Création costume pour le rôle de Célimène dans "Le Misanthrope" de Molière
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Have you seen The Borgias? I bought seasons 1-3 box set about 6 months ago and I still haven't watched it 🙈 .
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The stomacher is done at last. So here is a new #progresspic of my first #1630 gown. I strayed a bit from my original plan and put less trim on the #stomacher. Now all this costume needs are cuffs, a sash, and maybe some ribbon roses. 😊
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Medieval Europe. Variants of shoes, Italy, 15th c. Based on European archeological sources and Italian historical images.

Upper – vegetable tanned cow leather (2-3 mm). Sole – vegetable tanned cow leather (5 mm). Fully hand sewn.
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The Edwardian summer girl is sun-tanned, bare-armed, collarless, hatless and short-skirted: "The clinging ivy and the sturdy oak idea has received its quietus. The fragile woman, much adored and courted by men, is a thing of the past. [...] In her place stands a woman who is robust, independent, and fearless, and none the less beautiful because she is strong. She is as great a devotee of out of door games as the men of her family. She can go into any sport without being stigmatized by Mme. Grundy as vulgar. [...] In short skirt and shirt waist sleeves pushed above her elbows, hatless and collarless, she is regardless of sun and wind. She cares nothing for a few freckles and an extra coat of tan." (Chicago Tribune, August 1903)

We interrupt our serious vacationing to show you one more picture from our victorian photoshoot. For this picture Ophélie is wearing the popular combination of a light woollen skirt and a cotton blouse. The skirt was made from an 1898 pattern. The blouse was modelled after mid-1890s examples and fashion images showing embroidered blouse inspired by Eastern Europe.

Photography by Mareva D.

Une petite interruption dans le flux estival de ce compte pour vous montrer une autre image du shoot victorien, avec une tenue de la fin du XIXe siècle. Ophélie porte une jupe de lainage léger, coupée selon un patron de 1898, et une blouse brodée inspirée d'exemples et d'images du milieu des années 1890 et de la mode des blouses hongroises.

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Bad picture but it will do the job (I desperately want to better my picture quality, but the temptation of the easiness of simply taking and posting an iPhone photo is too big) - the 1917 chemise to go with my corset I made yesterday! I originally planned to create this whole costume with my 1917 Singer treadle sewing machine, but although it is in working condition, my skills using it are seriously lacking! However, I do want to make this costume now since I currently have the time, so the “normal” modern machine it is...
What’s special about this particular chemise is that it’s entirely made of an early 1900s bedsheet! Usually cutting apart and majorly altering vintage/antique items is a big no-no for me, but this particular bedsheet came without any matching pillow case and the shape and size was not usable for nowadays - I still have enough left for a petticoat I think!
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[Anna Karenina] One of my favorite couples! 👫 I love the novels by Tolstoy so much 📚

This is not finished yet but I already hate this project.
The suffragette sash is handsewn BTW.
Lately I was very into researching all the cute stuff they did, like a tea set with W.S.P.U. emblem and all the adorable art they used in their newspaper. Though I find early Soviet socialist femmes more interesting, the Suffragettes are ok as well.
Уже немного охладела к этой задумке, поэтому есть вероятность, что этим видео всё и ограничится.
Лента суфражеттки сшита мной в ручную.
Кстати, можете пожалуйста написать, как относитесь к нецензурной брани, мату в простонародье, и её присутствии в моих работах. Это очень важно, и это повлияет на то, буду ли я порываться кидаться под лошадей (if you understand what I mean) и осуществлю ли свою изначальную задумку.
Музыка на фоне это проигрыш к песне «Прогулки по воде» Наулилус Помпилиус.
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🚨NEW COLOR ALERT!!🚨 “Safari” silk matka!! This epic fusion of bright green, bright yellow, and pure white will take you on an incredible journey to a place where the savannahs teem with wildlife and many natural wonders abound! If you’re unfamiliar with matka, it is very soft, very smooth, and looks exactly like linen - except it is 100% silk! Matka is a heavyweight fabric too, which means it’s perfect for apparel (like jackets and skirts), baby slings, and soft furnishings like upholstery, wall coverings, curtains, decorative napkins, and any other project requiring a high degree of durability. As with so many of our silks, “Safari” was custom-dyed just for us, which means you can only find it at silkbaron.com!

I already finished Jasper's new late 16th century doublet and Venetian hosen.
The two garments are tied together in the waist with shoelaces.

I used brown canvas for the doublet, and home dyed blue linen for the hosen.
I used these materials because I wanted to make an outfit that can be worn when it's really hot outside, like it is now.

The doublet has fabric ball buttons, and I found a really good website (www.medievaltailor.com) how to make them. I made a small tutorial:

1. Cut circles from left over fabric, mine were 6 cm
2. Add a running stitch at the edge (I used white yarn for the tutorial, but of course it should be matching the fabric).
3. Pull the yarn and press a bit flat.
4. Again add a running stitch at the new edge
5. Pull the yarn again to form a stiff ball
6. Secure the ball with across stitches
7. Ready. My buttons are c. 15mm big.

If your fabric is heavier, then the balls become bigger, even if the circle you cut is the same.

It's best to attach the buttons on a shank, so to leave space between the garment and the button when sewing them on.

Tonight I will make the bonnet.
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We prepare the suitcases, in 2 days we leave on Bourges between friends for a ball 1900 outdoors. What a happiness. soon soon
📸 : notre Jj national ❤️
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My first vlog sort of video is up on my YouTube channel! I’m taking you along to the Jane Austen Festival because it was ridiculously fun and wonderful! Historical costuming, you have my heart and it’s only my first go! The link is in my bio if you’re interested ♥️

Looking at line drawings and black and white photos it's easy to forget what silly colours shirtwaists came in! And can we discuss those ruffles!? #costume #sewing #historicalcostume #historicalcostuming #greatwar #1916 #wwifashion #vintagecatalog #teenstyle #dumpy

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