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👉🏼WHY NOT YOU? 👈🏼Words I've said to myself a million times watching others go after the lives of their dreams. Words I've said to thousands of coaches and clients over the last four years because I have this big, crazy, empathic heart who sees crazy amazing potential and worth in every human I meet ✨ Maybe you follow people who are doing EXACTLY the thing you wish you could and you find yourself thinking about it no matter how hard you stop... Maybe you just need someone to give you a little rattle and to breath belief into you so you can begin to FINALLY chase those dreams. I have the honor of guiding hundreds of women each year through their health + wellness + business journeys and I freaking pinch myself daily that my life revolves around my own personal self care and growth, and that I get to simply gift that gift to others 👯🔥 it blows my freaking mind! But all it took was seeing others DOING IT and I took that as a sign that IT COULD BE DONE! And I was hungry enough to find the way! Life looks a lot different for us these days... but not a day goes by that I take any of it for granted! Four years ago we struggled to pay for necessities and we were on government assistance. But it taught me that in our greatest setbacks or valleys, a peak is always just over the horizon. If we have faith and do the work 🔥 I am SO excited to be hosting a free webinar tomorrow explaining the exact way I was able to change my health and my life while building a business from home 🏡 I know there are more badass boss babes out there with BIG DREAMS and I'm more determined than ever to surround myself with those kind of people. So, grab a drink, get cozy and tune in, yeah? Tomorrow 5pm PST, a little virtual happy hour with me! For your link to join us just throw YOUR FAVY emoji below or you can always shoot me a message 👯🥂🔥 Can't waittttt! 🚀 OH AND! We're giving away a bunch of rad shit just for joining live so.... #whynotyou

If the vans a rockin, dont come a knockin!
Hey everyone! This is my new home for the next month. Finally got willow all done up. Ive been working 6 days a week all year, and its time for me to take some me time.
So ill be out of reach until the end of july. Ill be decompressing from social media, as well as tattooing.
So my lovely lady @nurser3d and i will be vandwelling, exploring the world and living the dream. I wont be responding to emails or DMs while im gone.
To everyone that ive tattooed this year, and everyone waiting on me to tattoo you when i come back,
I fucking love you. Ill see you soon.
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Beautiful @lafloripondio 💕

Peace ❤ via @riva_g_

Manifest wisely. #hippieshit #fbf #morelove

small meet and great of the Mercedes lovers. we meet the both Berlin traveller couples on the Albanian south coast.
geo: 39°46'06.4"N 19°59'35.9"E #wildcampingplace #vanlife #mercedes #düdo


'You do not protect your heart by acting like you don't have one.' I heard this the other day and it's been settling in my bones for the past few days. I love that. When you read/hear something and it just lingers. Just long enough for you to relish in the message. Words, the conduit for growth. Fear will linger and cling if we let it, as for love, it will break the mold and let the light in. #ihavenofearonlylove
@indigohues Thank you beautiful for planting this seed.


We accept the love we think we deserve.

#meow #girlswithblueeyes #blondehair

And just like that day 10 is a wrap! One third of this program down and I am feeling stronger than ever. Last time I did this program was 7 months ago and while it was love at first play, it was h a r d 😬 I couldn't get most of the moves down but I believed that if i kept pushing I could finish 👊🏽 This time around it's still hard but I literally FEEL my body getting stronger 💪🏽 Last year I was feeling sorry for myself, today I feel like I can conquer the world one day at a time 😏 What's stopping you from pushing forward? #dayoneoroneday #chooseyourhard #maketheshiftwithjenq

When I was young, I had a repetitive theme running through many of my dreams, in which my grandmother would come to me, along with orange lilies. Sometimes, she would hand them to me. Once, she sat on a blanket in a meadow where they grew, plentiful and free. The tattoo on my hip contains tiger lilies, as a tribute to her.

Now, they've come up in our yard, tucked against the base of the tree where I've built the dry creek bed, and sculpted out a grove in the forest. I'm unsure what variety these are, but I'm ever so pleased to have them.
I love you.
#orangelily #justhippieshit #grandma #flowers #perennial #nature #newhome #home #hippieshit #lilies

Love me some crazies 😻


it's been a minute since we've had a sale~ and i'm just so dang grateful for your support i wanna say THANKS💙~ so enjoy 20% off *everything* in our shop through Sunday ✨ link is in bio, just enter code "grateful2017" at checkout ✌🏼

small meet and great of the Mercedes lovers. we meet the both Berlin traveller couples on the Albanian south coast.
geo: 39°46'06.4"N 19°59'35.9"E #wildcampingplace #vanlife #mercedes #düdo


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