Women know they are not going to be given a "swift and fair review" after being sexually harrassed or assaulted. They know that they are risking their careers and reputations. But the men will be given the benefit of the doubt, believed over the woman-and get to move on relatively unscathed. Once again-the onus is on women to ensure we don't let "false accusers" ruin our #metoo movement. Our demand for being treated like human beings. Once again-we leave it on women to stop "making life harder or embarrassing" for men. Instead of actually holding men accountable for their behavior", we continue to believe that women are at fault for their harrassment or assault, that their word is not enough to be believed or taken seriously, that they will have to keep themselves-and their tone- in check so we dont "alienate male allies." This is not nearly over nor are we finished working. #metoo #timesup #holdmenaccountable #smashthepatriarchy

No no no!!!! Let’s hold men accountable , let’s not give men excuses. Ain’t no woman EVER just letting go of her man JUST TO HURT HIM. AND !!! You know when a woman is out of yo league don’t say it’s too hard once you got her then wonder why she mad when you waste her time!!! #lame #no #holdmenaccountable #wedonthavetodeal #typical

Language plays a role in the oppression of women. Be mindful of it.

I am a little late on the #believeher train, but I have been thinking a lot about the discussion in the ceramics community that has transpired this week on social media surrounding the issues of sexual harassment and abuse that have been brought to light by some incredibly brave female makers coming forward about their experiences being mistreated by men in the field. I am happy to see the ceramics community opening up a net of support and creating a safe place for constructive conversation about how we can hold men accountable in the face of sexual abuse and displays of toxic masculinity. In the age of The Great Undoers in Washington, we must stand together and hold each other up if we want to foster a strong community in craft. There is no future without strong women creating a foundation. Let it be known that it is women who give life, and we will rise up and #grabback when we are disrespected!
On a more personal note, this is all coinciding with my decision to participate in this all female wood firing gathering at @stonebowlfarm during the vernal equinox. The wood firing field has always been practiced by a vastly male majority. There is something about controlling fire that seems to inflate the male ego, and as a female wood fire potter, I am constantly having to prove myself as an equal to my male counterparts and colleagues. I am pleased to partake in the opportunity to fire with only sisters of the flame. No dudes trying to mansplain the wood firing process, no male eyes casting their unwanted gaze upon my body and no mister macho attitudes hangin’ around the Princess kiln. Remember guys, anything men can do women can do bleeding (that includes stoking a kiln)!! 👊🏼🔥
#UnfollowTortus #thefutureisfemale #whatcanyoudo #supportvictimsofsexualabuse #supportwomen #RiseUp #FEMTHEFUTURE #womenwhowoodfire #girlssupportgirls #clayqueensunite #zerotolerance #holdmenaccountable #believewomen #feminism #potteryispolitical #nastywomen #femalemakers #femaleartists #solidarity

Dm submitted by @sincerelymollie I honestly wish more men would grow a fucking spine and hold other men accountable for their actions and words towards women and the LGBTQ community. This is why women think and know men are trash. A large group of us men are doing nothing or very little to change this fucked shitty behavior. And by the way these guys are acting, they are guaranteeing that they are undateable, then they blame the women for their own shitty personalities. My backstory: my parents divorced when I was 7, I was almost solely raised by my mom. She taught me the right way to treat and act around women, because she had no hesitation to smack my if I didnt. Yes, at times I falter but I try to realise what I did wrong and never do it again. Guys need to start smacking other guys down when they are showing that they are being pigs #tinder #tinderfail #tinder_in_sfo #tinderinsfo #penislyspeaking #dmsubmissions #holdmenaccountable

You can find Bryan Cagle on Facebook. He gave me permission to post this so please tell him what you think about how he supports rape culture and how he shouldn't tell Native femmes he hopes they get raped. Bryan can also be found on the page @tipicreepinghumor . This was in response to me posting a comment about the meme on the last slide that said I thought the meme was insulting. Apparently if you don't agree on memes you deserve to be harassed online and then not take accountability for that harassment via p.m. but tell someone you hope they get raped. Again Bryan Cagle said he hoped I would get raped. All because I made one comment on the meme at the end of this album that said I thought it was awful towards women. He then started harassing me and when i messaged him to ask him to stop he continued and that is when I told him he needed to stop contributing to rape culture and harassment of women. And so this ensued. This is just the highlights. Someone needs to hold Bryan accountable to understanding consent culture. And he called himself an asshole that's why I used it.
Note to Cis Dudes: Women and NB folk get to have different opinions than you and still feel safe.

