We’re home and settling into our new norm. Surgery wasn’t required but she’ll be rocking this cast for 3-4 weeks. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. #thisistwo #toddlerlife #toddler #brokenfemur #hipspicacast #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodviaig

I just want to get on here and thank my family and friends for all the help and support we've received this past week as we learn to cope with Willa's injury. We are overwhelmed with love! We especially appreciate the prayers!
Willa has been so brave. And seems to be getting better each day considering how little she understands.
She is currently (in some ways) more helpless than our nine month old. It breaks my heart a little every time I look at her. But we are SO grateful it's nothing more serious or permanent! Praise Jesus! 🙌🏼 #hipspicacast #femurfracture #fivemoreweeks

Two of my boys (plus monkey!) out on one of our walks this week! We are 3 weeks into Noah’s recovery with 3 weeks to go until his X-ray to see if his femur has healed well enough for the cast to come off! Prey for us! 🙏🏻 Until then I’m very much in charge of his mental health, keeping him stimulated and happy! When you’re two and half years old, being stuck on your bottom 24/7 is really pants! So lots of walks with the dog, crafting, movies, games and the dreaded iPad to keep him occupied! The frustration is very much real! #hurryingtime #brokenfemur #brokenleg #hipspica #hipspicacast #toddlersofinstagram #myblondie #boxersofinstagram #jellycatmonkey #noahcrush #woodhenge #wiltshire

...aaaaand We're back! 👏🏻 almost! Operation done and all back home. After gearing up for 12 weeks in the cast and leaving around Feb/March, they decided they needed to do a much more simple operation once they had started and could truly see what was going on. So now we have the cast on for only four weeks 😳 amazing news! But an emotional roller coaster. Still processing the information that we could now be off before Christmas. Where should we go? Should we wait until new year? Which destination to choose now? 🤷🏼‍♀️ But all in all very grateful that we are in a position to be looking at these decisions and most importantly that our little man is ok 💙
#travelwithkids #hipdysplasia #hipspicacast #hipspicajourney #travel #travelindecember #whereintheworld

A glimpse into the busyness of our lives! If only there were vacuums on their bellies😂 #armycrawling #hipspicawarrior #hipspicacast #littletrooper #7monthsold #learningtocrawlfromyourbro @podiumcam

So one year ago today Cailin came home from her first hip surgery. Check out our Facebook page for the original post and pictures. What a different experience it’s been this time around.
Last time was full of pain, little sleep and a lot of tears 😭 This time has been calm, mostly pain free and normal sleep.
It’s hard to believe at just 5 years old Cailin has double hip surgery. Twice! She has coped so amazingly well this time around. Thanks to a few things I think.
Yes her cast is cumbersome and awkward but not physically being able to move means she can’t cause herself any pain. Having had an epidural in place for the first three days helped with the initial pain. And the surgeon going in through her existing scars means less pain with her wounds.
What ever the reason I am so amazed at how resilient Cailin is. I don’t think I would be able to cope with what she has been through and continues to go through. I think we will have some tough days once the cast comes off but either way I am so proud of my girl.
PS. This pic is of how we cuddle now with our cast 😊💚#specialneeds #specialneedschild #specialneedsparenting #cerebralpalsy #hipspicacast #doublehipsurgery #soproudofmygirl #adaptivecuddle

Kids are resilient and Charlie is champ!! Charlie broke his femur on Wednesday and was put in a full hip spica cast. It has been heart breaking and yet amazing to watch this little guy navigate life with lack of mobility from the chest down! He continues to impress us everyday and with new skills, smiles, and jokes! @podiumcam #hipspicacast #hipspicawarrior #armycrawling #bluecast #littletrooper

We’ve all loved watching and dancing to the kitchen disco on repeat, however no singing sensation can have a grubby costume if they are to be on centre stage, so we had a little makeover!....🌸
We’ve gone full on pink, unicorns, clouds, rainbows and sparkly shoes to feel good on the outside as well as the inside!....🌸
Maybe I’ve got immune to it, but we’ve been very lucky that Sophie hasn’t smelt of nappies or had any major accidents, and has remained dry at night (cue Mummy picking her up and walking in a zombie like state at least once a night to the bathroom when the ‘I need a wee!’ shout comes!)....🌸
Something that I did research and ask a few questions about what ‘How to keep your child clean when in a spica’ and I picked up some great tips from other parents via @stepscharityworldwide .
Top things we use include: .
🌸 @aveenobabyukire daily care cleansing milk.
🌸 @johnsonsbabyuk top to toe baby wash cloths.
🌸 fresh Sleek twice a week.
🌸 bicarbonate of soda sprinkled and rubbed into the cast around the opening.
🌸 @asda Little Angels leave-in conditioner after hair washes and in between.
🌸 a hairdryer on a low setting if the cast has ever been wet.
These are just some of my tips, nothing official! If you have anymore, I’d love to hear them!....🌈🦄🌸
#bemoresoph .
#hipdysplasia #hipdysplasiaawareness #spicacast #stepscharity #cast #hipspica #hipspicacast #castcare #unicorns #unicorncast #smellingsweetasaunicorn

