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Let me preference this by saying I loved this pack. But these were my least liked out the 3. White soles tend to kill a lot of designs that have released over the years and these are no exception. My other problem with these was the black ele-print. If they had of went with white accents it would of hit harder to me. Now I’m in no way a designer, nor do i have any background in fashion so I’m blind to true design.. but simply changing a few things would of made these a hit to me. Now next week we will dive into the ultra highs. All week since there are 5 pairs, luckily that actually makes them easier to get through. We will do our best not to talk about flyknits during next weeks History of 1s ok? Great. 😏till later ✌🏾
<~~~> Air Jordan 1 High
Gym Red/Black-White-Team Red

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Sorry for being late folks. Should i drop these earlier to always be on time? Like at 1 p.m. Monday-Friday? <~~>Now as stated yesterday these and the red pair were supposed to be apart of the first set of the rare airs. The pack included removable patches. Now why they switched them regular retros is beyond me. Dubbed the un-supreme pack, these were fairly decent but suffered the same fate most retro highs do. I loved these personally, but didn’t wear them enough to keep them. Now this wasn’t the first, second, or even the third time ele-print has graced a jordan 1, or even a jordan 1 high.. election days, mocha/gingers.. but these were fresh. For some reason seeing these 3 ( last pair tomorrow) together made sense. And showed me also why the blogs nicknamed them he in supreme pack. The last pair had me conflicted and we will deep dive into that tomorrow..
😏till later ✌🏾
<~~~> Air Jordan 1 High “Un-Supreme”
Black/Cement-White-Varsity Red
January 2016

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Look I’m not sure if I dived into this pack yet, but I need a filler and here they go lol. The unsupreme pack, not an official name, was a set of 3 elephant print dresses retro highs that dropped back in 2016. They were scheduled to drop along side the rare airs with extra patches to switch out but were changed at the last minute. With these being the additional pair added to the pack. I copped all 3 when they did drop and only have this particular pair left. To be honest, I loved the whole pack. This pair lasted the survivor series and for good reason. One of the few black and white kicks I owned at the time, before the essentials pack dropped. The pure platinum color is just nice no matter what pair its covering and with the ele-print set, it just complemented the other two well. Closing the week with the ele-print set! . 😏till later ✌🏾
<~~~> Air Jordan 1 High “Elephant Print”
Color: White/Pure Platinum
Style Code: 839115-106
Price: $140

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We made it to the last pair of he nouveau highs. Starting tomorrow we could dive into the ultras, or touch on some more retro highs before we return to the ogs. There are only 5 ultras, so I’m thinking of picking some fillers till Monday to give them a full week, what do you guys think? Anyway, the last 3 pairs all released at the same time. And with no hard date hit select retailers before hitting everywhere else. The snake skin pack ( dubbed by the blogs) hit us in black and red, pure platinum, and these. They all share the same faux snake texture. And these were clean, minus the deadly all white sole. For some these were comfortable, for others it was killer on their shins. Like quality it’s all relative to everyone’s own experience. To close these out I’ll say this, I loved the concept, hated the execution. And I feel the nouveau mids are way better. 😏till later ✌🏾
<~~~> Air Jordan 1 Retro High Nouveau
Color: Midnight Navy/Midnight Navy-Pure Platinum-White
Style Code: 819176-407
Release date: May 2016

Photos via @oneness287 #historyof1s <~~~~~~<
We got one more to go after these, and after we finish with the nouveau highs we will take a pit stop to ultra... well you’ll see. I was too excited to get these in hand. The texture... listen the nouveau high line was a dream for me. When the nouveau mids dropped, almost every pair were super dope and just excellently executed. While the highs were done well, they just didn’t feel right. Some say the tongue was too high, for me it was just the look on foot. Similar to the 1.5s, on foot they didn’t look right. And to me the look matters, cause if my wife don’t like em then it’s a no. But if I don’t.. then well it’s a no go period. This colorway was the main one I was looking forward to besides the military green pair, but it just didn’t thrill me. Last pair going up tomorrow! 😏till later ✌🏾
<~~~> Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau
Black/Gym Red-White
Code : 819176-001
Price: $150
Release date: May 2016

#historyof1s <~~~~~~< Ok we are down to our last 3 nouveaus! Now we have gone over all the things that make these different, making these last few futures directly focused on colorway. The last 3 were fashioned after faux snake skin. And these marked the 4th-5th time we seen the pure platinum color hit a jordan, and the 3rd time it hit a jordan 1. I personally love this color, and the mix they used made these look clean. But like I’ve stated these in hand just didn’t work for me. I don’t know what could of made these better or more appealing to me. I love a few who loved them. I mean I was in love of the thought of these when the news first broke. Even loved some of the colorways.. they just didn’t do it for me in hand. We will finish these up next week!
😏till later ✌🏾
<~~~> Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau
Colorway: Pure Platinum/Pure Platinum-Bright Crimson-White
Code : 819176-050
Price : $150
Date: April 2016

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