When you receive a message that there is more of you your new favorite glasses!!! Luanne what do you say? I think these are just gorgeous 💗💗💗💗💗 Picked up from @angelwingsink in Gloucester.
Can’t wait for our first Dinner Party 🍴 to show this beautiful collection off.
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The new LIGHTS in the porch looks soooo pretty. Can’t believe it’s the same porch.
Today Dave hung up all our little pieces that make the porch that much prettier.
What a nice surprise to come home to after taking Henrick back to the vet. Unfortunately his scar got even more swollen. Hope he’ll be back to normal real soon.

Wear the Imperial Banner of the Holy Roman Empire. Follow the account link.
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This is a Gildan Heavy Cotton shirt with a great print applied on it. The shipping is pretty fast (from the U.S.) and really cheap (Worldwide). All payments are processed through Paypal for security reasons. Message us at any time for further questions or if in need of support.

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This beach is inextricably linked to the fishing quarter of the same name, Barceloneta, Barcelona's classic neighbourhood by the sea, where the people of Barcelona love to come and eat fish and seafood dishes and "tapas". Located in the traditional fishing district, this is one of Barcelona's oldest and best-loved beaches. It is thought to have inspired Miguel de Cervantes as the setting for the fight between Don Quixote and the Knight of the White Moon. Prior to the 1992 Olympic Games, the Barceloneta district of Barcelona was one of the least desirable areas of the city. This is where they dumped the poor people who got displaced during the construction of the notorious Ciutadella fortress, and the district was characterized by its narrow alleys, tiny flats and the smell of fish hauled in from the boats. The coastal winds of change did finally blow, and the neglected area was transformed into the bustling Barceloneta beach front and one of the city’s foremost attractions.

This tank, the culprit of history's strangest disaster, towered above freight sheds, the Charlestown Navy yard, and countless public utility buildings. It cast an eerie shadow on the tracks of the #Boston elevated and the old houses nearby. COMING NEXT WEEK!
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Cleópatra, a última rainha do Egito! Brilhante política e estrategista, era formada em retórica e sabia aritmética, geometria e música, além de falar nove línguas! 💕
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Kylemore Abbey, County Galway, Ireland. The story of Kylemore Abbey begins with a man named Mitchell Henry. Born in Manchester to Irish parents, Mitchell was raised in an afluent household, and he received a stellar education becoming a successful doctor. Upon his father's death in 1862, however, Mitchell left medicine behind to pursue politics and commerce further growing the family fortune. And in 1867, he decided to return to Ireland with his wife and family where they bought the land around the Abbey (they had spent time there in 1840s during their honeymoon). Construction began that same year, and it took a hundred men and four years to finish. The building was completed with over 70 rooms and covered 40,000 sq. ft. Then called Kylemore Castle, the estate was designed with the nicer things in life in mind. It was said that Mitchell was hospitable 'on a lavish and extensive scale'. Supposedly, King Edward VII considered purchasing the estate but decided against it because it was too expensive. Unfortunately for Mitchell, this focus on pleasure began to decline with the death of his wife. Kylemore Castle was eventually sold to the Duke and Duchess of Manchester in 1909. But the Duke it seems had a gambling problem and apparently lost the estate in a game of cards. At any rate, the estate had to be sold to cover his gambling debt, and in 1920, it was bought by the Irish Benedictine Nuns which is when the estate became the Kylemore Abbey. It's a beautiful place, with good food and great views. Take a look if ever you're in County Galway, Ireland.

