We have Jacob here working on some tall drops! 9 footer here. .
Come see us today to see what your kids can do!! #parkour #freerunning

@trevor_steele_ working on his standing Webster’s

@trevor_steele_ doing some weird wall flip

Eli Stewart has it all relaxed in the air 😎 #peterpanstall #backflipandchill #parkour

Sponsored athlete @trevor_steele_ doing a weird lookin flying squirrel front flip

@trevor_steele_ doin a big swing

Join us soon for our new class!! We will be offering a Movie Remake Class where you can act out your favorite action scenes from movies, games and tv shows!! Come check us out today!! #parkour #freerunning #hknuparkour

Sponsored athlete @trevor_steele_ getting hype after landing his Kong-front to cat

@hknuparkour sponsored athlete, Eli Stewart rocks the palm flip at class tonight! 👊🏼🙌🏼 #parkour #flips

I love little flow tricks like this 😎. #parkour #freerunning #flow #HKNUparkour #evansvilleparkour

@trevor_steele_ workin on his 180 step up raidens

Volunteer/Sponsored athlete @trevor_steele_ working on his 360 frontflips

Keep an eye out on our website! We will be updating our staff page to add all our new volunteers and staff including @trevor_steele_ here. Come see us today!!

We are finally updating the website so keep an eye out for my bio! Check out hardkourunlimited.com for the updates! #parkourcoach #evansvilleparkour #HKNUparkour #parkourusa #parkourgym

Congratulations to Aidan and Jackson for completing our level 3 assessment! Sign up today to start taking classes!

Congratulations to Isaac, McClain, and Patrick for completing our level 4 assessment! Sign up today to start taking classes!

Tried some training low to the ground today, until the end that is 😅

How creative are you with your crab walk?

The only way I'm going is up.
I don't hit the salmon ladder often enough but it always reminds me that i can reach every goal I set for myself.

One of our sponsored athletes, @trevor_steele_ working on #kongfront to #dash

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