Our body gives us clues. The health of our skin, hair and nails is a window to the work inside.
Women have been marketed AT for decades with products that over promise and under deliver. I was a big consumer of these products for years during my twenties - always on the look out for the next greatest miracle beauty solution. Meanwhile - my body was like ... ‘girl just give me the right materials and watch what happens’

B E A U T I F U L ✌🏻 N A I L S .
- take @doterra Lifelong Vitality supplements and terrazyme to aid your body in digesting, absorbing and eliminating (especially if you are 40+) .
- drink at least 1/2 your body weight in oz of filtered water daily. I do between 3-4L/day and add 1 drop of doterra tangerine, grapefruit or lemon to each litre. .
- have 1 tbsp of healthy fat with each meal such as olive or coco oil, avocado, olives, raw nuts and seeds. Keep added sugars under 20g/day. Choose organic where possible .
- nourish your nail beds with a little diluted immortelle, myrhh oil or rose touch daily.
. - when polishing: stick to brands free of at least the top 5 chems such as: @sparitualist @gabrielcosmeticsco - use @doterra rose hand lotion at night

This lifestyle is simple once you get your routines in place and you’ll be amazed at the glow that comes through when your body is supported and loved. It is its natural state ✨

Feel free to keep hanging out with me for education like this - I love living and sharing simple health! If you want to start a new lifestyle this year - it’s here when you’re ready: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted

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plant wisdom infused ... all the @doterra things 🌱 👉🏻 skin care products so natural you GLOW (my top pics are the Verage System, the essential skin creme in a jar and the detox masque)
. 👉🏻body care products so simple and safe (my top pics are the body wash, body butter and the herbal Correct X ointment)
. 👉🏻supplements that are the keys to your locks (my top pics are the lifelong vitality pack, terrazyme digestive enzyme and mito2max) .
I taught a doTERRA basics class today reviewing the top 10 essential oils. When I educate, you’ll often hear me say - “you’ll want to just start with the basics. These top 10 oils will solve 80% of your healthcare needs.” Because slowly, a new way of looking at your health will unfold. You’ll begin to realize the INTER - CONNECTEDNESS of your whole body. .
You’ll start to be curious about how much more your skin would glow if it was nourished with products that use the purest essential oils. .

You’ll start to think that maybe neon urine is not the sign of an effective supplement and maybe you should try the LifeLong vitality pack that you keep hearing about. .

You’ll start transitioning AWAY from the triclosan filled hand soaps, the aluminum arm pit pollutants, the fluoride filled toothpaste, the hormone altering perfumes and you’ll LOVE the moment you realize that there are more simple, more natural products that work even better than the ones you were spending 3x as much on before.

Well that was my story anyways. It’s been the story for a lot of others too. essential oils cracked open the whole thing for me. It’s easy to look at this lifestyle and feel like it would be overwhelming ... but you just start in one little area and let the education and empowerment flood the rest over time.

I’ve got a crush on this lifestyle ... in case you haven’t noticed 😘

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Leading a webinar with @doterra next week on one of my fave topics: GLOWING HEALTHY SKIN ✨

I’ll be sharing how to glow from within as well as my fave plant wisdom products and essential oils for beautiful skin.

Wanna watch for free? Here you go babes: http://bit.ly/hfskinglow

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Saving this one for later!!
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The essential oil lifestyle upgrades thousands of areas of my life - it's why I'll likely be sharing ideas with you for the rest of my life.

Imagine using clean makeup brushes on your beautiful face every week that smell like geranium ✨

1 tsp OnGuard cleaning concentrate + 3 drops geranium (or rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, serenity or passion blend) + cup of warm water. •
Learn more about our HOL:FIT oils community here: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted (clickable link in insta bio)

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The essential oil lifestyle upgrades thousands of areas of my life - it's why I'll likely be sharing ideas with you for the rest of my life.

