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4am lava field. The earth has cooled, but the sky is 🔥

Depression can feel so incredibly isolating. Especially when you feel like you don't "deserve" to be sad. I can't even tell you the amount of time I spent suppressing my feelings because I know others have it way worse than me and "I should just be grateful for what I have" However, it is not a weakness. I know how hard you are fighting to put a smile on your face everyday. Depression is NOT a lack of gratitude. You should not be shamed for not working hard enough. You are not just feeling sorry for yourself. You are not a burden. Your pain is real and valid. I know it feels like the hurt will last a lifetime but it will not be like this forever. You are loved and that is reason enough to exist. We put so much pressure on people to prove their value and existence through accomplishment and work. But here's the thing, you are worthy and amazing and necessary JUST as you are. I know I don't always believe my own words, but that's okay because it just means we are in this together, people. You are never alone. ALSO, every human has a light and a darkness within them. We are so quick to label people as "good" or "bad" but the truth is we are all a little bit of both and your darkness does not make you bad. Your humanity is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not too late to ask for help. And friends, if someone you know is exhibiting signs of depression or anxiety, REACH OUT TO THEM. Put away your ego or fear of not knowing what to say and choose love. Chances are they need you but won't ask for help in fear of burdening you. Let them know you are there. We are all human -- flawed and messy and broken and hurting and afraid of our aloneness. But connection can be the cure in so many ways.
YOU ARE WORTHY. So so so so so worthy. #justkeepswimming #hnhadventures #depression #shareyourliferaft #travelinladies #chooselove #dontgiveup #intothelight #shareyourstory

Depression can feel like...trying as hard as you can to swim to the surface of the ocean, towards the sunlight, but never quite being able to get there. You have a body that is perfectly capable of doing so, but for some reason, no matter how hard you fight against the water, more water seems to appear, separating you from the sun. Something seems to keep pulling you down towards the dark, cold water. You swim harder and harder but you're getting tired now. You want to ask for help, for someone to throw you a life raft, but it's scary. They are trying to tread their own water up there as it is. You don't want to burden them with your struggles, what if you pull them down with you? And what if they look at your body and think "she has two strong arms and two strong legs, she should be able to do it on her own... she must not be trying hard enough. She must like it down there. Look at all these other people with less strong arms and legs at the surface... she must not be grateful for the ones she was given." Little do they know, you are paddling for your life hoping to reach the surface soon. You are strong, so incredibly strong and you are using every ounce of strength you have, but the water is strong too. I know it is. I really know it is... but hey. Wanna hear something important? You better listen to me loud and clear... there are people who will throw you their life raft. In fact, they might even want to share theirs and hear about your swim to the top. It might have taken them awhile to get there too! And wanna hear something even more important?? The water comes in waves but you....you are oh so constant. You can outlast the water. You are strong enough, and brace enough, and worthy enough, and trying hard enough, and quite frankly, YOU ARE ENOUGH in general. Don't give up. #justkeepswimming #shareyourliferaft #depression #hnhadventures

I wanna be that song that gets you high
Makes you dance, makes you fall
That melody rewinds years
Once disappear, makes time stall
Wanna be those words that fill you up
Pull your windows down and keeps you young
Makes you believe you're right where you belong
I wanna be that song ❤️ #everylifehasasoundtrack

HAPPY #TBT FRANS 😍 I have a very exciting announcement. I have posted my VERY FIRST BLOG POST on #hnhadventures 🙏🏽 The link is in my bio!!!The blog is still in infantile stages and needs way more work but I got over eager and just wanted to share with you! The post elaborates on my skincare post from yesterday so if you were at all curious about my routine, GO CHECK IT OUT! Ahhh I'm so excited/nervous to finally be committing to this thang. I hope you enjoy it! Okay bye bye bye 😍🔥❤️ #nomakeupchallenge #loveyourselfalways #loveyourskin #loveyourface #beautybloggers

