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Lots to see as Hyde hall hosts a Civil War-era encampment this weekend, featuring soldiers drilling and engaging in tactical maneuvers and singing authentic period songs. #HydeHall #EventsatHydeHall #HistoricNY

Historic venue - Essex House. Thank you to Tina, Sara and Achilles for hosting our walk through. Such a pleasure to meet you and experience your beautiful property. #eventvenue #nyc #historicny #eventmanagement #eventplanning @marriotthotels @essexhousenyc

map etched on the windows of this subway stop 🗺🗺🗺 #cartography #maps #historicny #newyork #instagramnyc

These two beauty's holding strong 🤞🏼for over a hundred plus years. They sure don't make things like they used to. 👌🏻 #enjoytroy #troyny #riverst #historicny

#hudson #paradehill a view of the Hudson lighthouse in the distance #nys #ny #historicny

My mom and grandmother in Tarrytown.
#family #tarrytown #westchestercounty #historicny #nofilter

Angry-faced fish friends 🐠🐟🐡


Philip Hooker was one of the most notable architects in Albany when George Clarke commissioned him to collaborate on what would become Hyde Hall. There is much mystery about the depths of his character and his skills, but some images and writings included in A Neat Plain Modern Stile: Philip Hooker and His Contemporaries, 1796-1836 intends to bring some of that to light and attempts to locate Hooker among the fellow architects of his time. #HistoricNY #HydeHall #ArchitectureatHydeHall https://link.cnymm.com/2vYVcQK

Lots to see as Hyde hall hosts a Civil War-era encampment this weekend, featuring soldiers drilling and engaging in tactical maneuvers and singing authentic period songs. #HydeHall #EventsatHydeHall #HistoricNY

Did you know that a terrace is a landscaping feature, often used by the English, to open up the view of a house to incoming visitors, as shown? Read more at the link! #HydeHall #ArchitectureatHydeHall #HistoricNY https://link.cnymm.com/2hholDB

Other Historic Places: In the Albany area? Hop down a few towns to Rensselaer and visit the Crailo State Historic Site and museum of the Colonial Dutch of the Hudson River Valley. Although it has gone through many remodelings since its original ownership in the hands of the Hendrick Van Rensselaer, many exhibits and archaeological findings from nearby continue to tell the stories of the Colonial Dutch. Stop by for a tour! #OtherHistoricPlaces #HistoricPreservation #HistoricNY https://link.cnymm.com/2vYHXzz

Ann Low Cary Cooper Clarke married George Clarke, the builder of Hyde Hall, after her first husband, a Cooper, died. Her fifth child was rumored to have been Clarke's son, not the late Mr. Cooper's, who died while Ann was still pregnant. Read on at the link for more of the family's potential but sanctioned marriage scandal! #HydeHall #ClarkeFamily #HistoricNY https://link.cnymm.com/2vYvgVj

"Beavers do better work than the Corps of Engineers" -Mike Todd
Tupper is not a beaver, but he is the first known 'Hamster Ranger' in the National Park Service. He is a Winter White Hamster. His uniform is a little big on him, but he sure looks good in it! Did you know that rodents were an important part of fort life here at #FortStanwix? The fur of large rodents, such as beavers, was highly sought after for its thickness and ability to repel water. These guys were almost hunted to extinction, but luckily they made a come back. They are very important ecosystem engineers. You can still see them regularly along the #mohawkrivertrail and the #eriecanaltrail. Come visit Tupper as well and he will tell you all about the rodents of the Mohawk Valley.
(📷 - OSR )
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Other Historic Homes: Have a little bit of interest in the other side of the American Revolution? Visit Philipse Manor Hall in Yonkers, where a Declaration of Dependence was formulated and signed by loyalists in 1776. Long after the war, the building became the first City Hall. Now, you can visit to experience Georgian architecture, Presidential portraits, and other primary sources of history. #OtherHistoric Places #HistoricNY #HistoricPreservation https://link.cnymm.com/2vZ384D

Grace Court Alley was originally an unnamed horse stable alley used by the Remsen family, who lived in a nearby mansion. Its name came from Grace Church, built across the street from the alley in 1847. The architect Richard Upjohn, who just the year before had designed Trinity Church on Wall Street in lower Manhattan, designed Grace Church in a Gothic Revival style. The church used Grace Court Alley as a stable alley, or mews, for a period of time, and as development continued in Brooklyn Heights, it was also used as mews for mansions located on the bordering Remsen and Joralemon Streets. As automobiles began to replace horse-drawn carriages, in time Grace Court Alley was paved, improved, and opened to the public. Homeowners on Remsen and Joralemon Streets turned the stables that lined the alley into garages and chauffeurs’ quarters. Later, the buildings were transformed into apartments.
Today, Grace Court Alley is completely residential and retains a quiet old-world charm. Strolling down the small side street, it is almost impossible not to marvel at the preserved relics of years gone by: the tall wooden stable doors, the hay cranes, the doorknockers, and the window frames.
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Now at the Tin Top Gift Shop, William Cooper's Town: "An innovative work of biography, social history, and literary analysis, this Pulitzer Prize-winning book presents the story of two men, William Cooper and his son, the novelist James Fenimore Cooper, who embodied the contradictions that divided America in the early years of the Republic. Taylor shows how Americans resolved their revolution through the creation of new social forms and new stories that evolved with the expansion of our frontier." #GiftsatHydeHall #HydeHall #HistoricNY https://link.cnymm.com/2hgq0Jw

The bronze placard that sits in front of the home I once lived!! Lucky to have rented 2 of the 5 apts that were once available here. It's returned to a single family home #sagharbor #captainsrow #mainstreet #hamptons #historicny #whalersvillage #revolutionarywar #benedictarnold

Get firsthand insight into life before the 21st century by facing your fears and greeting the ghosts of Hyde Hall! They'll be waiting for you on the evening of August the 8th, at 6, 7, and 8 o'clock! #HistoricNY #HydeHall #ClarkeFamily https://link.cnymm.com/2vYnkUb

Other Historic Sites: Going west? Immerse yourself in nature for a few days or a whole week at Allegany State Park! There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, from fishing to hiking, and you can stay in historically fashioned hunting lodges and cottages. Follow the link for more information on amenities and fees. #HistoricNY #OtherHistoricPlaces #HistoricPreservation https://link.cnymm.com/2hgpMlE

Refresh yourself in the Dog Days of Summer with Anne Logan's Family and Friends': Frozen Raspberry Dessert!
½ cup boiling water
1 3oz. package raspberry gelatin
1 10oz. package frozen raspberries, thawed
2 3oz. packages cream cheese, softened
1 10oz. can whole (berry) cranberry sauce
1 cup sour cream
1/8 teaspoon salt

Pour boiling water on gelatin, stirring until dissolved. Stir in raspberries (with syrup). Mix sour cream, cream cheese, cranberry sauce, and salt. Stir this into the gelatin mixture. The result will be slightly lumpy. Pour into square pan 8 x 8 or 9 x 9. Cover and freeze for at least 24 hours. Remove from freezer and let stand for at least 10 minutes. Can be kept for 2 months.
#HistoricNY #HydeHall #LadiesofHydeHall

No filter needed on this guest submitted photo. Thank you to Chris S as you truly captured the Beekman Arms in this shot!

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