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The complete look
Postloh ai 😉
Chhandami and me.👗❤
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Yall might have to get this whole album!!! #maroon5 #vinyl #goodvibes #goodmusic #hippieish 🎼🎼🎶🎶🎧🎧🎤

Rewarding myself with a vegan waffle with coconut whipped cream, a turmeric latte, and green juice after a power yoga class! #hippieish #yogaeverythirdday #nomnomnom #happygirl #jujubeet

😂 *conscious*
I needed a laugh!
#alittlelaugh #woke #hippieish

Sometimes the actual notation of a piece can be as beautiful as the sounds made by the player. Constantly inspired by these little things. #basic #inuksuit #drumsinthewoods #hippieish

I got attacked by some weirdos with flowers 🌺 #flowersinmyhair #hippieish

Channeling #JimiHendrix today lol #HippieIsh 💃


Vanellope must have eaten Alice's cake with currants!

You've been asking for it and HERE it is!!!! I'm hosting an AMAZING 6 DAY Meal Planning & Prepping WORKSHOP!! Planning our menu and prepping our meals for the week has helped SO MUCH to keep us on track and set us up for a healthy week! I cannot stress enough how important this positive habit is! Are you wanting to learn more about meal planning? Don't know where to start? Just feel overwhelmed with the entire process? Need some motivation and tips to get you started? Ideas on where to look for recipes? Accountability to keep you going? I'll also be doing a live Q&A at the end to help answer all your questions and address your biggest struggles when it comes to planning and prepping. I'm HERE TO HELP you out!

PLEASE JOIN ME!!!! I'm super excited to HELP teach you what I've learned over the past two years in hopes that it'll make the journey so much easier for you! It took me a long time to perfect what works for us, and now I want to share that all with you! Are you ready to take control of your health and incorporate food prep into the mix?
Link in profile---> Click GOING if YOU ARE IN!!! I can't wait to get started with you!!

In an effort to bring a little more structure to our days before we start our homeschool curriculum when we get back from vacation, we decided to make a list of things to do each day.
Obviously, Vanellope needed to make her own list! 📝
November 1st our new family program launches, so movement time will be a lot of fun! It's exercise that kids and parents do TOGETHER! It's so cool because you have to rely on either to do the moves. Perfect for mama and kiddo bonding time!

Why do I love coaching? Because I love to help people. Bottom line, that is it!
My family’s health needed some improvement so last year I decided to join my friend Mel and do these home workouts and nutrition shakes she was doing and see if I could make a difference in this house. I had no idea that reaching out to her would make such a positive impact on our lives but also the opportunities it would open up for me personally.
This journey has inspired me to start my own biz to help encourage other people to go in the direction of their hopes and dreams. I get to help them make it their future plans and their reality. We do talk about more than food and fitness and the ripple effect of good health is far reaching!
The joy of hearing someone tell you they reached a certain accomplishment or reached a certain goal makes me so happy. Knowing I helped them be a happier person is payment enough, honestly. Bonus: I get a paycheck and I can do this job on my time. #dreamjob 👉🏻 I am accepting coaches for my team and would love to talk to you about coaching! We are a part of the #1 team in Beachbody!

I'll let you in on a secret that the "diet" industry doesn't want you to know. .
YOU have the power to change your tastebuds! Totally crazy, right!?!!
Those same tastebuds that love ice cream and pizza and hate anything green, can quickly learn to LOVE vegetables! .
The diet industry creates all these products designed to help you "drop the weight fast without dieting," but what they are really doing is telling you that you have no self control, no dignity, and no ability to change your lifestyle. They are calling you weak and creating bandaids that don't fix the problem.
The food industry is no better with their fat free, low fat, 100 calorie, weight watcher approved garbage! Again, just a bandaid allowing you to continue your addiction to food and sugar all the while thinking you're a rockstar on the fast track to getting healthy.
Want the truth? The only way to get healthy is to eat real food. Give your body nutrients, not just calories. Give your body fuel, not just food. .
If you went cold turkey for three weeks giving up processed foods, anything containing artificial sugar, and all the garbage, and you ate your veggies and fruit, would you believe me if I told you that you would actually begin to like them?
True story. I eat tomatoes, onions, kidney beans, bell peppers, spinach, kale, & collard greens. I never used to.