Imagine using clean makeup brushes on your beautiful face every week that smell like geranium ✨

1 tsp OnGuard cleaning concentrate + 3 drops geranium (or rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, serenity or passion blend) + cup of warm water. •
Learn more about our HOL:FIT oils community here: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted (clickable link in insta bio)

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I shared my virtual vision board with the @lululemon #rockyourintention group today and talked about self care being something I'm prioritizing for the next few months until it's built into my habits. At least once a week I soak in an Epsom salt bath infused with @doTERRA lavender oil, slather a clay lavender mask on my face and scrub my skin with salt rocks + avocado oil all while catching up on a fave podcast. Pure bliss! Ps - my new #holistic skincare line will be avail online very soon! If you attend an upcoming event with me you can see/purchase them there too! #selfcaresunday #doterra #whatkids? #holfitbeauty

I've been oil pulling for about a year now and had a hard time making it part of my ritual in the beginning. You know what made the experience 1000x more enjoyable? Adding either 1 drop #doTERRA Peppermint or OnGuard essential oil to it - boom awesome! Oil pulling/swishing is an ancient Ayurvedic approach to cleansing the mouth and healing the bod. You pour 1 tbsp of either coconut or cold pressed sunflower/sesame/olive oil + optional drop of peppermint oil into your mouth and swish around/run it through your teeth for ideally 20 min. Do not swallow! When done - spit into garbage can (not drain) and enjoy your healthier gums, whiter/smoother teeth and less harmful bacteria! I do this first thing in the morning after scraping my tongue and before brushing my teeth. Do you pull? #doterraphotochallenge #theresanoilforthat #hippietools #teamholfit #holfitbeauty

I've tried a lot of natural approaches in my hair care over the last few years...from baking soda rinses to castile soap. This is what I've been doing for the last 6 months and loving it! I am low maintenance but love having long, wild healthy locks. What's your fave routine? #hippietools #natural #haircare #blonde #beachy #waves #holfitbeauty

Not a day goes by that I don't apply this beautiful @doterra hair serum - infused with essential oils of lavender, peppermint, marjoram, cedar wood, lavandin, rosemary, niaouli, and eucalyptus. This baby is lightweight and powerful - I could marry the aroma 💕
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The littles needed a little extra support tonight after a busy couple of weeks travelling and adjusting back to school.

1 drop eucalyptus, cedarwood and lavender in a tsp of coco oil added to a cup of Epsom salts in the tub.

OnGuard roller bottle kisses their feet before socks go on. A swipe of the Breathe vapour stick across their chest and natural lip balm to their winter lips 💋

A a little Aromatouch blend massage while we snuggle.
I actually can't even put into words what it feels like to have these tools in our home.
To be able to comfort them and connect in this way...it is my favourite thing.
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For anyone that's ever noticed my unsexy nail biting/picking habit...#winning

Lavender, lemon + myrhh essential oil in a carrier of coconut. Whenever I'm lost in creative flow or problem solving...I now reach for this.
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Geranium is my fave femme oil!

I don't like it in strong concentrations but find it so beautiful and balancing when used sparingly and diluted. One of my fave things to do is add a drop to my brush before running it through my hair. I also love to add a drop to the top of my natural deo stick or crystal before applying.
For those in my oil community - have you found your body is especially drawn to geranium, clary sage and ylang ylang during 'that time' each month?

I sure do - I love letting my body guide 💕

What's your fave oil lately?
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The {self care} stage is set:

Dry skin brushing with a few drops of DDR Prime on the bristles first

Clarisonic facial with a few pumps of verage cleanser in the brush (the cleanest skin care you will ever find)

2 drops of peppermint in my shampoo and let it work it's tingly love for a few min

2 drops of sandalwood with conditioner on the ends of my hair

Toothbrushes & tongue scrapers getting a soak in water and 5 drops of OnGuard

Makeup brushes having a bath in 1 tbsp Castile soap, 3 drops ylang ylang and water

This is just a few ways essential oils have TOTALLY changed the game for me! Curious about how many ways they'll impact your life by next year at this time?

I'd love to help get you started. Email me heyholfit@gmail.com ✉️ #teamHOLFIT #selfcare #natureknowswhatsup #supernatural #essentialoils #holfitbeauty #holfitclean

Join me today at 2pm EST on Periscope to learn my natural approach to skincare and having that GLOW!! I'll also be sharing an exciting giveaway at the end you'll def want to enter!!! #qandq #selfcare #periscope #teamHOLFIT #giveaway #holfitbeauty

Someday [most days] ... I do a couple hours of work in my home office, go for a run, get some vit d absorbing from the sun, pop a handful of organic berries in mouth, shower, add 3 drops of @doterra metabolic blend to my body lotion while my skin is still damp, roll little immortelle on my neck and on the back of hand to apply as deo and then blend up a post run smoothie with Trimshake, fruit and almond mylk.