One of the 🌟best🌟 #toys we have bought for Miss Strawberry! This #woodenwalkerwagon was bought from Kmart for $15! Best buy! It also included a beautiful set of colourful #woodenblocks Miss Strawberry adores this #walkerwagon . At 16 months old, she is not yet walking because she had #hipdysplasia and was in a #hipspicacast for 3 months and then in a #rhinobrace for another 3 months. She was completely #cast & #brace free just before her 1st birthday. She had to learn to crawl, pull herself up and stand. Now she has to learn to walk. This walker wagon has been amazing for her #walkingdevelopment . In a few days she has learned to move & steer the wagon on her own instead of bumping into things or not being able to get out of being stuck. She walks all over the house and is full of smiles & giggles. It is great for her #grossmotordevelopment and #problemsolvingskills. She loves pushing her "baba" around in the wagon too. The wooden blocks add an element of #creativity , #freeplay , #cognitivedevelopment and development of #finemotorskills #earlychildhood #earlychildhoodeducation #earlyyearslearning #earlyyears #playtime #learningtowalk #kmart #kmartnz #homeschooling

Chris’ birthday yesterday and the celebratory cupcake gave us all the sugar rush we needed to get through to the end of the day.....🌸
Anyone else noticing how school/nursery has made everyone just that little bit more ‘fun’ come 4pm!?!! 🤪As you can see, we are always bathed and in pjs now before 5pm to a) kill half an hour before teatime b) stop them asking for tea as soon as they come home c) keep them awake and contained and d) ensure they are dressed for bed come 6pm!....🌸
Waking up with cake in her hair, ketchup smeared on the spica (freaked when I first saw that on her leg this morning!) and toothpaste crusted on her mouth, but yes, you are going again today....this is now what happens ev-er-y-day....for what will feel like eternity!!...(she writes as she skips out the door off to work!)....🌸
#hipdysplasia #hipdysplasiaawareness #hipdysplasiawontstopher #ddh #hipspica #hipspicacast #birthdaylove #family #dadoftwins #dadofthree #schoolisakiller #witchinghourisback #rollonbedtime

So this time next week if you're anywhere near Lancaster, you are likely to hear a loony cake lady screaming from the skies above 😂😂
People have been so kind in giving to @stepscharityworldwide, the charity I'm raising monies for in doing this sky dive. They will be so grateful to everyone's generosity as am I. We personally know the huge importance of this charity as our daughter went through years of operations and months in body casts.
She will be there next week cheering me on ❤
If you would like to sponsor me there is still time.
Thank you so much to everyone who has given their hard earned money to help these children.
You are amazing xxx


#skydive #stepscharityuk #raisingmoneyforcharity #hipspica #hipdysplasia #hipspicacast #charityskydive #blackknightsparachutecentre

Kanes first day of kindergarten! We stayed for and hour. Can’t wait for his cast to be off so he can go to school without me!
#hipspicacast #brokenfemur #kindergarten #firstdayofschool #toughlittledude #twomoreweeks

Örnek alınası bir vaka olduğu için paylaşıyorum.
Bu 6 aylık ufaklık doktor kontrolünden sonra evlerine dönerlerken anneciği araba koltuğunda uyumaya çalışan bebeğine kıyamıyor ve arabanın arka koltuğunda çarşaf ve yastık yardımıyla yatırıp, mışıl mışıl uyuyan bebeğini uyurken izliyor. Bu arada maalesef kötü bir kaza yapıyorlar. Aile iyi, bebekte ise sadece Femur (uyluk kemiği) kırığı varmış.
Bu paylaşım çok ders verici nitelikte.
Bebekleriniz, çocuklarınız ve hatta siz hayatta birçok şeyden rahatsız olabilirsiniz. Arabalarda bu rahatsızlık sebebi çocuk koltukları, emniyet kemeri v.s., motosikletlerde kask ve koruyucu giysiler olabilir. Ama hiçbir şey can veya sağlık kaybıyla kıyaslanamaz. Motorlu taşıtlarda emniyeti ihmal etmeyin.
I repost this photo because it's a good example why we shouldn't leave protection at motor vehicles. This sweet babys mom couldn't stand to see her angel uncomfortable at child seat and lay him on comfortable rear seat. They suddenly had an accident as mother was watching him sleep. Parents are fine, but the baby had just a Femur fracture. No matter how uncomfable you feel, don't leave protection. Nothing can be compared to loss of life or health.
#femur #kırığı #fracture #pelvipedalalçı #alçı #alçılama #hipspicacast #cast #casting #trafiktedikkat #aitk #mva #orthopaedics #traumatology

I just want everyone to know how proud I am of my boy. He must be so hot and uncomfortable but he still manages to give me that beautiful smile everyday. He amazes me and melts my heart. 💙💙#Flynnstagram #hipspicacast #hipdysplasia #smashingit

Eeeek I'm going to be jumping out of a plane!!!
In September I will be doing a tandem sky dive to raise monies for a very hardworking charity extremely close to my heart.
@stepscharityworldwide provide much needed support to families of children with lower limb conditions.
Our 12 year old daughter went through several operations as a baby and pre schooler for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip. I want to give something back to say thank you and to help them continue the amazing work they do.
If you can help by donating to my justgiving page I'd be soo grateful as every single penny counts.
Thank you 💕


#stepscharity #stepscharityuk
#skydive #skydiving #ddh #hipspica #hipspicacast #iwanttosaythankyou #hiphealth #charityskydive

Miah had a whole lot to say to me on our way home.. good thing, she didnt fall asleep or I would be up all night..lol
#miahgracelyn #tiredmomma #8daysleft #hipspicacast

9 days left until we have cast freedom.
#tiredmomma #hipspicacast #MiahGracelyn #aug9th

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