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Where to get a nice breakfast in Malaga and much more in my latest blogpost🥑🥘☕️👉🏼 www.pursesandpugs.com (nope, not done writing about our holiday in Spain!🇪🇸)

☀️Holiday booked ‼️☀️ all these sunny days got me really excited to get jet set with @helenajaneb ✈️ Gran Canaria 27/6/18 🙌
Diet had gone a little awol lately post contest which is expected, as your body is depleted and deprived it craves all that glycogen back‼️ 🍔🍟🍕the water then followed the carbs and BAM‼️I felt soft and balloon like 🎈Physique update coming soon‼️ Especially now with this new date to focus on
😱Lots more planned and ahead for us, strict prep life meant sacrifices were made ‼️ngl, certain socials were avoided by us both😬. I had full solid support and understanding throughout(game changer) and the journey was a great experience, one I’m also glad to see the back of. All worth it but now I can focus on family, friends and my girl 😁(till next time 😅)
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Laughing for real <3

Hidden in the massif of la Utrera in Casares on the border with Manilva you can find the Baños de la Hedionda, literally translated as the “the smelly baths”

There are several stories told about the existence of the baths, one of them is that the Devil has exhaled his last breath when he was expelled by St James. This to explain the smell of the sulphur in its waters.

On other popular story is that the baths were constructed under the order of Julius Caesar himself to heal skin problems such as herpes. Whether it really was Caesar who gave the order we will never know but wat we do know is that the romans that where based in the region around 61BC are the ones that discovered the source.

The building that currently houses the “spa” and as we know it today was constructed bij de Arabs when they renovated the baths, and adapted them to the constant changing flow of the source.
The building houses a 6 by 6 meter pool with above an impressive brick dome and with a tunnel that leads into 2 chambers.
Outside the water flows into a riverbed where you can bade in the sun, where the flow meets the river you find a clay wall where people tent to scrape out the mud and rub themselves in with it.
The combination of the clay and water make your skin soft as a baby!

In a beautysalon you easily would pay more then a 100€ for such a treatment.

The baths are very popular with the locals and not really known by visiting tourists that coma and visit the area, due to the fact there are only few sings from the main road that indicate where the baths are located.
If you do decide to visit the baths and you want to avoid the crowds it is best to visit them before lunchtime.

The surrounding area offers amazing hikes and a cave just opened up to do practice speleology.
Are you interested in a guided hike with a picnic and a visit to the baths?

Send us a message and we organise it for you! #hike #spa #romanbaths #caesar #tour #holiday #holidayinspain #andalucia #guide #swim #culture #roman #history

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