We've been practicing our superhero pose. Have you ever done that? One of my incredible mentors told me about it, and it's pretty life changing!

Here's what you do:
Every morning when you wakeup and get out of bed, walk to the bathroom (you're going that way anyway). Each time your for his the ground, day "thank you!" Then when you get to the bathroom, look in the mirror and strike your best superhero post! Just stand there, smiling at your reflection for a bit.

Does it seem silly? Go ahead and laugh! Do you feel strong and confident and wonderful? Go ahead and celebrate! Don't feel anything? Do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next.

Keep it up, and take note of how your life changes. It's pretty hard to start the day of being grateful and striking a confident pose, without having it pay at least a tiny role in making your day better. You've heard of the snowball effect? Tiny changes add up!

DARE ---> I dare you to do this for three weeks straight. Then tell me about what changed. OR you can just ignore it, or laugh it off and continue life as usual. I mean, seriously, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

Today, instead of dropping strawberries into the toilet, we decided to eat them. 🍓💦😂

We're getting ready to enter "the holiday season" 🎃🦃🎅🏻which is lovingly known as that time of year where us women thank the weather gods for bringing on the ❄️cold weather❄️ and making it perfectly acceptable to wear sweaters that cover up the extra cookies and second helpings of food!🍪🍰🥂🍗 That season is followed by the "resolution season" 💪🏼in which we completely regret even so much as looking at that pumpkin pie or those sugar cookies and pledge to completely change our lives, drop the weight, and reveal the super model beneath it all.

But what would happen if you went into the holiday season already feeling confident and sexy? 👗What if you got through the holiday season by taking care of yourself and receiving the support of others so things never even have a chance to get out of control? What if come January, you already were well on your way to being a happier and healthier version of yourself?

Give me 30 minutes a day, and I'll give you every tool that I've used to drop 140 pounds. I'll share with you the nutrition plans, each and every workout move that you can do in your own living room, meal plans, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the support and accountability that you need to take on this new lifestyle!

Stop feeling miserable. Start feeling amazing! Stop an emoji below 👇🏼👇🏼and I'll send you the details!

Morning light ✨✨☀️ I'm soaking in and celebrating every bit of sunshine ☀️☺️ So far plants are pretty happy .. but I know what happens when the heaters in winter mode 😝 .
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This kiddo was so excited to spend the day with me that she woke up at 6:15!
Mamas, I feel you! I understand that the kiddos don't always make it easy for you to take care of yourselves, but believe me, this is EXACTLY WHY you need to make it a priority.
Past me would be angry. My mindset would be one of frustration. I would use it as an excuse. "I don't have time, and it's all her fault." But the crazy thing about taking care of yourself (and I have to say thank you to the hubs for making me do that💕), is that the more you take care of yourself, the happier you'll become. Your priorities shift. You become grateful and excited for every opportunity, even the ones THAT don't go as planned.
Today, this little one will watch me exercise. She'll probably try to copy me, too! We'll go for a few walks with the stroller where she'll be perfectly content to be out in the fresh air, and I'll get some work done from my phone. Then I'll sit next to her while she sleeps at naptime (hopefully a long one), and I'll get done computer work in and read my personal development book. When the hubs gets home from work, I'll do a little more work, and then as a family we will work on dinner together. It's going to be the best day!!! I'm so excited!

Our children's generation is expected to live shorter lives then us due to preventable lifestyle diseases. It breaks my heart! I believe that it’s possible to change that statistic though by empowering mamas and teaching them how to become healthier themselves in order to lead by example so that our children have a better chance at happier and healthier lives. I also believe that we have a responsibility to our children to work on ourselves each day in order to give them the best versions of us possible. When we are healthier we are more active, more engaged, more patient, more loving, and more connected with our children.
This is why am a health coach and why I spend my days learning as much as I can about health and wellness while inspiring and educating other women to become the role models that the next generation needs to overcome the startling statistics and live a vibrant life. My particular path for doing this is through teaching clean nutrition, providing world-class fitness programs, and supporting women through online accountability groups.

This is my passion! My purpose! This is what has me jumping out of bed each morning, and staying up late each night. The future needs us to wake up and start working on us!

