Yeah I kinda like that ol Church fella.#holdinmyowntour #desperateman #ericchurch

Did I mention I’m excited for the @ericchurchmusic #DoubleDownTour? 😉 From the Wichita show last tour. I love an artist that recognizes how the fans have helped build their audience. #ChurchChoir

“Funny how a melody sounds like a memory...”

One of my Top 5 favorite lyrics! I’ve been traveling down @ericchurchmusic memory lane tonight, looking at pics and videos I’ve taken at his shows. I’m SO geeking out that he announced the Double Down Tour last Friday, and pit tickets go on sale this Friday!!! And I appreciate how much he and his team are trying to make sure that real fans get the pit tickets, not scalpers.

End of “Springsteen” to end the show in Wichita, Kansas on the Holdin’ My Own Tour 2017

I couldn’t be more excited that I’m holding tickets to see my favorite artists in the next two weeks!! Timehop remembers this from two years ago today, same deal today!!! I’M JACKED UP ABOUT THIS! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #KeithUrban #GraffitiUWorldTour #EricChurch #OhanaMusicFestival #MyFavorites These shows, two years ago, were freakin’ amazing!! #RipcordWorldTour #HoldinMyOwnTour blew me away... Hated Staples Center forever. These two shows changed all of that. #CountryMusicRocks #Love

Tonight when I read over @ericchurchmusic “Holdin’ My Own” lyrics, I realized how well it describes people with battles like me. Check out my analysis of the lyrics at the link in bio 👀

#flashbackfriday to The Chief...to the man who reaffirmed my love for aviators, the perfect ball cap and 3 fingers of JD 🥃 #thechief #waybackplayback #holdinmyowntour #ericchurch #livemusic #countrymusic #creepin #thatvoicethough #memories

A full body hiit with a head cold is definitely not the easiest but it’s done! I can’t believe I am only 1 week away from finishing this program. Although I am loving it and feel strong AF I am ready to dial it all in with my ladies in my Back To You Group! #letsshred
I am looking for 9 more ladies who want to lose 10-40lbs by the end of the year. You will get a complete plan that will set you up for success with guaranteed results. I will be right by your side grinding along with coaching you through the process. Stop waiting for a new year, new month, or new week to get started. Drop a 🙋‍♀️ below to change your life today! #letsdothis

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