in your daily life. To it again. It shows you, how life really functioned. It isn't about perfection. It's about balance. To accept yourself as you are and as life is, really let your soul growth. You need to BE. Allow yourself a sense of humor and set your inner joy free. Let the world see your full and true color, like the rainbow shows up after an intense summer rain ☔️ ☀️ 🌈
Much love from my heart to yours. ⚡️🌺😨😍❤️🙏🏼💞🔮🖤🌀

::mytarot3 🦋🍀✨
#modernpriestess 🐍🌀🔮

Used Deck: #motherpeacetarot

This week it's all about exercise & movin your butt here on SG. I'm giving you a little behind the scenes into my week of workouts...what I do, or dont do.. 😮 check out stories for all the goss 💪💪💪

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