Dear Monday,

I’m really sorry that so many people take their frustration regarding going back to school and work out on you, saying that they hate you. Personally, I don’t think you get the credit you deserve as a day of the week, people tend to overlook the wonderful things that happened on Mondays, like the manufacturing of the very first Hershey’s Kisses in 1907 or the release of C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe—yeah, that was all you, Monday. Let’s be honest though, Saturday and Sunday are a hard act to follow, it’s not your fault you got the short straw when cultures started adopting seven day weeks. I’d like to make a case for you, Monday, a case that you’re really not as bad as everyone seems to think you are.

On Monday mornings across the country, people pull themselves out of bed to head back to work or school after a weekend of, hopefully, fun and relaxation, and they take their resentment and dread out on you, Monday. What’s really funny about that is that it’s been shown that you’re a day of great motivation, in fact you’re the best day to start a diet or quit smoking. Additionally, you’re not even the most stressful or dangerous day of the week, those honors fall on Wednesday and Friday respectfully, and you’re actually the safest day to have a medical procedure done. By all scientific and logical standards, your bad rap is unnecessary and unwarranted, Monday.

Are there reasons to dislike you? Absolutely, but there’s reasons to dislike every day of the week, and in my eyes, you’re not the one who should take the brunt of the punishment for our everyday frustrations. To me, Tuesday is second best, Wednesday is relaxing, Thursday is a little too much fun, Friday is stressful, and the weekend is more sleepy than satisfying, but you’re just the right combination of commitment, anticipation, ease, and productivity. You might not be on everyone’s short like of things they like, but consider this letter a token of my affections for you, my favorite day of the week, because it’s true, Monday, I love you.

Eating a huge bowl of fruit is such a foreign concept. I've been fat adapted for so long and primarily getting my carbohydrates from green veggies and my superfoods. Let me tell you how AMAZING this bowl full of berries tasted! It was perfect, and actually felt like a total indulgence. Who knew fruit could taste better than dessert!

The best way to start the weekend is with a positive attitude and a grateful heart! Show yourself done love this morning. Exercise and eat a healthy breakfast!

I'm so excited for today! We're going to fill it up with so many things!
👨‍👩‍👧Family time at the grocery store
💪🏼Family TIME working out doing the new FAMILY FITNESS program coming out!!!
🍂Family time outside cleaning the garden for the winter.
👩🏻‍💻And then some COACH time as I finish personal recommendations for those of you that have requested one.


It's Friday---> another chance to be amazing!! Wake up with greatness in your heart ❤ Look at yourself in the mirror, and say, "I am worthy of self love!" Do something today to prove to yourself that you love yourself! Take care of YOU! AND HAVE AN INCREDIBLE DAY!! I'm hoping to get a yoga session in before the kiddo wakes up, but if not, we can always do it together! 💖

Veggies really are a favorite around here! Tonight's dinner was gobbled up quick by the whole family! I grilled up these veggies in coconut oil. So yummy!!!!

Ultimately, I just want to be the reason people look at their lives and realize they don't have to continue to experience it the way they always have.
You can be healthy, no matter what your genes are 💪🏼 You can be rich (in happiness, friendships, experiences, time, and money), no matter what your background is. You can have a job you LOVE, while being fully present with your family no matter how well you did in school. (4 time College dropout here 🙋🏻) You can be successful, without going to school of sacrificing your whole life (I once was forced to deploy to Afghanistan to keep my job as a CIVILIAN!) 👩🏼‍💻 You can HELP OTHERS, even if you struggle with depression, PTSD, and anxiety yourself 👭 You can do hard shit, even when you're afraid 😳✊🏼 You can do whatever the hell you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.
For instance: after brain surgery I was no longer physically capable of the well-paying job I had. Realizing I could either go back to school (remember the college dropout thing?) forever and adding up more and more debt, or I could pay a babysitter $10 an hour so that I could get a minimum wage job, OR I COULD STAY AT HOME, be home with my kiddo, build an empire, travel, and never worry about money... guess which option I picked!! 👊🏼 I had the choice to sit around complaining about being tired, watching t.v., taking pharmaceuticals for my post partum depression, PTSD, and anxiety, and continue to watch my life drain away at 300+ pounds while I was diagnosed with every preventable disease out there, OR I COULD GET HEALTHY!...guess which option I picked!! 👊🏼 And now I'm here to help you 👈🏼👈🏼 No matter what your dream is, it's POSSIBLE ✨👭 ***Join my next better living group. Application link in bio***

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