You guys.. my new skincare routine has LITERALLY changed my life. I have always struggled with annoying combination skin...it was always too dry or too oily and I could never find the perfect balance. I also never used to use sunscreen on my face so about a year ago, I started to notice some sun spot and wrinkles caused from the harsh Southern California sunshine. Here's the deal, as you age, your face ages. Duh. You can't change that fact and you shouldn't try! Growing old is a privilege. BUT, you can do things to take care of it in the mean time so the only lines you are getting are ones that are earned like the ones around your mouth and eyes from smiling 😍 with that being said, I want to share my favorite products with you! First of all, oil cleansing is THE THING. It has completely changed my face. I know, I know. Putting oil on your already greasy face sounds crazzzz BUT it works. Normal cleansers dry out your skin which makes your skin produce more natural oils, leading to a greasy, hot mess on your face. Oils nourish your skin. Nourished skin makes you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands. (Sorry legally blonde quote...im getting off track) get yourself some castor, sunflower, and rose hip oils and blend up a concoction that works for your face. Currently I have about 20% castor and 40% sunflower/40% rose. Cleanse morning and night with it! TRUST ME. It's da best. After you've cleansed, get yourself some rose water and drench your face in it. Just spray it like there is no tomorrow. It's good for your soul. Follow that up with some vitamin c and vitamin a serums (amazon has tons of great options) and then end with another oil. For the day I use magnesium oil as it is a drier oil and doesn't leave you feeling as greasy. At night I usually use rosehip oil or a Korean face mask (which are also on amazon) thank god for amazon)) Finish up with a mineral sunscreen and BOOM. You good to go. You will proba have to adjust this over time to find the right mix for your face but you've only got one face so the work is worth it! ❤️ any questions, put them down below 👇🏽 love, Harlos

🌝 sunset seeker 🌝 #wanderlustgreece

Happy #tbt 🌍❤️missing this beautiful place but grateful to live in another beautiful place. #wanderlustgreece

Holy woah. Finally home after an amazing few weeks of adventure. Feeling grateful, fulfilled, tired, strong, vulnerable, lucky, and humbled. I have so many thoughts to share with you all but my brain is a swirling jet lagged mess. My heart is full of love and gratitude tonight though and I just wanted to remind you all that you are loved just exactly as you are for everything you are. Also, here is quote that has come up twice today and has been on my heart ❤️ "The purpose of art is to conflict the comfortable and comfort the conflicted." Okay, stream of consciousness. I don't know anymore. goodnight. Love love.

Mediterranean waters 🔥 After a few days in Athens, the family headed out in a ridiculous 9 passenger van that @harleybronwyn had to navigate through the city. We headed West to Nafplio then North to Delfi before looping back around to Athens for our flight to Santorini. #hnhadventures #familymadness #greece🇬🇷

Goodnight to you, good morning to me. 🌚🌝

Mother Nature wanted to give us a taste of the heavens so she created the Greek Islands 🌴 Keep an eye out for our new travel blog, H&H Adventures ❤️ coming soon! #hnhadventures

Never leaving. ❤️

Channeling my inner Meg. 💁🏽 (Hercules is taking the photo)

Hello loves. Been working on the new blog today and was wondering what kinda things y'all want to see on there? What questions do you need answered? It will mostly be a travel blog but your q's can be travel/beauty/lifestyle/acting/random related. Let meh hear yuh in the comments 👇🏽 ⠀
ALSO, @bc_serna how do you like my impression? Better than @houstonkraft ?? 😂🙏🏽

Germany, Day 16: Visited a few more castles in the morning before heading out to Geierlay - Germany's longest suspension bridge. 1,181 feet long, this thing is a feat of engineering and mildly terrifying to find yourself in the middle of. @harleybronwyn faced some fears making her way across this thang. Headed back to our AirBnB for some wine in our 500 year old house's cellar. Shoutout to @bc_serna, who I was channeling into this bridge pose. He is my spirit animal. #hnhadventures

Had THE most amazing weekend filming the pilot episode of @vforvalhalla ❤️ My heart is so incredibly full. Now we are off on our next adventure! I want to slap myself upside the head for every moment spent not feeling grateful for this incredible life. Every day is a unique blessing. I lose sight of that more often than I care to admit but I am making sure to soak in the blessings tonight. It's really easy to get focused on what we don't have or what we haven't accomplished that we lose sight of everything we are lucky enough to have already. It takes a little change of perspective, a mindset of gratitude, the will to stick it out through the harder times, and a heart full of love to change your life. And if you find yourself in moment of doubt (which we all do again and again and again) write down a list of everything you have to be grateful for. I promise it will make your ❤️ happy. ⠀

One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing historical sites and creating stories about what might have happened centuries ago on the same ground I am standing on now. I love imagining what kind of humans walked on this beach or adventured on this ship. Did they have epic battles with pirates? Did they fall in love? Did they write journal entries about their adventures or sing songs about life at sea? Traveling, acting, storytelling, art: all means to connect humans through time and space using just a little empathy and imagination. ⠀
• • • ⠀
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Germany, Day 15: Woke up in the small town of Ellenz on the Mosul. Beautiful wine country outside of Frankfurt filled with history. We visited the castle in Cochem then headed to Burg Eltz for a magical evening tour. It's been in the Eltz family for about 1,000 years. Pretty nice digs. Also, ate many schnitzels and bratwursts. It is totally a vacation area for old German people. And they don't speak much English. We are having fun trying to get around. #hnhadventures #kraftmeanspower

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