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Love my hippie pants. 🤘🏻 cake hippie lol #vintage #cakes #hippiestyle #hippielife #babesofinstagram #curves

Going nowhere + doing nothing is a blessing, a sweet momentary blip of serenity on the journey from birth's inhale to death's exhale.

Just my van with a ramp and me sending it up side down in the middle of nowhere chasing almost forgotten childhoods dreams.
📸 :@infinitetrails via @robheran

It turned out this spot looking over the Spanish desert was not entirely free; we had paid the mammoth mosquitoes in blood, and left with over 100 swollen welts as souvenirs 😩
But the sunrise was so spectacular that we managed to forgive the place anyway ♥️

🦅🎶 "Cause I'm Free as a Bird Now And This Bird you cannot Change" ↠@skynyrd 🦅 gypsy:@paulinaprana 💀 photo:@gypsyvibesart

I don't feel sexuality. I'm always the one mistaking signs, being naive about signals. I'm just being nice, I don't flirt. I am wearing a low cut neckline? I just liked it, I don't want to tempt. I am posting dessous photos on the internet? I like the vibe, I felt free to do it, i love the aesthetics of the photo. I didn't mean to provoke, I wasn't looking for sexual attention. Basically I am a kid inside my heart, believe me. Photo by my @mnestik_ ♥️ #monochrome #bw #aesthetictumblr #hippielife #katemoss

Prettiest beach, prettiest dress ∴ @birdeeclothing 🦋

I haven’t talked about this on social media ever, and then I saw this, “If all the women who had been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote, ‘Me too.’ As a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” 👈🏻 We don’t stand alone, and when we stand together we are stronger. ✊🏻 When I was 17 years old I was raped by my then boyfriend. He was 5 years older than me. I had just graduated high school. That was my first sexual encounter, and I was professionally diagnosed with PTSD from the experience two years later. It impacted my world- I couldn’t sit next to a guy in my college classes without sweating profusely from anxiety. I didn’t join school groups or go out to parties. I didn’t date. I had trouble talking to male professors and cashiers who were guys. The safest place in my world was my tiny 10 foot by 10 foot apartment. And the stigma... You went out with him. You chose to wear those clothes. You’re so close to 18, it doesn’t matter. 👀 These things break you; experiences, people, words. They break you, and then you rebuild yourself. I’ve rebuilt myself twice. Stronger. 💪🏻 And I know I’m not alone. My sisters are with me. ❤️ Lets build a stronger world where our sons RESPECT women. Where everyone respects all.


Cashew cheese on bread and spinach, tomato’s and cranberries with nuts and chocolate coated berries 🌈🌿✨

Today marks the 50th anniversary of HAIR. I’m still pinching myself and if someone had said I would be part of this I’d probably have laughed them out of the room. I want to thank every single person who has been part of the journey along the way. This is well and truly a massive tick off the bucket list.

✨ • m 🔮 n d a y • ✨ #bohemiansmyrna

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