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Sure everyone knows that you should eat more fruits and veggies, but not everyone realizes what medicine they are.

I really don't think Hippocrates was pulling our leg when he said, "Let food be thy medicine". He was serious and using food as medicine should be taken more seriously!

To use food as medicine, we need certain healing foods in abundance, not just here and there. These foods do have power, but an apple once a month isn't going to do much to heal you.

I know first hand from using @medicalmedium's protocols, watching others use the protocols, and from doing a garlic and a ginger challenge that food contains the ability to shift the health and the consciousness of people drastically over time.

In today's world certain foods can be like poison to our bodies too. Fast food, processed junk, and refined sugar may make us feel good in the moment but eat away at our vitality like a drug. And if you have a virus or bacteria in your body it's a good idea to stay away from eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, and natural & artificial flavors too as they can feed these pathogens and diseases.

When you start to eat for your health your body really thanks you and you start to yearn for healthy food all of the time. This bowl of apples, onion, cilantro, lime juice, maple syrup, and flax meal was seriously good and my body loved it. I know to some it may sound weird or gross, but I swear it was good and plant foods CAN taste amazing while also healing you!!!! 😃🥗🍎🍌🥑🥝🍊

“The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” #Hippocrates #vegan #plantbased #compassion #bekind Photo via @cristinamittermeier

Hippocrates Teamrider Miriam Pedersen in action 🌟

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Summeringen av en bra helg 👏🏻👏🏻 @hippocrates.se #Hippocrates.se

Playdate with my buddy Frans Andreo II. I really love this horse, he has so much integrity and at the same time loves the work. @malinisakssonn your never getting him back😂 #Hippocrates.se

Las mañana con un Bowl de Açaí son llenas de vida, bienestar y mucho color!!! Açaí➕Granola➕🍌➕🍓➕🥥➕Mantequilla de 🥜= FELICIDAD! Nos vemos en Green🍃

From yesterday's training with the brownies, my main boys did their last training for @lovstafuturechallenge @elmiascandinavianhorseshow this weekend and they both felt great🌟 also did my first training with the new girl👉🏼 (8yrs Calido I - Grundstein) who behaved really good🐻💅🏼 #hippocrates @hippocrates.se

Brother In Crime😎😎
Akhirnya sah sama-sama jadi dokter juga yaa 🙌🏻 Calon obgyn masa depan 😝 #hippocrates #doctor

Bazinga 🦄 she's been taking it easy now for 3 days because she felt a bit tired and unfocused last friday. So today we're just gonna go through some basics and start over for a day. Sweetest coolest 4yo ever! @hippocrates.se #Bazingahäst #4yo #Hippocrates


If you take a look at children's Tylenol, youll find high fructose corn syrup and synthetic color dyes, not to mention- their livers are smaller and have more risk of acetaminophen overload (in some people this can cause change in liver function)  This over-reliance of over the counter drugs can potentially cause liver problems and or liver failure.
🎈Children who are given acetaminophen frequently are susceptible to an increase in allergic diseases including asthma, eczema, and seasonal allergies.
Natural solutions empower me to be proactive with my families health. Get to the source of the problem rather than cause more.
Runny nose? Cough?
1. Diffuse! 🌬Diffusing essential oils with antibacterial and antiviral properties can cleanse and purify the air.
2. Apply! Diluted, every two hours 🍋Lemon or Eucalyptus on chest and back to target the mucus build up and seal it in with #doterrabreathestick for respiratory support.
• Apply Lemon or DigestZen to the sinus area for a drippy or congested nose.
🌿Oregano essential oil, natures antibiotic, apply on the bottoms of their little feetsies and down the spine.
3. Nature Therapy!
🐚Take your little for a walk on the beach or for a little hike in the woods. Allow the organic smell of the ocean cleanse you guys or the wild energies of the woods activate your white blood cells! Avoid the kid parks and heavy populated areas.
4. Food is Medicine!
🥑Prepare foods that are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Steam veggies, make smoothies chopp fruit! Foods like Carrots, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Broccoli Apricots, Eggs & Guava, Kiwi, Oranges, Red Peppers, Kale....
5. Kill!
💧Disinfect toys, countertops, remote controls and door knobs & even around the bed and linens with On Guard. Add 10-15 drops of on guard in a spray bottle, fill with water, and spray away! A recent study showed that on guard kills 99.9% bacteria.
Simple natural options are what make essential oils so powerful, if these are on your wish list this year let me know! November is the perfect month to get an amazing deal on the basics and a great welcome box too!

Hippocrates had it right when he said, “Walking is a man’s best medicine.” I always leave these hikes with more mental clarity and physical endurance.

