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It is said that the past and the present are deeply interwoven when birth marks are indelibly imprinted onto an individual's physical body. This happens for two reasons. One, the body has not had enough time between its incarnations to heal properly. Two, the mind needs to reconnect with the past life trauma so it can be healed and released. So a birth mark is formed at the site of the past life damage when the individual chooses to reincarnate into a new life.

Some researchers like Walter Simkew, MD and Jim Tucker, MD believe past life birthmarks appear because the soul's mind, which is not part of the brain, has a blueprint that exists after death. This blueprint is used to create the fetus in the next incarnation, which may lead to birthmarks that correspond to past life trauma.

Epigenetics is showing that experiences in life can leave scars on the genes that will be passed on to one's descendants. Pregenetics refers to genetic code that precedes life - possibly from past lives. An article from the International Journal of Yoga on genetics, epigenetics, and pregenetics includes information about past life influences on current physiology. According to the article, "...brothers and sisters are unique individuals with different perspectives and ways of life. Although they genetically and even epigenetically share the same or similar environment, we still find them different and unique." The article goes on to note no explanation exists for such an anomaly based on epigenetics, so some other factor must exist to explain such variations, and this might be pregenetics, or imprints from past lives.

Birthmarks have been around as long as there have been people. Some are considered evidence of previous incarnations. Some people just believe they are nothing more than a physical trait. Just because a person has a birthmark doesn't necessarily mean it's tied to a past life trauma in every instance, but for some this may prove to be true, as there have been many past life regression cases with correlations to birthmarks. There are also many different types of birthmarks, each thought to have their own meaning. #Consciousvibrancy

Cutting this crap outta my diet has got to be one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life.🙌❤💛💚🙌
4 years strong! 💪🌱
Vegan meal plans & workout programs: www.veganhustle.net (link in bio)
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Yesterday Chance recieved his first acupuncture treatment! We are going to be doing this weekly as well as daily electrical acupuncture to help stimulate his back leg muscles to grow. He did so good and was completely relaxed the entire time! It's hard to see but the needles are in his back legs #holistichealing #acupuncture #givehimachance #progress #healing #takeachance #holistic #natural #hope #physicaltherapy #acupressure #stretching #improvement #gochance #teamchance #chancepitcrew #chancethegoat #goatsofinstagram #goat #babygoat #specialneedsgoat #farmanimrefuge #vegan #vegetarian #veganrescue #friendsnotfood #choosecompassion #begentle #love #flipflopfarmer

Had a beauty day with my fam at this stunning secret spot ❤️ GUYS tomorrow I'm leaving for Vancouver to see my boo for 2 weeks! Im cominnn @bu88s 🙋🏼 I haven't done much travelling but I'm excited to explore more of this beautiful country Canada 😍

So I heard you like caramel sauce? 😏 Chocolate and salted caramel is two of my favorites 😍 have you used black beans in desserts before? 🌱

Since I took #aminoneurofrequency for the last 4 days with @stopchasingpain and @uperformbetterhealth @aminopainacademy I am reposting one of my old post on how important the gut health is.
▶️Many people assumes the digestive system only consist of the stomach and maybe the colon. In reality the digestive system is a whole 9 yards starting at your mouth 👄 all the way down to you anus. Digestions takes roughly 24 hrs and consist of these organs working together seamlessly: ...
🔹Small Intestine
🔹Large Intestine(rectum & anus)
🔹Gallbladder ...
▶️When viewing at a anatomical stand point this system runs through your entire trunk from the cranial, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic region. Which if you really think about it, is a huge chunk of your body. As a function it is responsible for digestion and absorption. Digestion is the breakdown of food into small molecules, which are then absorbed into the body. ...
▶️In Chinese medicine the digestive system plays a role in muscles and emotions. If your muscles are weak and underdeveloped, or if they cramp or tire easily you may have a gut problem. In terms of emotions it is associated to worry, anxiety and overthinking(especially negative thoughts). ...
▶️Did you know that if you have inflammation within your digestive tract or organs your muscles 💪 can not be healthy. There is a neurological reflex called viscerocutaneous reflex that occurs between the organs and the connective tissue. When your gut is inflamed the muscles tighten in response to protect the area, while other muscles become inhibited and stop functioning. A general overview, the pelvic floor muscles tighten, along with your hip flexor, piriformis, adductor, obturator internus, hamstrings and rectus abdominis. Your other muscles like the TVA, glutes and multifidis will go to sleep 😴. All this will lead to further compensations leading to chronic pain. So what do you do? Fix your gut to fix your core and enhance your life!! Tag a friend share the wealth!! #myodetox #bodyworld #holistic #morethanmanualtherapy #repostandsh

