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DJ and bcaa samples for the morning classes!
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60 DAYS: In 60 days I made a transformation on the inside just as much as the outside. I lost 5% body fat and gained self-confidence.

I contemplated putting this picture up cause I was so embarrassed with how much weight I allowed myself to gain. I was going through a difficult time and it showed. I stopped working out, stopped paying attention to what I ate and let my depression consume me.
This 60 day challenge was a jumpstart to my goals and a re-commitment to myself that I would get back to happy. I love HARDCORE FITNESS! They are my home away from home and my true fit fam.
I can honestly say I've never felt better. I have been smaller, but I feel fit, healthy and happy with how I look. Thank you #Hardcore for giving me back the self-confidence I lost awhile ago. Thank you to my amazing trainers who made modifications to any of my workouts to accomodate my injuries. Thank you to Rudy's Angels for being the best team mates I could ever have. And thank you to my loving husband for supporting me throughout this challenge, even if it meant skipping out on drinks and all the good food.
I am not close to finished yet. Stay tuned for my next transformation 😉💪 •

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30-Day 3D fit challenge day 1. Morning classes are over, but I have to get mine! #hcflancaster #gohard #hnsupps #getsome


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