#stoprapeculture #endrapeculture #feminsim #indigenousfeminism #decolonizefeminism #fightback #nomoreviolenceagainstwomen #endviolenceagainstwomen #no #stop #accountability #life #resistence #indigenousresistence #notallmen #holdmenaccountable #indigenous #native #thisisawful #ruinedmymorning #sevengenerations

(Wanted a more inclusive list of roles of those who identify as men in my life, but original words are by @dorideer.) // I am working on loving men. On loving male energy. It is hard. But I know one day I will settle with the Sacred Masculine in my soul, and in my life, and demand of them to show up as I show up as a priestess of the Divine Feminine. We’ve got to get to work, and I’m so happy and proud to have a male partner by my side who lets me hate and love men in equal measure, who allows me to explore feminism and complain about white male oppression and wants to fight it with me. Expand together, or collapse under the pressure. There is no other way. #holdmenaccountable #witchesagainstwhitesupremecy #smashthepatriarchy #divinefeminine #sacredmasculine

TW: sexual abuse, victim blaming
Throughout my life I’ve run across more abusive people than I can count. Whether it’s someone famous, characters in books and movies, or real people in my life.
It has taken me years and hundreds of therapy appointments to recognize abusive behavior because it is so fucking normalized and so fucking forgiven. “Give them another chance” I have heard these words so many times and I am done because it invalidates my pain. I will not give abusers a “second chance” because they don’t deserve it. I am angry and I have every right to be angry because abuse IS a big deal. The micro-aggressions, the gaslighting, the manipulation — these things ARE a big deal. I have been told my whole life by people that I know and by the media that these things are normal but they AREN’T.
Because I go to a small school in a relatively small city, it is hard to escape my abuser and people connected to him in one way or another. I have not gone to school with one of my rapists since 5th grade and the other one left my school last year but his friends are still very much a part of my life. I’ve been told by so many people to not be mad at his friends because they weren’t the ones who abused me. That’s true, but I agree with the incredible poet Nayo Jones when she says in her poem On Nate Parker “to defend a rapist is to see something of yourself in him.” His friends did not abuse me but they also didn’t believe me and I have every fucking right to be angry about that.
Part of this healing is putting down the emotions that don’t fit the facts (shame, guilt, embarrassment) and picking up the ones that you have forgotten that you are entitled to (anger, sadness, grief, heartbreak, disgust). I am angry and I will not water down this fury because it makes you uncomfortable.
So no, I won’t give abusers a second chance. I won’t “separate the artist from the art.” I won’t ignore the wreckage caused by another person because it invalidates the trauma of wrecked. It’s not overreacting. It’s called accountability. Try it.

Y'all are some fucked up people. Talm bout "he wasn't perfect" homie beat tf out of his pregnant girlfriend and y'all still stan? And y'all wonder why women think y'all hate us. It's because you hype tf out of our abusers and rapists. I'm not celebrating his death but I'm very happy that the people that GROWN ASS MAN (HE WAS 20, HE WAS AN ADULT) hurt are safe now.

#feminism #prowomen #womanist #womenmattertoo #domesticviolenceneedstostop #holdmenaccountable #abusersarelosers #xxxtentacionistrash #indifferent

#mathematics #statistics cited by RAINN #holdmenaccountable #whereisthejustice #considerthis #whatif #sexualassault #women ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely to experience #rape in their lifetimes. #killyourlocalrapist #brockturner #woodyallen #harveyweinstein #donaldtrump #billcosby #boyswillnotbeboys #romanpolanski #williampeterfield #justiceforsurvivors seriously... how many would be left? Rapists are evolutionarily inferior. They are animals without self-control. We don’t need them. #statingfacts #askinglegitquestions #mathquestions if this makes you #uncomfortable perhaps you have some #selfreflection to do. #survivor #metoo #metoomovement #metoo❤️ #chokeonyourredpill #realmendontrape

This shit is so annoying

Tonight I was told "shut the fuck up" "bitch" "cunt" "I could fuck you up" for telling a straight man at a gay bar I didn't want to be touched. He slid his hand up my back and around my neck in a firm hold. I never exchanged a word with him, he just started touching me without my consent. When I said a clear no, he handled this rejection by mocking me, complaining to his friend, and screaming in my face. Telling me he "wasn't a bad person" but that he'd hurt me. I told the bouncers at the door, they brought him aside and I watched as he lied about our interaction claiming that he just tapped me on the shoulder. They let him back in the bar, putting me and my partner in danger. So many witnessed this and no one stood up for me. You are not safer in the gayborhood -- in fact, all of my assaults have been by men at gay bars and clubs. My heart is with all the womyn, queers, trans folks, femmes, poc, that get attacked and killed for saying no. #toxicmasculinity #maleego #fuckyou #holdmenaccountable #thisshithappenseveryday

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