If you look closely, you can see how I painted my one nail for insta the other day💅🏻 If you look even closer, you can see the mushroom elixirs I've been raving about🍄 it took me a while to understand the concept, but shrooms are lil beasts and help restore the body (I added some facts to my story as well as this latte recipe✨)
& for those who don't know me, hi I'm alex! I graduated last year with a degree in kinesiology, and am going for my masters in nutrition to become an RD (starting in the fall🤞🏼) over the past year I figured out how I was going to tackle my dream of practicing holistically, and nannied and was a nutrition coach on the side. That's a little bit about me, what about you guys? Where my science nerds at?🤓 #onshrooms

Been a little busy over here growing a 👶🏻🤰🏼💓💙🤷🏼‍♀️human and looking for a 🏡house for our little family we're starting. Will try to get my IG game back! This bump thing came outta nowhere this past week. Trimester ✌🏼...14 weeks today (baby is the size of a clenched fist - crazy how fast it's starting to grow) and finally able to eat real food again and not live off GF pretzels and cereal. Wasn't the best inspiration food wise the last month or so, which explains why I was MIA, but I'm back! I did good sticking to plant based, but definitely more processed than I'm used to. Still can't stomach much green stuff though. 😕But at least I'm back to whole foods. I am however really proud of myself for keeping up my workouts through it all. I'm one of those people who actually really looks forward to working out. It's my 🙂happy pill each day, and I usually have to force myself to take a day off. Not gonna lie...I've been draggggging, but I've still gotten myself to get a good workout in at least 5 days a week with long walks on days off. 🙌🏼So I'm pretty proud! Craving orange juice🍊...? I rarely drink juice other than green juice, so this is new. Hoping to share some healthy food again here and inspire some healthy meal ideas.


After a long day in the matrix & you can finally be yourself. 👽🚀 #findyourtruenorth

Art and creativity isn't just painting and drawing. For me it's blending, smelling, tasting, foraging and creating with the Earth. It's knowing what to use from nature to aid and prevent illness. it's creating a tincture to revitalise our mind, body and spirit. It's creating a salve to heal and nourish the skin for a friend. It's being connected to self, the moon and the earth 🌕 THIS is my art. 🌿👩🏼‍🌾🌙

The @itoviscanner still continues to blow my mind! My 4 year olds little emotions have been all over the place lately... I've been noticing little changes in her ever since she became a big sister back in March. 😭 Don't get me wrong, she loves her new little sister to pieces and she's completely obsessed with her, but she's been extra needy, whiny, sassy, bossy, sensitive, and beyond emotional. It makes me so sad to see these changes in her. I'm beyond grateful the iTOVi has made it so easy to scan babies and kids. Instead of guessing which oils would best support her, I reach for my #iTOVi and in less than a minute, I know exactly what oils will best support her! I made her this custom blend last night and I've been applying it to the back of her neck and spine. So far so good... we've been having a good day!! Thank you iTOVi and dōTERRA for making it easier to mom these days!!!
Want to learn more about the iTOVi or interested in purchasing one of your own? Contact me with any questions or click on the link in my profile.💕
“The iTOVi scanner system is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The report simply shows recommendations based on your body’s reaction to frequencies.”
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Ready for a big weekend at the Zen, Baby Massage with @_bebirth_ and Essential Oils Workshop with @zoebraundthrive Saturday then we have a Zen Tribe business lunch with @flo_wellbeing @themamahub.co @_bebirth_ @_young_yogis @karinameacham Hello Now & 2 to 3 on Sunday for a long overdue catch up. If your looking to find your tribe and work alongside likeminded businesses give us a shout 💜🙏🏼 Happy Weekend x

Ice Bath Baby... Too cold... Too cold... Alright, stop... the cooking process with an ice bath!

As we've been talking about, repetitive motions (often those you do at a desk for several hours everyday) are a common cause of pain.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be a major concern in the case of your wrists. 💡 The carpal tunnel itself is a thin passageway through which the median nerve runs. It's important to pay attention to that because the median nerve controls the feeling in the thumb and first three fingers. That's why symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are usually not felt in the pinky area. 👉 Dr. Curry laid out some excellent exercises you can do at your desk to fight the symptoms in his video on our Facebook page the other day. Have you tried any of the exercises? How is it going? Can we answer any questions about them for you? 🎉 Thanks for staying engaged and proactive in building a healthy lifestyle. It's a privilege to be a part of your journey!
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These raw bones from @primalpetfoods are the perfect treat for your pup and a natural teeth cleaner! #teeth #charlotte #charlottenc #ballantyne #raw #bones #treat

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