And then I post on here because it's little routines like this that lead me to live an epic life and you know I love to share when I know it help you dial it up ✌🏻️ #teamHOLFIT #lifebizlove #supernaturallife #summerhours #holfitbeauty

Awe home sweet home for a few days.
I snuggled the kids hard for a few hrs and now it's a little post flight detox bath 🛀🏼 ______________________________________________

1 cup Epsom salts + 1/2 cup baking soda + 7 drops Aromatouch essential oil blend in a big tub. 1L of filtered water with 4 drops grapefruit essential oil. I'll massage my feet with coco oil + 2 drops cilantro oil to support heavy metal cleansing and Perhaps a little Aromatouch massage with hubby before bed and a good sleep will bring on a great Monday 💕


Doesn't this sound divine? I find that I'm always looking for little ways throughout the day to let the oils support my vitality. I'm in my home office tomorrow and Tues if you're interested in starting your essential oil lifestyle ✨ heyholfit@gmail.com or my guide which is linked in my insta bio ✌🏻️ Ps - if you've ever wondered how we know what oils to use - our fave guide is THE ESSENTIAL LIFE BOOK. Every oiler needs it!

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Okay hi ... I'm Ange Peters and I have a horrible nail picking habit 🙋🏼 As a kid - I used to bite my nails constantly. And actually just this week when I was visiting my brother we were talking about all the memories we have of our dad. One that hit me was him tapping his nails on his car window at a red light and saying "Angela Dawn ... I want you to grow your nails long enough that you can make a beat with them as you tap the window" Thx dad 🙏🏻

So fast forward a bit and as you can see - my skin is pretty raw from years of doing this, but I want to share a super simple solution I've been using. You can use a few other oils for this but this is what I've found works THE BEST - a few drops of @doterra Myrhh oil in a little coconut oil and massage in.
My nails are like fibreglass after this ... I wish you could hear the sick beat I'm making right now as I type this LOL

Give it a try and report back! You know I love sharing natural solutions with you that actually work 👊🏻 tag a friend you know would love to have beauty nails!

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And I'm home 💕

This was such a special few days in Utah - test driving some of the most incredible new products launching at the @doterra convention next month [they are game changers and not only do they eliminate the need to create many of the top natural DIYs but they work and have side benefits ... which is why we're obsessed with natural health 🙌] Iced with unforgettable heart to hearts with a few of my fave girls @tiffpeterson @meaghanterzis @susanbursic @essentiallyobsessed

As I write you this from the tub - I encourage you to head to your calendar and schedule in some girl + self care time this week. You've done everything you need to do - and my spirit guided me to remind you of the powerful shifts that take place from within the rituals and relationships you nurture. xx

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I've got one hand in my pocket and the other is holding a bottle of balance [🎶👊🏻] _______________________________________________________

3 long days working my WHY at HOL:FIT headquarters. I luv every minute of it and I will also luv every minute of this sea + epsom salt bath with 6 drops of Balance blend. Followed by 3 hrs at the spa tomorrow. This is how we do ... do do do do 😘

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Hey sweet cheeks 💕 my little famjam thinks they're funny every night by making their best impression of me saying "I need some me time ... arrrr"

I giggle and head to the bathroom and start running the bath water, toss the salts in, choose my oils, put on a short podcast or tunes and .... Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with all my spare time since I don't have to DIY a lot of natural stuff anymore. Like masques. It's one of my top YouTube tutorials of all time - teaching you about blending apple cider vinegar, clay and oils together. But the things is - I love teaching you about taking the upgrade. DIY is perfect for a season. But sometimes you just need to dial up the self care fast 🛀🏼 I'm going to be talking a lot about these new products @doterra launched last week. Cause there ain't no kinda day that I have time to start blending kaolin, bentonite, juniper berry, grapefruit, myrrh, Shea butter, chicory and lentil seeds.
All the new products launch Oct 3 ... ready? 💌 heyholfit@gmail.com

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