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How many hours of time would you save per week trying to 'do it all?' .
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Are you ready to uplevel your business and stay connected to your clients *and consistent* in your marketing efforts? .
I would love to connect with you to answer any questions you may have with a free 30-minute 'get-to-know-you' session.
BlairShackle.com or feel free to PM me! .
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dōTERRA Gala Event 💖 .

It's our time to sparkle ✨

‪Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend 😘‬
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Good morning! Jess here.

All areas of our life are connected and affect the others, especially our businesses.

I’ll be in Orlando next week and then Cancun at the beginning of March.

More travel is on my goal list along with more family time.

Set your biz goals, reach them, but be sure to keep your personal life a priority and in there as well.

What are some of your personal goals this year?


It’s time to step up. Now is the time. .
If not now, when? .
You’re worth it and you do deserve it! You get to decide that you’re giving up the struggle. No one else can do that for you. .
I talked about this last night over on my Facebook page, I waited YEARS making excuses, complaining that I didn’t come from that type of family, I didn’t have what I needed, I needed help, I needed validation... I was always planning for someday and never embodying what I wanted. {{putting all the responsibility on factors OUTSIDE of me}} .
Learn from my story and take action. There will always be ebbs and flows, that doesn’t give you permission to put it off and wait for someday. .
It’s your responsibility to step up and be the best you. The world needs you to be you in the biggest, best and boldest way you can!
Thanks @fuckologyofficial for the ass kicking reminder!

Do you take the time to sit with your future and truly feel what it will bring to your life?
I have been trying to visualize for about 10-20 minutes right before I wake up in the morning. It really helps start my day off on the right foot 😁
For me, business-wise, I would love to: 💗 Hire a 2-3 marketers to assist me and take on additional clients 💗 Run mindfulness and marketing workshops for wellness professionals 💗 Triple my income 💗 Travel somewhere beautiful for work 4x/year

Needing a little comfort during these winter months? Add our custom “Calm” bath soaks to your bath and enjoy!! 🌺
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Mindful Marketing Thought 💚

Sit down to connect with yourself in the next few days and write about your own journey to healing. 🤔
What happened that led you to this point? What have you learned? What have you overcome? Who can you help because of the experiences you have had?
This exercise is about uncovering your WHY. Why you are helping others improve their lives. 🙋‍♀️
PS: This writing could also work for an upcoming blog post or two 😉

Starting the week off with a little room cleansing! These last 2 weeks have been busy ones, taking the time today to clear out old energy and making room for new ones! ✌🏻
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How do you stay connected to fellow wellness business owners and/or potential clients and customers? 💜🤝 Here are my favorite resources right now in the #twincities area: ✨Holistic Chamber of Minnesota
✨The Metamorphosis Center
✨Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC)
✨The Edge Magazine
✨MN/WI - Holistic & Alternative Services
✨Holistic Gateway
✨Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Your validation is not needed {anymore}

I just wrote a {super long} and very vulnerable blog post. Like the kind where I was crying and had to take a break because the flood gates opened. •
I was crying because I haven’t thought about the beginning of my story for a long time. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where we were when we are so busy living in today {and planning for the future and worrying about what if’s and taking care of the new things...}

I hadn’t realized until today, just how far I’ve actually come. It all came from my meditation this morning when I found myself asking myself to slow down. •
I got inspired by a YouTube video about Oprah and the law of attraction {I was on the verge of tears for that too!} #hotmessmom
LOA and the spiritual principals I use everyday have been a big piece of my journey. Without them, I shutter to think where I’d be 😢 but this is about more than that. It’s self love, trusting your gut, believing in yourself when no one else does... and then just doing it. Do it scared, do it not-ready, do it alone if you must... just do it! •
You are worthy. You deserve everything you want. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. You don’t need anyone’s opinion. •
You have everything you need and if you need help, I would be honored to be there for you. {{find the post at the blog link in my bio}}.
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Mindful Marketing Thought 💚

Are you appealing to your ideal client/customer's burning desire for change? 🔥

Why are you helping others *improve* their lives? If you didn't know already, YOU SO ARE.❗️
Use this sentence to help you connect with your clients' pain points: ⬇️
I help ____(your ideal client)___ who are wanting more clarity with ___(their biggest challenge)___ to _(how you help them)__ so they can ___(how they want to benefit)___.

#sundayvibes with an emphasis on growing! Scary big goals and a desire to serve require stretching and stepping out of your comfort zone, especially when opportunity is placed at your feet....... To jump or not to jump 🙌🏼💯🙏🏼 .
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“Wake” up and feel refreshed with our invigorating citrus oil blend shower steamers!!
Natural 🌷
Vegan 🌱
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What are some challenges you face in your day-to-day promotion of your business on social media, through your website, or newsletter? 🤔
What would help you overcome these obstacles? 🌈

Mindful Marketing Thought 💚
How do you want to feel when someone is speaking to you on social media? What do you respond to? What do you shy away from?
Use this to help guide you in your social media presence 💚 and with all things in life, come from a place of kindness and truth!

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