Remember to always be polite and nice to our fun and wonderful bar staff who pour you your delicious drinks! 💕

First picture is us before the free shots, and second picture is us after! Don’t miss out on our excellent drink deals tonight - see you all 9pm at @hanjanhk for your first free shot!

Calling all cocktail lovers! We’re excited to announce that @wearethepontiac will be joining us as a bar partner starting from tomorrow’s crawl! And we’re even more excited to say that they’ll be serving up their most popular cocktail - the Hobnail (rye whiskey, ginger, averna, lemon 🍋) managed by Beckaly Franks, the first ever female mixologist to win the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup! 💪

Congratulations @urbanpackhostel’s guests for winning the Beer Pong Tournament Crawl! Here we have two very happy winners with their prizes! 🍻

In honor of our BEER PONG TOURNAMENT CRAWL this Saturday, we’ve compiled an album of some of our favorite beer pong moments. It’s not too late to sign up and win a bottle of Belvedere vodka at the final club 😏 Link in bio!

Above & Beyond reveal the location for Anjunadeep Open Air: Hong Kong. Click for more details... http://www.hkclubbing.com/events/details/7273-anjunadeep-open-air-hong-kong.html
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STACK CUP: a family-friendly game for all occasions! Just kidding, be prepared to DRINK if you’re playing with the HKPC family. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, look it up because that’s what we’re playing on our crawl tonight! 9pm at @hanjanhk to kickstart the crawl 🎉 (Not to be confused with our Beer Pong Tournament Crawl this Saturday)

🎉 LAST CALL FOR EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 🎉 It’s your final chance to get a FREE HKPC shirt/tank top with your Beer Pong Tournament Crawl ticket! Use code “IGPONG” before tomorrow at checkout to redeem. Link in bio!

🍻HKPC SPECIAL: BEER PONG TOURNAMENT CRAWL🍻 Join us on August 11th for Hong Kong’s first ever inter-hostel beer pong tournament with FREE-FLOW BEER! Yes, you heard that right. The night will start at your select hostel location and end in @secrets5f for the semi-finals and finals. Champions can enjoy table service at @zentralclub, but with our crazy deals, we believe everyone’s a winner on our special night 🎉 ***EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Get your ticket before Aug 8th with code “IGPONG” to get a free t-shirt! Link in bio!***

We’d like to introduce @hamikapp, the app sponsoring the FREE - FLOW BEER at our Beer Pong Tournament Crawl this coming Saturday! Your future friends are on Hamik - Download the app now to chat with other travelers and discover awesome activities and events together! It is available on iOS and Android.

As you can tell by our staff’s face, we take beer pong VERY seriously at Hong Kong Pub Crawl 😂 Test your luck (or skill) at our Beer Pong Tournament crawl on Aug 11th. Link in bio!

If a HKPC tattoo is too much of a commitment for you, show us some love on our beer pong tournament by rocking your *FREE* HKPC shirt! Use code “IGPONG” at checkout before Aug 8th to get your free shirt while supplies last! Link in bio! 👚

Smiles (and one frown) all around our Thursday LKF Crawl! $40 for 2 beers, $30 for signature cocktails AND a free shot at each bar... if that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will! 9pm at @hanjanhk!

We’re excited to announce we’ll be hosting our BEER PONG TOURNAMENT CRAWL on August 11th! Scratch your weekend plans because you’ll want to be participating in this. For our early birds, buy your ticket through the link in our bio using code “IGPONG” before Aug 8th and get a FREE HKPC t-shirt! 🍻

We’re excited to announce that @kimmywhat is HKPC’s newest brand ambassador! Come drop by the crawl to say hi and don’t forget to head on over to her profile for a special discount! 😉 Interested in working with us? Send us a message or email us at info@hongkongpubcrawl.com!

For “health and safety” reasons, Walter White aka Hong Kong Pub Crawl’s biggest fan, will not be attending the crawl tonight. But that’s no reason why YOU shouldn’t. Join us on our Thursday LKF Crawl tonight (9pm at @hanjanhk) for cheap drinks and great company!

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing you an additional happy hour location, this time on Kowloon side at @urbanpackhostel! Get your best game face on this Thursday because we’re DRINKING!

⭐️HKPC CELEBRITY SPECIAL: Spotted the one and only Sam Smith kicking it with our staff. Noticed any other celebs on our crawls? Send them our way! Stay tuned for more celebrity appearances 😂

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