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It’s a blessing to be so self-aware of the changes my body is going through due to how I’m evolving mentally, spiritually & emotionally.
I appreciate where I was.
I appreciate where I am.
And I appreciate where I am now going.
Operation #bounceback in FULL effect.
Ps: My #dietbet starts in 6 days!!! Let me coach you!!
How it works:
It’s $30 to enter & its 4 weeks long . The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in the 4 weeks.
Everyone who loses 4% of their weight gets their initial bet back and then splits the pot with the other winners so there are multiple winners, not just one.
Current pot: $270
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Be hump-ble 🍑😄 #seewhatididthere #kendrick #humpday

Here's a thought for ya.
Think less... how good can my body look?
Think more... how good can my body feel?
Mindset is KEY friends! 💜

4 & 8 week summer body programs through the link in my bio 💪

Available! ✨I have a limited amount of parcels of the beautiful new elestial smoky quartz I found recently. Each crystal has striking colour banding and they are all super sparkly! (swipe for close up photos) There's 20 crystals in each lot ranging in size from 20mm to 45mm, $70 USD/$95 AUD plus $10 postage worldwide. Please note these are mixed grade crystals, some are perfect and others are partial crystals or have a few flaws, contacted terminations etc, but all in all, a really nice collection suitable for jewellery use, making grids or just to keep and enjoy! Please DM me to purchase this lot or request a custom parcel 💎🤗

💚💚💚 Don't ever judge someone based on a few things. The heart is the true action of character. 💚💚💚 @futureworldhealing @holistichealerz @theunitymovement tag someone who is different in some way but you love as a full equal ✌❄

Yesterday I posted how staying clear of the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables is a great start to improving your health...
Today, I want to share with you an easy cleaning technique for other conventionally farmed produce...
Using just a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a small bowl, or 1 cup in a larger bowl of water you can soak your sprayed items for about 10-15 minutes...
Once they're done soaking, just remember to give them one more rinse off and pat them dry to keep them fresh and prevent wilting...
Remember to eat #organic whenever possible, but when you can't go for the #Clean15 and use a fruit & vegetable wash as needed...
This method will allow you to save money, but still stay healthy at the same time!

Choc-chip berry bowls ⚡️⚡️ Made with frozen bananas, @amazoniaco acai, oats, carob powder & @purecocobella coconut water ⭐️ topped w/ mango, strawberries, blueberries, coconut, cacao nibs & chocolate sauce 🙏🏼 p.s. yes I ate both of these for breakfast, separated into two bowls to look good for a photo ✌🏼 #eatfruitnotfriends

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🤔Make sure to wear the right sized bra!!
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Emerge into your day as a beautiful resilient lotus flower. Emanate your inner radiance by adopting a disciplined ritual such as yoga & meditation to allow you to balance & connect with the radiant being that you are. Our favorite teacher is @strike.a.kjord @wanderlusthlwd

You will emerge as a lotus of golden light following one of his classes✨✨✨

Putting things off like starting an exercise regime, eating healthier or implementing something else positive typically ends up with it never happening. We encourage you to start today, it doesn't matter if you start with 5 mins of jogging or one meal you, what matter is that you started and the ball is rolling. Stay consistent and remember why your doing it and in a year from now you'll be so happy you started today ❤

4 DAYS. Did you know that the #GraceAcademy will give discounts on bulk orders of our group workbooks? AND that this is the ONLY cost to starting a support group?! And these workbooks are AWESOME! You’ll find clinically and biblically-based education, tools and tips, making it easy for anyone to facilitate a mental health support group!
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I moved up a rank this month with DoTERRA 🙌🏻, and while I'm SO excited about that (and just the amazing opportunities for growth this company offers), I always like to remind myself why I started this business, and it wasn't for me. I already knew how amazing the power of oils are and how life changing they could be. I could have been happy just placing my monthly order and knowing that my family was happy and healthy because of these oils. BUT I couldn't stop there. I had to share it... because it's something I truly believe in. I never saw myself doing something like this, but I knew that I had found products that were special. Products that have truly changed my life!! So now it's my focus to educate my team and help them change their lives too. I will always serve with my heart!! ❤️ So what's stopping you? Join my team today and let me serve you!! 🤗

Raise your hand if you give injections through your clothes! (this is insulin. Never did it with humira or enbrel) Also, for fun, where's the most bizarre place you've ever given an injection? Mine was in a mosh pit at a @blink182 concert 😝

Looking forward to these zesty sweet treats for this evenings meditation and sound healing session 😋 love this combo - CACAO, ORANGE & HAZELNUT TRUFFLES 🍫 🍊 🌰
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Doubletap if you are badass

Noodle free beef stroganoff!

BLOOM // when the most beautiful flower rises from the desert. #gratitude #conscioustravel #superbloom PC: @corbettjulia

#1 product for spring! Ease your allergies, reduce inflammation, say goodbye to headaches and also eat healthier with the #healthy #monq
Just breathe ✌🏼🍃 10% off your purchase at checkout through this link

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Check out my yoga essentials for my favourite practice of hot yoga!
Link in bio🌺🌸

Amor por las frutas 🥝🍍🥝🍍esta piña orgánica llego hace unos días y no les puedo explicar el sabor tan delicioso que tiene. La piña es antioxidante, disminuye el colesterol y alivia la inflamación; también es excelente para prevenir cancer y para ayudar a la pérdida de peso.

Arab Celebrity Trainer - Julie Rammal is back to introduce her latest innovative methodologies that will help you reconnect with your Body, Mind and Soul.
The leading Arab returns to Dubai may 1 to spread the power of holistic fitness and share an incredible insight on the evolution of movement and training.

Follow us on Facebook and insta and www.jsport.co for the exclusive insight coming out on June 2017

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