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Larry Nassar

USA Olympic Gymnastic team doctor and physician at Michigan State University, who used his position of power over young athletes to commit serial pedophelia and child molestation.
Accused by over 160 young women.

Pled guilty and was convicted for 10 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct as well as receiving and possessing child pornography and tampering with evidence.

In January of 2018, he was sentenced to 60 years of federal prison, followed by another 40-175 years in state prison.
After sentencing, the judge proclaimed “I just signed your death warrant.”, referring to the fact that Nassar would die in prison.
#rapeculture #holdmenaccountable
#metoo #empowerwomen #feminism #sexualassault #endrape #violentmasculinity #toxicmasculinity #maleviolence #abuse #abuseofpower #misogyny #pedophile #justice #olympicgymnastics #USAolympics #TEAMUSA #convicted

(If anyone knows the author, please do tag them). Fuck the culture that let's men feel so entitled to everything, especially women's bodies that they honestly believe that it's completely okay to touch people without their consent, which makes them think it's completely fine to group a kid when they're anywhere. Destroy this culture which enables men to have more power over anyone. Men are fucking trash. #sexualassault #molestation #groaping #menareyrash #trains #subway #japan #tchikan #chikan #sexualharrasment #menaretrash #holdmenaccountable #feminism #woc #intersectionality #poc #humanrights #smashthepatriarchy #yesallwomen

EXPOSE YOUR LOCAL RAPIST. My dear friend added two names. I am under no impressions that I won't have names to add too. I have quite a list, but nobody local. I just haven't been here long enough. It seems it's never a matter of if, but a matter of when.
#nomorehiding #holdmenaccountable #menaretrash #smashthepatriarchy #rape #rapists #exposeyourrapist #metoo #womensmarch2018 #resist #sacramento #beware

#NerdAlert 🚨My #Bjork-inspired sign + snaps of my students + other shots from last year’s #WomensMarch. Today I’m far away in Denmark but stand in solidarity with women, everyone who suffers under the patriarchy, and particularly undocumented and DACA-mented women whom our government is failing. The alarm should sound even louder now than before #resist #believewomen #supportotherwomen #dontabuseyourpower #holdmenaccountable #nobutreally #checkyourfeminism but don’t abandon it ✊✊✊

On my way into the city today my Uber driver asked me about the sign I had with me. When I told her about why were marching today, about standing up to harassment and inequality and abuse, she got quiet and told me about abuse she was enduring at home.
I quickly googled a local shelter for her, found a 24/7 hotline and talked about how Emergency Protection from Abuse orders work. As we got close to Logan Square I saw her eyes get wide at the enormous crowd that was gathering. In front of us there was a woman holding a sign that said “I believe you. End abuse now.” She got emotional and said “tell her thank you for me.” #EndAbuseNow #HoldMenAccountable
#WomensMarch2018 #Philadelphia #MeToo #TimesUp

i’ve already posted this picture once but here we are again. within the last 24 hours i have been cat called, almost touched by someone i don’t even know and had someone try to solicit sexual favors from me. i’m so angry, upset, tired and confused by the actions of men. i’m beginning to reach the point of not even wanting to leave my house by myself because no matter if i’m dressed to impress or haven’t showered for a week and have sweatpants on i face bullshit everyday. it’s not fair that as a woman i have to constantly fear for my safety. tonight i had a man follow me and ask me for sexual favors in exchange for money two blocks from where i live. i can’t even feel safe in my own neighborhood. i’m tired of this. when i wear short skirts, i’m not asking for it. when i go braless, i’m not asking for it. when i smile at you while passing you on the street, i’m not asking for it. IM NOT FUCKING ASKING FOR IT AND NEITHER IS ANY OTHER WOMAN. you thought i was loud before? hear me get louder.

Don't be afraid to stand up for yourselves ladies, and if you are ever unsafe never forget men have the most sensitive of organs dangling vulnerably between them. Don't be afraid to grab on tight and show them whose really boss. Never let anyone touch you when they shouldn't. And if they say things they shouldn't, put them in their place. It's our duty as a women especially if the mothers of these men failed. We have to teach the future generation that the future IS truely female not just say it. #warriorwomen #holdmenaccountable

2018 is already making us proud. Black Orchid Salon is a family of badass women who have plowed through lifelong discrimination, inequality and harassment. AND we are grateful to also share the space with some stand-up dudes who support and acknowledge the temple that is the female body; The giver of life, possessing the incredible ability to experience pain with grace, caring and intuitive. Her essence has been buried for far too long. This business will continue to actively empower, love, stand up for and respect women. #timesup #unleashthegoddess #sheisNOTanobject #holdMENaccountable #holdSOCIETYaccountable #speakup

Majority of Muslim patriarchal cultures constantly drill into young girls the "lollipop example". If you cover your "safe" from the ants/flies (metaphor for men) but if you don't then you will be swarmed by them. This is one of the most ignorant examples ever. One, Muslim men are placing the onus of their perverted actions on the woman. It's not like you guys don't have free will that you can't stop yourselves from jumping on the first uncovered girl you see. Second it's completely taking the blame of men's wrongful actions away and placing it on the women. And finally it doesnt explain why women who cover completely still get harassed and abused.
Stop Policing our clothing!!! #Feminism #MuslimFeminist #Muslimah #Islam #Smashthepatriarchy #Mencontrolyourselves #holdmenaccountable

me and @love_imaniii “dressed appropriately” at boxing day junkanoo the other night. it’s INSANE that when i think of going to junkanoo, which is one of the greatest prides of our nation, i expect to be touched, groped, “ssk’d” at, cat called (“yellow” “fat front” “i’d eat ya whole ass” and other atrocious things that have been yelled at me) and afraid to go to the bathroom alone. THAT SHIT IS WACK. and the fact that our own police force put out a safety tip that suggested that women should be dressed modestly to keep the touchers at bay, APPALLING. when is this gonna stop? when are the men of the bahamas gonna step the fuck up and protect the women of this country? why must we be afraid? someone literally dm’d me and said “you ain get feel up while you was out there in that outfit?” i was like HELL NO cuz i’m so not used to being at home and forgot that that’s NORMAL here. i’m not taking it anymore, i shouldn’t have to PRY MULTIPLE HANDS OFF OF ME when i’m moving through a crowd. let’s make 2018 the year that men no longer feel entitled to our bodies and choose to protect us and be held accountable for their actions in these Bahama islands!! ima stay wearing mini dresses with my same dirty ass uptowns and nike socks too bey!! #holdmenaccountable

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