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Приглашаем послушать микс от красноярского продюсера @hmotology, записанный в рамках образовательного проекта "Цикл показов".
Стас собрал микс из своих любимых треков последних пары лет и различных звуковых артефактов, по тем или иным причинам оказавшимся на его жестком диске. Эмбиент и электроакустика, аутсайдерская поп-музыка и саундтреки к детским мультфильмам, стихи, полевые записи из Сибири и эксклюзивный неизданный материал — в 66-минутном звуковом коллаже.
The next mix for our "Film Screenings" series was compiled by one of the project's contributors, a musician from Krasnoyarsk HMOT.
Stas made the mix from his favorite tracks from the last 2 years and various sound artefacts that for various reasons ended up on his computer's hardrive.
Ambient and electroacoustics, outsiders pop-music and cartoons soundtracks, poems, field recordings from Siberia and exclusive unpublished materials, all of that combined in a 66 minutes long audio collage.
https://soundcloud.com/estetikazvuka/film-screening-series-hmot #hmot #filmscreening #циклпоказов #estetikazvuka

мы тут с @sadnerdo заделали видео анонс классного субботнего вечера в @booklaalmaty @synesthesia_conceptstore, наконец можно расшерить 🙌 ・・・
Мы рады сообщить вам две сногсшибательные новости. В эту субботу в Букле пройдёт лекция и концерт яркого представителя сибирской электронной сцены HMOT (@hmotology) В 16.00 Стас стартует с лекцией в которой расскажет о принципах живого электронного выступления. Мы делаем это, как подарок музыкантам и интересующимся людям нашего города и поэтому будем безумно рады видеть как можно больше вас - старых и новых друзей Буклы #synesthesia #Hmot #букла #живойпатч
За анимацию и оперативность спасибо нашей незаменимой @suinbike <3

Ещё один музыкант в лайн-апе субботнего Нобеля - HMOT, это псевдоним Стаса Шарифуллина - электронного музыканта из Красноярска, резидента лейбла Full of Nothing и владельца собственного независимого импринта Klammklang. Используя модульный синтезатор и полевые записи, он «собирает, а затем структурирует звуки», создавая сложные музыкальные конструкции по канонам современных, вперед смотрящих жанров с явными отсылками к пионерам электронной музыки и экспериментам авангардных композиторов середины прошлого века. Hmot - один из главных представителей сибирской электроники, его география гастролей очень обширна, от берлинского Berghain, до главного штаба петербургского Эрмитажа. #заводлюдвигнобель #4марта #m_division #hmot #klammklang

Physical oscillator #booklaalmaty #macromicromusic #hmot

Дядя Стас приехал! Сегодня у нас дома, завтра в Бергхайн на #CTM #hmot 👌🏻

Cocktail sunday ✨🔥🍸👑 #HMOT #zelfmaken

Simetrical. -stanley kubrick
#Japan #kyoto #hmot

Мы рады сообщить вам две сногсшибательные новости. В эту субботу в Букле (@booklaalmaty) пройдёт лекция и концерт яркого представителя сибирской электронной сцены HMOT (@hmotology) В 16.00 Стас стартует с лекцией в которой расскажет о принципах живого электронного выступления. Мы делаем это, как подарок музыкантам и интересующимся людям нашего города и поэтому будем безумно рады видеть как можно больше вас - старых и новых друзей Буклы #synesthesia #Hmot #букла #живойпатч


How many of you have had New Year’s resolutions that were supposed to be for the year, but stopped around February? Yea, that used to be me too! What that’s called is lack of commitment. So stay committed and don’t lose your momentum!

They say the sky is the limit, but really the MIND is the limit. Set your mindset as high as you want or as low as you want. It’s your choice!

Everybody knows the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to”, but it’s so true. If you tell yourself you can, you’re right. If you tell your mind you can’t you’re also right. Be careful.

Fun fact: nothing slows your progression worse than a negative mindset, so keep your thoughts in check!

Have you ever wanted and thought about something so hard that it happened? Well that’s what you call a powerful mindset, and if you dwell on something enough whether it’s good or bad it can happen for you.

People think success is about skill, connection, opportunity and those do play large parts but the hidden factor is mindset. A positive mindset is the key to your success.

It's fine to give up on fear, negativity and doubt etc, but some things are a non-negotiable so if you were thinking about giving up on your dreams and goals then think again! bit.ly/mygoldweek

Waiting on a breakthrough in your business can be discouraging, but you wanna know what's even more discouraging? The regret of giving up. Just wait, it will be worth it. bit.ly/mygoldweek

In the words of the legendary Michael Jordan, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I like that! So with that being said, keep shooting your shots, you'll get it! bit.ly/mygoldweek

Yes, you need to have your ducks in a row regarding mindset, just don't forget the most crucial duck to have and that is self-belief. If you BELIEVE you can have it then giving up will never be an option. bit.ly/mygoldweek

You can have all the right things to give yourself a foundation for success, but if you don't BELIEVE you can have success then what do you really have? bit.ly/iamcertified

Too many people give up too quick and as a result they never get what they desire in life. Be the person who gets it, not wants it. bit.ly/mygoldweek

How many people were procrastinators back in school? Well... I hate to break it you but procrastinating and success don't mix. But replace the procrastination with preparation and NOW you're talking.

People always think there's some secret to happiness, life, success and all that but the real secret is YOU. You can have all the success you desire if you prepare!

Everybody wants success and in my mind,preparation is setting yourself for success and if you're not doing that, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s something to think on: dedication is the key ingredient that turns a dream into a reality. Do YOU have what it takes?

Whenever someone calls you “obsessed” when talking about the things you’re working towards, just know that obsessed is a word that lazy people used to describe people who are dedicated. Don’t stop grinding!