BEFORE AND AFTER TINCTURE; Homemade tinctures are a great way to extract the healing compounds within herbs and plants. Depending on your herbs and method of extraction you can have a varying range of potency. You can extract some with with distilled water, some with oils, or even alcohol. No matter which way you extract the fact of the process is your solution will be more rewarding than ingesting the whole plant. Tinctures can be made for entheogenic purposes from plants like Morning Glory, San Pedro, and Caapi Vines or they can be used for the most mundane purposes like clearing a chest cold with herbs like lavander and lemongrass.

Hi Fellow Vegans: “Your Vegan Liver” is a new post on the blog with references from both of the above books. The left, The Hippocrates Diet, is written by one raw food OG, Ann Wigmore, and addresses key nutrients needed for healthy livers. The right, The China Study, written by the pioneering team of Dr. Campbell, PhD and his son Dr. Campbell II, MD further illustrate the need to refrain from animal products. I hope you enjoy the post. Link in bio💫🌱🌿🍎🍋🥑🍠🍌 #anatomy #lifestyle #vegan #rawvegan #rawfood #highrawvegan #vegetables #fruit #plants #food #nutrition #plantstrong #organic #plantbased #crueltyfree #dairyfree #meatfree #friendsnotfood #refinedsugarfree #health #fitness #body #hippocrates #yourveganbff #thechinastudy #annwigmore

#foodasmedicine 🍎🥦🥕
So we’ve got to be sure our youth have the culinary skills they need to prepare and #eatrealfood!
#teachrealfood #food #healtthyself #healthychoices #hippocrates #foodeducation #goodingoodout #fruitsandveggies #culinaryskills #foodliteracy

Hippocrates Teamrider Miriam Pedersen in action 🌟

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Summeringen av en bra helg 👏🏻👏🏻 @hippocrates.se #Hippocrates.se

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Hippokrates Flowers, Prof. Peter Schwarz, 2017

Hippokrates ist der Vater der ehrlichen Medizin, seinen Eid sprechen viele Ärzte zu Beginn ihres Berufslebens, Blumen symbolisieren unser Leben.  Hippokrates Flowers verbindet das in 3D.

Das Bild zeigt im Hintergrund den Eid des Hippokrates, davor befindet sich der Äskulapstab, der von einer Schlange umwunden wird, in 3D. Der Eid wurde auf Bütten gedruckt. Anschließend wurden medizinische Befunde und Röntgenbilder gedruckt und in Herzform oder als Blumen ausgeschnitten und in 3D auf Kork mit Nadeln fixiert. Der Äskulapstab besteht aus Röntgen- und CT-Befunden, die Schlange wächst aus verschiedenen medizinischen Befunden. - 3D Konstruktion, Druck auf Bütten, Druck von medizinischen Befunden auf Papier, ausgeschnittene Drucke, Nägel auf Kork, 22 x 28 cm.

section from:
Hippocrates Flowers, Prof. Peter Schwarz, 2017

Hippocrates is the father of fair medicine, physicians swear his oath before they start professional life, flowers symbolize our life. Hippocrates flowers combines it in 3D.
The artwork shows the oath of Hippocrates, behind the aesculapian staff with a snake entwining around in 3D. The oath of Hippocrates was printed on Bütten. Medical results and X-Rays were printed on 280g cardboard and cut in hearts and flowers and rearranged in a 3D structure- fixed on cork.The aesculapian staff is made from X-Rays cut hearts, the snake grows from various medical results flowers - 3D construction, print, print of medical results, cut-out prints, nails on cork cardboard, 22 x 28 cm.

#medicalart #flowers #medical #medizinkunst #medicine #art #artwork #printart #print #cut #medicalarts #artinmedicine #medicine #sciart #3dillustration #carlgustavcarus #3dartist #kunst #Blumen #madebyme #hippocrates #snake #röntgen #xray #feature_gallery #Künstler #3dart #mixedtechnique #papercutart #artist

The food you eat can be the safest and more powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.
#hippocrates #goodfood #eat #power

Pretty excited about this AMAZING series with Dr. Michael Greger (bestselling author and world-renowned public health expert) sharing the latest scientific research behind the prevention of most chronic diseases. His wealth of knowledge is distilled into practical advice on his non-profit website NutritionFacts.org, as well as in this captivating CuriosityStream original series. Amazing find 🙌 @thnderhrse #michaelgreger #evidence #nutritionfacts #evidencebased #nutrition #prescription #prescriptionnutrition #plants #plantbased #vegan #vedge #restaurant #eatfresh #eatwell #revolution #wellness #wellnessrevolution #letfoodbethymedicineandmedicinebethyfood #hippocrates

This is a simple wicked smoothie.
Living foods: sprouted alfalfa sprouted sunflower, ginger, lime, coriander , spinach , kale , pear and of course Naked Greenz wheatgrass.
#smoothies #wheatgrass #livingfoods #healthy #nutrition #nutrientdense #rawfood #hippocrates #uk #vegan #organic

Låt oss ta hand om varann, planeten & djuren. Ses på @matapoteket 😘#hippocrates

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