August Teacher Challenge Day 1️⃣3️⃣ Family Fun
Now that our kids are grown, all family fun is memorable. Whether it is a pool day, meal, trip, game night, or holiday, family time is always treasured.

Managed to lose my phone and all my pictures with it on the way back from holiday 😭... still managed to salvage a few from the GoPro 🙌📷... throwback to holiday times in Portugal... Birthdays, Mojitos & Rooftop Sunsets 🌅 ✨✨✨ #throwback #lovelife #holidaytimes #love #rooftopsunset #seethemagic

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Village living 🥖 Photo by @voyageblonde

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Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Three dots hiking across the Patagonia Ice Cap just behind Cerro Torre on the Chile-Argentine border. Cerro Torre is just out of frame on the left.

It seems we have a good gardener coming in Oliver. He spent, quite literally, two straight hours making holes in the garden to ‘plant vegetables’ trying to copy the gardener who has done some digging before... shame he doesn’t seem to know what a straight line is though 😂 .
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Photo by @renan_ozturk // The story of the hand woven bamboo rope on @natgeo assignment! ~

After weaving thousands of small pieces of bamboo into a 100+ pound rope ladder, the rope is placed above the hearth. There it collects the soot and ash from the fire and blackens over time. I though this was pretty sketchy as it also makes the bamboo brittle but apparently it gives it a natural bee and insect repellent. Then it is transported for miles through the jungle to the base of the cliff for the honey harvest, a true feat of strength, balance and determination. Lastly just before Maule (The Last Honey Hunter) trusts his life to it, the team puts it in the stream getting it wet and supple again. I couldn’t imagine weighting it but they have used them for generations without an accident! ~

See @renan_ozturk for photos of the rest the process...

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Rainy Lauterbrunnen 🌧 Photo by @takemyhearteverywhere

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