If you have any plans on achieving your goals then you have two options. Either you’re ALL IN or you’re ALL OUT. Dedication requires only one, you can’t be both.

It’s good to call those things that be not as though they were but make sure you claim some dedication too! Because without dedication you can’t rightfully claim anything. Work smart for your success!

I know this world will tell you that you deserve every good in this world, but did the world also tell you, you gotta EARN the good things in life? Things don’t just fall in your lap, you have to have dedication, now get to work!

External validation is addicting, but inner acceptance is healing. If you were a life coach, which concept would you push to your client?

Mediocre coaches spoonfeed you solutions. GREAT coaches ask the right questions to make you pick up that spoon and feed yourself. Which type of coach are you?

Have you brushed off good ideas because they weren't fully formed? Well, let;s just say a life coach will help you develop your garden of ideas.

Life Coaching isn't about having all the answers. It's about asking the right questions to get the right answers.

Life coaches help you visualize and materialize your goals while seeing to it that you don't overlook what you have already achieved. Why again don't you have YOUR certification?

bit.ly/iamcertified or go to lifestrategiesnow.org

When we look back over our lives, the only thing that we'll regret is the chances that we DIDN'T take. Don't be one of those people who look back with wonder and regret. Take your opportunity while you got it. Go to bit.ly/iamcertified and become a life coach.

When we sit around waiting for the answers to fall out of the sky, we forget that we have the power to grab the steering wheel ourselves! You know what you need to do, your life coach certification is waiting at bit.ly/iamcertified, go get it!

Before you can help anybody else, you GOTTA help yourself. How do you do that? Start by becoming a life coach, I got certified years ago and I've been winning ever since. You can win too just head on to lifestrategiesnow.org

There's nothing wrong with feeling discouraged sometimes, but the real loss comes from not trying again. Redirect yourself back on the path to your goals. Visit bit.ly/iamcertified and achieve the greatness that you know you have.

When you say to yourself, "I'll do that later, or now is not the right time" you're throwing shade to yourself and your dreams. The time is now! Go to bit.ly/iamcertified and go get yours!

It's good to have the knowledge, the vision and the passion, but it's your ACTIONS that will drive you into success! Go make it happen!

Familiar face (@eijorge) in for his HMOT. 😉👍 The Health MOT is a short healthassessment held in Nuffield Healthgyms. Using non-invasive clinical tests and a questionnaire, a highly qualified personal trainer will take your healthinformation and use this to agree achievable health goals... Get yourself booked in aswell @nuffieldhealthedinburghomni

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Made it back to London on the red-eye and back in work by 9:15am...my #blackandwhitecookie made it too (if you know, you know!) And it’s Friday. Today is off to a good start! ✌🏼⚫️⚪️ #hmot #tgif #butfirstcoffee #sleepwhenimdead #sitlikeadude

Here's what I know, you don't attract what you want with your thoughts. You attract what you want with your ACTIONS. Act now, the time is right!

Don't procrastinate on your dreams. The sooner you do what it takes, the sooner you'll meet your goals. Your goals don't work until YOU do!

You can have faith from here to London, but if you don't put some action steps behind your faith then your dreams will never leave your mind. Get to work!

Faith unlocks potential! I had enough faith to follow my dream of becoming a certified life coach and I'm so glad I did. If you need a coach or want to be a coach go to lifestrategiesnow.org

Here's an interesting thought that someone left me with today, prayer is when you bring your worries to God, faith is when you LEAVE them with God. Now that's a good way to look at it!

Life can be full of uncertainty, and it's not always easy to deal with. But have a little bit of faith and see what happens!

Wanna know a secret? Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life! Since I've become a life coach I find myself being so full of gratitude that I GET to help others. I want you to share in that joy too, go to bit.ly/iamcertifed!

Everything is about perspective so let me give it to you like this: it's not happy people who are grateful, it's grateful people who are happy! See what I did there?

In the true spirit of gratitude I must say that I am grateful not only because I'm a life coach but I GET to certify others as well and help them create a better life too. There's enough blessing to go around so go to bit.ly/iamcertified and get yours too!

Your praise will ever be on my lips 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #gratefulheart #HMOT

Did you know that every day you open two gifts? That's right, they're your eyes and if you're listening to this then you have two more gifts, your ears! That's already four reasons to be grateful for, let me hear you think of some more!

In a world where most people want things quick and right now, people are not thinking about long term consistency, they only consider short term gratification. The short term may be faster, but the long term is better.

National fitness day is here, come down to the club and get involved in today’s activities. Start making a difference today, whether it’s a swim or a class. We have it all at Stockley Park.
#nationalfitnessday #nuffieldhealth #stockleypark #gym #fitness #motivation #lifestyle #health #healthy #training #personaltraining #personaltrainer #healthmot #hmot

Did you know that consistency is best friends with results? Well, if not then get out there and have a productive day not just today but EVERY day and see what happens.

Come and join us, bring friends and family! Taster classes, mini HMOTS, membership offers and lots of delicious taster/ samples in the cafe. #nationalfitnessday #nuffield #gym #HMOT #classes #cafe #westbyfleet

The past held uncertainty but yet you rose to the occasion each time. You're in charge so today tell any feelings of self-doubt to take a seat and watch you work! 🌸

Start the week with something new, book in a free Health Mot or free gym program with our reception team.
#gym #fitness #nuffieldhealth #stockleypark #uxbridge #london #heathrow #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #pt #personaltrainer #personaltraining #healthmot #hmot #fitfam

Ever feel stuck? Well, it's a proven fact that if you think of everything and everybody you're grateful for instance your home, car, or your even your dog, you will get through those blue feelings.

When we measure our day only by what we've done, we overlook who we're becoming. Today instead of creating a "to-do" list, create a "TO-BE" list.

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