Well everyone seems like the 2018/2019 shred season starts next Friday. Just wanna take this time to say watch out for them skiers. #holidayvalley #skiersbecrazy #thankasnowmaker #teamcrunx

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Spending the morning cozied up, coffee in hand, cardio DONE (praise be to Jesus), my laptop in the front and Christmas movies in the back ☕️🧣 A lot of hard work + massive belief went into making this my office view the last 3 years, and the news I’m sharing....gosh, it’s JUST the beginning!
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Most fun photo session ever.

Nothing Brings people together more than Beers around a Fire 🔥 Thank you again to everyone that came down to the Trucks n Brew event at Holiday Valley !#wehavethebestcustomers #ellicottville #holidayvalley #foodtruck #craftbeers #wnybeer #thinknydrinkny #skitown

Had a blast for Pammy’s birthday weekend 🤙 #airbnb #theporcupine #holidayvalley

Can this semester be over already? I just wanna go skiing again with my homie
#skiing #holidayvalley #newyork

'Twas a fun weekend with friends up at the Ellicottville Beer and Wine Festival. Apparently too much fun because I ran my immune system into the ground and caught a head cold. My head is much happier in this picture than it is now. #ellicottville #holidayvalley #winteriscoming

@gameofthrones Collection Limited Edition Scotch is now available (in very limited) quantities at the store. Call (716) 699-4474 to reserve your bottle NOW because we all know.... #winteriscoming #scotchwhiskey #singlemaltscotch #limitededition #scotchlover #gameofthrones #ellicottville #livelikealocal #holimont #holidayvalley #iloveny #scotchclub

“Casi, did you shift my emotions this morning or what with your email blast! Even when we should be most grateful, we forget to be. I’ve had a trying three months health wise (ultrasounds, biopsies, poking and testing, list goes on) but last week I was told that there seems to be no signs of danger in my breasts anymore but I’m still going through with a lumpectomy this Thursday.
Why do I bring this up in response to your email? Because instead of being GRATEFUL that I’m going to be okay, I’m stressing about who will cook dinner while I’m recovering, who will do the laundry that is never ending, again, the list goes on. So this morning I’m stopping and being grateful for the dirty piles of laundry and the take out dinners that will ensue and for a healthy, strong body! #startwith60 (also grateful for the girl gang I’ve gained over these months!)”
My husband and I chatted all weekend about our goals for 2019—personal and business. My heart is calling me to do more, but I’m also human and sometimes get in my own way with doubt and fear. What if I’m not enough? What if I can’t? Then I get messages like this ❤️ Today, I’m grateful for scary leaps of faith, following my heart, grace for my failures, and patience for my visions to become a reality. Because of that, it’s led me to meet the most amazing people who inspire me daily like this 🙏🏻 Did you #startwith60 this morning? Take your 60 seconds to practice gratitude, man it feels good 💜 {Weekly Email Inspo link in bio}

It's on its way! Snowboarding, and Ski Season will be here sooner than you think!! ❄️🏂⛷️ get your tickets at @holidayvalley #snowboarding #ski #holidayvalley #skiing #snow #snowman #skischool #familyfun #funforall #christmas #thanksgiving #outdoors #skipatrol #ellicottville #wny #buffalo #buffalove

We didnt realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun 🍻 #ellicottville #beerandwinefestival #thesearemypeople #holidayvalley #missingafewpeople #beer #wine #weekendgetaway #davidyoucrackmeup

Celebrating 21 years with a new ride @boardroomeville , bring on the pow!

Greet weekend at the Beer and Wine Fest!!
#holidayvalley #beerandwinefestival #friends #festivalfamily

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