I freakin love being a beginner!

Thought I’d post here for any of you feeling new at something, perhaps overwhelmed with where you are and where you wish you were.

My new health goal is to be a ninja at skipping. Flip the image to see my learnings from day one or skip school. More peeks in today’s insta story reel 👊🏻 And remember - growth in one area is growth in every ✨

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High buns and a heart on my sleeve for my afternoon workout 👊🏻 And my Spotify playlist of beats if you’d like to join me: http://bit.ly/hfworkoutbeats 🎧

Roll a little peppermint on your temples and crank it!
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Was planning to kick off a season of hot yoga today but the minute I stepped outside I knew a run in sun with the cool fall air was going to be perfection for my life force. This weekend launches the cold + flu season in many homes because of left over candy and DST kicking in tonight.
Get some fresh air, get some sun on your skin to top up the thousands of D receptors in your body (they’re starting to get thirsty if you live in Canada), and have a sleep support plan ready to rock.
Our sleep Toolkit for 30 min before bed: is diffusing @doterra Serenity blend, cedar wood essential oil massaged into bottom of feet, a lavender epsom bath for the girls (1/2c epsom and a tsp of coco oil with 2 drops lavender), warm herbal tea for me and Chris takes 2 Serenity softgels (the oil + L theanine in these relaxes and promotes deeper sleep)

If you’d like to start your essential oil lifestyle - start with the home essentials kit - it’s 20% off this month and then you’ll have your own wholesale customer Acct to purchase at 25% off whenever you want throughout the coming year ✌🏻(link in bio)

I love to share what works for us - even if it helps just one of you. Tag a friend you know would love this 💕

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Love the view during my morning workout today - 💕💕💕having my girlies home now!
Happy first day of summer break mamas 🌸

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It's amazing how some peppermint on my temples, some @doterra Mito 2 Max supps in the morning and good tunes have me all feeling younger than I did during my workouts 20 yrs ago 👊🏻✨💧☀️ Growth in one area is growth in all baby!
#teamHOLFIT #holfitsweat

Evening 💦 sesh

I normally do this earlier in the morning, but today was heavy. Going in to have a 30 min body + mind check in 💕

In my live weekly broadcast this past Wed I was asked about my sauna routine - catch the replay here: http://bit.ly/hf3things or click this week's link through my insta bio ✌🏻 #thesupernaturallife #infraredsauna #holfitsweat #teamHOLFIT #holfitTV

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