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I’m working on a new series of portraits inspired by my recent portrait session with this rather wild looking young man from Russia. The new series, entitled “The Madman”, which will be comprised of eight portraits, is inspired by Picasso’s 1904 work entailed “Le Fou” / “L’idiot”. The image here is a cropped version of one of the eight portraits.
To view the full-length version, please visit my website, www.troyschooneman.com (link in bio). As always, the works are best viewed on a large computer screen. However, nothing can compare to the printed works.

Beneš Knüpfer (1844 - 1910) #paintingsdaily #historyofart #arthistory #art

Since today on #Twitter (and probably on IG, too?) it seems to be #Catsgiving, I MUST post the cat-painting-to-end-all-cat paintings. This was commissioned by Kate Birdsall Johnson, a now-legendary 19thc cat lady and millionairess who also had the fortune to support 350 cats on a 3,000 acre estate in Sonoma, CA, and left another $500,000 after her death for their care. The painting shows *only* 42 of her favorite kitties; the painting was titled "My Wife's Lovers" by her husband, who was either being sarcastic or despairing. The painting was recently sold by @sothebys for $826,000. That's a whole lot of kibble! "My Wife's Lovers" by Carl Kahler, c1890. #catportraits #catlady #neverenoughcats #1890s #austrianartist #carlkahler #somanycats #catlover #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #heartart #heartcats #instacats #catsofinstagram

Have you ever visited Germany? 🇩🇪 Tell us in the comments
Basilica in Goessweinstein , Germany by @horiaki2
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Tal día como hoy, nace en Lessines (Bélgica) en 1898, René François Ghislain Magritte, más conocido como René Magritte, considerado como una de las figuras más importantes del surrealismo.

En nuestra página web puedes encontrar el análisis de una de sus obras más famosas: "LOS AMANTES"

#arte #art #renemagritte #magritte #surrealismo #surrealism #pintura #picture #pinturasurrealista #losamantes #lessines #belgica #historiadelarte #historyofart #arthistory #arthistorian #lacamaradelarte #LCDA #efemerides #artist #pintor


Дорогие читатели, соскучились уже по нашим чудесным лекциям❓

Команда @YaAndArt приготовила для Вас невероятное знакомство с самой известной мексиканской художницей - Фридой Кало🌺

Вы узнаете абсолютно все о ней и даже о том, было ли у неё что-то с Троцким ?😱

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Кроме лекции Вас ждут вино и мексиканские закуски (они входят в стоимость лекции) 😏

Но чтобы Вы точно не сомневались, что Ваше воскресенье будет ярким и насыщенным, то оставим небольшую интригу:
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Присоединяйтесь к нашему чудесному мексиканскому празднику🌮🍷🌺

Paul François Quinsac - Allégorie de la Musique
#art #arthistory #historyofart #painting #paintingsofwomen

Gustave Courbet, The Wounded Man, ca. 1866 Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm, Belvedere Museum, Vienna.
Gustave Courbet, 1819-1877, was a French painter and leader of the Realist movement. Courbet rebelled against the Romantic painting of his day, turning to everyday events for his subject matter. His huge shadowed canvases with their solid groups of figures, such as The Artist’s Studio, drew sharp criticism from the establishment. His work, however, exerted much influence on the modern movements that followed him. He offered succeeding generations of painters not so much a new technique as a whole new philosophy. The aim of his painting was not, as previous schools had maintained, to embellish or idealize reality but to reproduce it accurately. Courbet succeeded in ridding his painting of artistic clichés, contrived idealism, and timeworn models. Self-portraits occupied a central place in Gustave Courbet's youthful works. They were aesthetic and moral statements in which Courbet both claimed the heritage of the old Masters, the Dutch and Venetians in particular and indulged in romantic dramatisation by investing the romantic theme of the artist made heroic by suffering. The original picture painted in 1844 was reworked by Courbet ten years later, at the end of a love affair. The woman, who was originally leaning on the artist's shoulder, has been replaced by a sword and Courbet has added a red bloodstain on his shirt over his heart. This painting in Vienna's Belvedere Museum is a copy of the original that is in the collection of Musée d'Orsay in Paris.
#gustavecourbet #courbet #lhommeblessé #woundedman #thewoundedman #realism #historyofart #arthistory #historiadelarte #kunstgeschichte #histoiredelart #storiadellarte


Excavation Cremon Island / Bei den Mühren in Hamburg: Almost six meters below the current street level the oldest traces of settlements dating back to the 12th to 13th century were discovered.
Ausgrabung Cremon-Insel/Bei den Mühren in Hamburg: Fast sechs Meter unter dem heutigen Straßenniveau konnten die ältesten Siedlungsspuren, die in das 12. bis 13. Jahrhundert datieren, entdeckt werden.
Foto: Peet Behm #amhde

Pré Raphaëlite stained glass 😍
#Christchurch #Oxford #historyofart #BurneJones

‘Lincluden College, Dumfries-shire’ was drawn by William Henry Bartlett and engraved on steel by R. Wallis, for "The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland" by Nathaniel Parker Willis and J. Stirling Coyne. It was published by George Virtue of 26 Ivy Lane, London in 1842. This print measures 8 1/4 x 10 5/8 inches. Come and visit our website listed above to see a plethora of other beautiful original antique prints! 🍀🍀🍀

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