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Rally Transilvania: an accident in ss5 this morning made an abrupt end to our rally. Both, @chewon_racing and myself are ok. Taking a rest is the only thing we can do at this moment. Thanks everybody for the support and the rally organisation to take care of us.
#hyundaimotorsport #codriver #HMDP #Hyundai #R5

someday we will gonna miss this moment 😌 #sensestation #HMDP #telkomuniversity

No estudio para saber más estudio para ignorar menos. Three years ago I embarked on a journey the I had only envisioned in my dreams. The road towards obtaining my undergrad has been one full of sleepless nights and frustration as I dealt with doubted I would be able to live up to my dreams. Three years later I am a different person than the 17 year old ASU sophomore that felt lost. I would not have been able to achieve my dreams without having the support of my family and their words to remind me to continue to purse my goals. But mami I would not have made it without your support most of all. All those years we participated in HMDP as we both began to understand what this journey would bring up. As you reminded me constantly how important it was for me to go to school 6 days a week and durning the summer with the ACE program during high school. And most importantly the nights you were up late at night with me as moral support to encourage me to finish my assignments. But your words, "Yo se que te cuesta pero no te dudes. Ya haz hecho mucho y vas a seguir sobresaliendo," meant so much during the times I doubted myself. And I could not have been more full of joy to wear a tassel that you beaded for me❤️. As I take the time to prepare for the 5 graduation ceremonies I will attend, I look forward to the goals I have set for myself post undergrad. Being a first generation latinx undergrad has taught me to overcome adversity with hope of realizing my dreams, those of my parents, and inspiring my brother to do the same. Y eso si, no fue fácil pero una experiencia que me ha dejado menos ignorante y estoy orgullosa por poder decir que termine a los 20 años. 👩🏻‍🎓🎉🌎💉 #latinxgradcaps #asugrad #ASU2017 #HMDP

"When one teaches, two learn." - Robert Heinlein

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel about my college and new career experience at ASU for the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program along with 6 other amazing and successful Latina woman! It was such a blessing going back to my school and talking to a group of junior and seniors ladies and their mothers for an organization that made such a huge impact in my educational career! I truly appreciate the chance to be apart of this experience! It was also nice to catch up with some mentees and hear how far along they have come! It was such a humbling experience and I am excited for more moments like these! Thank you @princesseyanosa #accessasu #HMDP #panel #education

Deus cuida de nós através de seus servos.

Pai, não permita que eu te esqueça na minha caminhada! 🙏

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The ever magnificent Niagara Falls. Visiting after 14 years.... #niagarafallscanada #hmdp #horseshoefalls #toronto2014 #ontariocanada


Finished recce of Rally Nova Gorica in Slovenia! Very technical, fast, twisty, wet and whatever you want stages 😅 Looking forward to discover them with our #NGi20R5 ! #hyundaimotorsport #codriver #HMDP #workhardplayharder #recce #rally #OnePower #motorsports #HMI #Hyundai #i20R5 #livingthedream #alphinestars #stilohelmets @alpinestars @stilohelmets @stilo_official @stilobelgium @chewonlim @hmsgofficial

Had a great time sharing my story with ASU Hispanic Mother Daughter participants today! #ASU #LatinaPower #HMDP #ASUAlumna #SiSePuede #Education #PrepareforCollege #AccessASU #LatinaStillStanding

Finished Rallye Deutschland. Good feeling in the car after a tough weekend. #nevergiveup is the spirit! Thanks to @hmsgofficial , #HMI and all the people involved!
-Official press release is coming soon!- #hyundaimotorsport #HMSG #HMDP #codriver #workhardplayharder #lovemyjob #OnePower #lovelypeople #nevergiveup @hmsgofficial @chewonlim

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