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peanut butter vibes

We should determine broken as glass, or broken as yarn. Ttk., myjhonn💕 #hispster #lookbook

Hipster style ahahah #hispster #beards #barba #tattoo

Bruder ✌🏼️❤️ #bolzplatzkind #snapback #hispster

Don't know why Amanda seems to like black colour lately. She requested a black flower balloon from uncle clown and she asked for black ice cream yesterday. #hispster


peanut butter vibes

Laughing at life as it fucks us up 😂💁🏻

I'll make you fly, you'll be happy all the time 🎶 #glassanimals

La sin chichis🙅

Nadie como yo que se pone el pantalón al revés.😋👏

I feel music in your eyes 🎶

adoro essa foto! ❤️

I am finally hipster putting food on Instagram🙈 #hispster # gourmetshit#steak&egg

where would I be #thexx

We are sooo basic .. 21 year old me 💁🏻

We are socially relevant, she's American
Credits: @sara.ms1999

You know I'm in love with this city
But the green is turning brown
Credits: @sara.ms1999

You are intertwining your soul with somebody else...
Credits: @sara.ms1999

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