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Hitter’s Performance???
Yes!!! What’s are your players doing to strengthen their performance at the plate. Here’s some things to remember; great hitters are smart at the plate, they get the skill sets it takes to do some damage and they can recognize what they are doing wrong.
They put in the time to constantly get better and work on those skill sets. They also can do some incredible work in their performance development in the weight room and workouts.
Here’s some things I address-
Legs-players need an incredible base. They need powerful legs, exercises like squats, elevated split squats, lunges, deadlifts, bowler squats are great to strengthen their hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads.
Rotational Power-exercises that strengthen players core like rotational ball slams, lateral ball pleases, wood chop are all great examples of strengthening your core in different planes of movement.
Upper body exercises like pull ups, push ups, ball passes, plank walks are great for that push through the ball.
Mobility and Agility exercise like bear crawls, box hops, skaters are all good examples of a players ability to adjust to pitches and create power.
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Improving the ability to transfer power from the lower body through the core is essential for powerful swings and throws. We’ve been incorporating med ball work back into our programming as we slowly transition from our strength phase to explosive power phase. The med ball slam is an explosive, total body exercise that forces the athlete to combine strength, speed and power to efficiently develop, transfer and apply forces from the ground up. It also encourages the athlete to work on weight shift, posture, balance and coordination. Notice how the demands of this exercise mimics the loading and exploding movements used in hitting and throwing. #medballexercises #medballslams #explosivepower #offseason #conditioning #strength #baseballtraining #fitnessfriday #hittingpower #throwingpower

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Nick Gavin two med ball variations. The first one is a rotational shotput throw followed by a side to side overhead med ball slam. Throughout the course of the off season we’ll be incorporating overhead and rotational med ball variations to work on developing power. Power production comes down to apply force as rapidly as possible. When doing med ball variations we only use 4-8 lbs., sometimes 10-12 lbs. depending on the athletes ability level to produce power effectively. The purpose and the intent when throwing med balls needs to be addressed so we transfer the power to sport specific movements like throwing velocity/ arm strength and hitting bat speed/ exit velocity. The purpose is to apply as much force as possible as rapidly as possible= power. The intent is to break the ball or the wall with every repetition to ensure we’re explosive and moving at high velocities to maximize power output. If you slow down when doing overhead med ball variations, think about how that would transfer to throwing if you don’t accelerate your arm when throwing, your velocity and arm strength would decrease. Don’t be afraid to wear the ball in the face. The same application applies to rotational med ball throws, if you’re not moving fast you’ll lose power. Think about how this transfers to throwing and hitting. You’ll lose arm strength, velocity, and bat speed decreasing lower output. When approaching med ball work put yourself in a competitive situation. Again, your intent is to throw the ball with high velocity with the goal of breaking the ball or breaking the wall. There is direct correlation with these drills to improve throwing velocity, arm strength, bat speed- overall power output through overhead and rotational movement patterns.

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Got a surprise visit from one of my favorite people in the world today. @emoore903 came to see his big bro one more time before he heads off to start his college career. And in typical GPT fashion, we ended up putting some hard work in. Check out the videos of Evan doing the Ground Based Jammer to increase bat speed and rotational power/explosiveness. Proud of you buddy. Kick ass.
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Like these for thoracic rotational strength. @gabelac1 @joelacagnina #totd #naplesfl #sportsperformance #basketball #baseball #hittingpower. Gabe plays for the southern division of @scorpsbaseball

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