At our journey through Nideggen/Hürtgenwald, we (@world_wars_relic.hunting and I) got bored in an evening. We went out to drive around a little and found this castle. Our curiousity told us to visit it and it was an amazing experience!
I've done my research when I got home, and found some interesting facts! Make sure to read these :)
The ruin of Nideggen Castle is a in the town of Nideggen in the German district of Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia. It was the seat of the mighty Counts and Dukes of Jülich and in the Middle Ages had the reputation of being impregnable. The castle is on top of a high rock.
The castle Nideggen was built by the Counts of Gulik in the strategically important border area with the former glory of Monschau. The castle was to secure the inherited territory of the Counts of Gulik against the interests of the Archbishop of Cologne.
After the successful battle of Lechenichin 1242, William IV locked up the archbishop Koenraad van Hochstadennegegen in the dungeon of the castle. After that he won the battle in October 1267 at Zülpich, he locked up the Archbishop of Cologne Engelbert II of Valkenburg for three years. The cage was put outside at special times, so that people could watch and mock him. When the Pope protested against this unworthy treatment for a prelate, Van Gulik replied: "He is not a prelate prisoner, but a prey caught in my own area".
In 1689, the building wasn't shown mercy at all. During the Nine Year War it was plundered and burnt down by troops of Louis XIV of France and with earthquakes in the years 1755 and 1878. The castle received reparations and was sold or leased to various people in pieces. Only at the initiative of the Nideggener Citizenship, to this came an end. The castle was bought and donated to Kreis Düren who still owns it today.
At 1901, the castle is rebuilt and used as a museum, but attacks during the Second World War caused damage to buildings of an unknown size. The reconstruction began in 1950. First of all, the Romanesque parish church was restored. And after that the castle tower was restored to its original form.
Note: The first two pictures aren't taken by me (I wasn't able to).

‘Splitting the nobles’ English nobles choose allegiance by selecting either a white rose for House of York, or a red rose for House of Lancaster. Outbreak of the Wars of the Roses. 15th century England. Also a direct influence for George R.R. Martin’s Game Of Thrones.. and it’s really not hard to see how.
And people say our history is boring?!. 😂😍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌹 #historygeek #englishhistory #warsoftheroses #houseofyork #houseoflancaster #gameofthrones #influence #ineedtogetoutmore #nofucksgiven #whichsideareyouon

'How to live alone and like it' was the hit dating manual of 1937, by a no-shit-taking broad called Marjorie Hillis.

Instructions included:
- Modern men don't like to be 'sewn and knitted at', ie do whatever hobby pleases you
- To ignore suitors is to find them 'playing the guitar under your window'
-Don't even THINK of an affair before you're 30

Great fucking advice! You know where to go for more...

We visited the #historic and supposedly #haunted @malagainn in #mobilealabama last Fall, and we loved our stay. My daughter was entranced by the gorgeous #fountain in their courtyard, and the rooms were spacious and comfortable. I'd love to stay there again someday!

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Sometimes I need to let my #historygeek flag fly #pembroke #castle #history #wales #vscocam

14 августа 1812 года Наполеон Бонопарт со всеми корпусам своей армии перешёл левый берег Днепра и двинулся к Смоленску. Бакратион приказал задержать неприятеля всеми возможными силами.

Прикрываясь лесами и сложно маневрируя с целью скрыть от русских свой маршрут, Наполеон быстрыми переходами спешил к Смоленску левым берегом Днепра, но Неверовский со солдатами 27 - ой дивизии помешал этому и задержал его.

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Lovely day at mother Jue’s for afternoon tea, looking at pictures from 1890+ when Mams house was built ❤️☺️ #history #historygeek #armathwaite #cotehillstation

#allblackeverything - well, not meant in a #OhSo2k17 way but more in a 'couldn't see two inches in front of your face' way. In 2003, a massive power outage paralyzed the whole North East of the U.S. Was this an accidental black-out or was it a conspiracy? #Comment down below!
For more conspiracy theories, click through our channel 'Conspiracist' and learn about alternative theories today!
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The port of Lancaster, one of the most important ports in England during the late Georgian period.
Whenever ports/docks of England during the 18th century are mentioned, you normally hear citys like: Liverpool, Bristol or London, but one you never hear about is the port of Lancaster, which at one time was the 4th biggest port in England. Names like Dodshon Foster and the famous Rawlinson family were once based here, William stout and the Lindow family too. Just at the side of this Famous docks was once a shipyard called brockbanks, a firm which built over 127 vessels between 1763 and 1817. Many of the ships set sail to the west indies for trade. The Port itself was first acted upon by parliament in 1750 and it wasn't untill 1764 when the customs house was built by Robert gillows of the famous Gillow family, A very important building during Lancasters golden age. This place would have seen alot of activity during the French wars. Lancaster had a huge business for mahogany, Coffee, rum, rice and sugar. There are many Georgian Building left in lancaster with some having Mahogany banisters. It was also famous/infamous for the slave trade and having some of the biggest slave traders in the city. Alot of the warehouses and the custom houses still remain so you can see glimpses of the golden age of Lancaster #Lancaster #georgian #Lancashire #Follow #18thcentury #Historygeek #England #thegoldenage #Liverpool #Bristol #History

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