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Fabulous Kinfolk/#hkfoodpioneers gathering at HK Farm! Thanks @paosinis @carmenchan @samishome @tlikebubbletea for organising!

Hong Ning Dairy, a true #HK dairy!

#hkfoodpioneers assemble!


Ginger cookies , Thanks my sister !!

Enjoy my tea break ^^

Mini Assorted Diced Sashimi Rice Bowl

Good morning !!

Nina and Jen whipped up a culinary storm with their made from scratch pomegranate molasses! Yum yum. #foodporn #hkfoodpioneers

Today choice Toffee Nut Latte ^0^

Ginger latte

Cheer ~~

The muffin look like mushroom XD

金網鍋貼餃 Pan Fried Shanghai Potsticker

鍋燒生煎包 Stream fried bun w/pork stuffing in clay-pot

Handmade moon cake @Jessie , so yummy ^0^

Dinner at Luk Yu Tea House

Green tea waffle with red beans ice cream

Chocolate ice cream , too simple but yummy ^3^


Turtle bread …輝輝

My choice @starbucks

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