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I work from home. I get to choose when I leave my house most days, and I never leave in bad weather. Of course, the day of the two doctor appointments that I booked 3-4 months ago, this happens. Of course. Raining so hard we all had our hazard lights on and we were driving super slow. Fun times. At least the temp dropped and it is below 70 now. #thisishouston #houstonweather #gulfcoastweather #hiwi #houston

ሂዊ እሄ ድርቅ የምትይውን ነገር ተይ እሺ😃 #hiwi #abushye sewedachu😍😍

Ayooo tag temen kamu yang kalo nangis mukanya kayak begini 😁😁😁 #HIWI-P *ini cuman renungan suci yaaaa, senior tinggi PASBRATA mah baek baek 😉😉

I love a good shirt dress, and this one is no different!


Jeder Mensch, ganz ungelogen, braucht nen guten Urologen 🎶
#uro #hiwi #kongress #frühübtsich #medizinstudium


Trending: culotte pants! 😍

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